Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 639 - Feb 27, 2010

Today was a little bit better, but not much. I think Kevin and I are both in a funk because it really just feels like there is no end. I am trying really hard to pull us out of it, but it's not easy to keep a smile plastered on my face right now.

So my sister (Kim) arrived last night. Wonderful sister that she is, she drove my car to Texas from Florida so we wouldn't have to keep renting one. It's just so expensive and I can't see the sense when we have my car that we can leave here. Truthfully, it looks like we will be here for the better part of the next year so a car is a must.

And that's really about it. I am going to quit early because I couldn't sleep at all last night so I am really tired.

Day 638 - Feb 26, 2010

Unfortunately, Kevin tested positive for MRSA again. I am guessing that it took this long for it to show up from the pus they took from Kevin's head because it was from the 2/16 culture that was done. I guess I should be glad that we at least know what the bug is now, but I really just want all of this to go away.

Today was really kinda a yucky day. Kevin just hasn't been feeling well today and there was hardly any joking or even wakefulness. He just slept most of the day and it worries me some. Tonight's nurse and I discussed all of the meds he is on and we are both concerned that he is on too many now. He is taking over 50 pills a day and it's just way too much. He is just so upset when he gets a cup full of pills to take so many times throughout the day.

So I want to sit down with someone either this weekend or Monday and go over each and every one of them. Hopefully we can eliminate some of them.

We did have a horrible episode today too. Kevin coughed when he took a drink and it went down the wrong tube. Honestly - I have NEVER seen that look on his face. It was utter terror; like he thought he was going to die. He just started grabbing his head and screaming and he had tears running down his face. I was utterly petrified. The nurse came running with an IV pain push and I was never so glad to see her!, sometimes this is pure hell! Mostly we can handle this, but I just hate seeing him hurt all the time.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 637 - Feb 25, 2010

First, I want to thank Jesse for sending a copy of Toy Story - thanks so much - I can't wait to surprise Kevin with it!

I also want to thank Lori for sending me the link for the movie site! I am anxious to check it out.

So today Kevin still needed push pain meds twice. I know they wanted to send him home today, but I told them not yet. Luckily the PA and pain management agreed.

We also discussed Botox for his hand and we are hoping to get that done next week sometime.

Truthfully, I am kinda tired tonight so I am just going to sign off early. I just want to go to bed...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 636 - Feb 24, 2010

Kevin got his Picc line today. You had to know that we had just gotten our lunch in the cafeteria and the admin from the burn unit came down to get us because they wanted Kevin 'right now' in Special Procedures. The poor kid wolfed down his sausage, but phew - was he mad. Nobody gets in between Kevin and his food, lol.

He did do a 'little' bit better with the pain today. I think we only gave him two IV pushes of pain meds and that's great. Matter of fact, before I got there this morning they wanted to give him one and he told them no and that he wanted the pills. Thank goodness! I told him he had to be down to zero for a few days before I would take him home. I don't want a repeat of September when I had to have him readmitted because I couldn't get a grip on his pain.

And unfortunately ENT didn't come today. I am hoping tomorrow...

And today Kevin counted to 11 without any prompting whatsoever. He has been stuck on the number 8 all this time and it finally came out today automatically. I hope it does tomorrow too and then I am hoping he will agree to a video for the blog. Wish us luck on this! He's doing well going down to the cafeteria, but then again it's a hospital. Who knows...maybe he won't care what he looks like after a while. I know we don't. It's kinda funny, isn't it? Breezy and I were just discussing how we can look at Kevin with half a head and not even notice it. It's amazing the things you get used to, it really is.

PS - does anyone have a copy of Toy Story on DVD they are willing to part with? Kevin is dying for it and I can't find it anywhere. I will gladly pay for it, please just email me. TIA!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 635 - Feb 23, 2010

The neurosurgeon told us we can probably go home by the end of the week (home being the Fisher House), but we are still working on pain management. After discussing things with the pain docs, we did increase his meds tonight. I sure hope this helps. I really hate seeing him in pain like he is.

We did manage to get him up and showered earlier today than normal and he and I went down to the cafeteria for lunch. It was nice to get him out of his room for a while and he really enjoyed it. He did have some pain after a while though, so we did kinda rush back to the room. All total, I think we were out and about for a good hour and a half.

He also went for about 3 or 4 walks today. We even walked Breezy down to the front door this evening when she left to go home. It's quite a distance for him and unfortunately, it still is always causing him pain. Maybe tomorrow things will be better with the increased meds.

I also asked for an ENT (ear, nose, throat) consult. He has been grabbing the bridge of his nose in pain for months and I wonder if the meds for the sinus infection didn't work (or even if it is a sinus infection). Hopefully they come tomorrow too.

And he is definitely getting the Picc line tomorrow. I am told he will be on the IV antibiotics for a minimum of 6 weeks so I am anxious to see how this works.

And now I need to get the laundry folded...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 634 - Feb 22, 2010

Kevin had the drain pulled out of his head this afternoon. I am so hoping that there will be no fluid build-up. I just have to keep an eye on the size of his head, I guess.

He is still in a LOT of pain when he gets up out of bed though, but that's about the only time. I really am a little worried about this as I just can't imagine him not being able to get up out of bed much for months on end, but hopefully it will get better as time goes on.

He is going to get a Picc Line over the next day or two as well because he is going to be on IV Antibiotics for quite some time. I guess we can either have a visiting nurse come and administer the meds (wherever we are) or I can learn to do it myself. Gotta give some thought to which way I want that to go, but I'm going to wait and see how hard it is.

And to Army Mom, I don't know how long we will be here (it may be many months, it may be a year even) so I am going to put Breezy's address here for you to send Kevin a letter. I will also put it in the column on the right.

Kevin Kammerdiener
3500 Oakgate Dr
Apt 1101
San Antonio, TX 78230

And to Diane and Mary Jo - I can't believe you went into the pool! The water has to be 50 degrees, lol. You guys are just nuts! Enjoy though - and have a safe trip home!

And I think Moe is on the right track - nobody should tell us when they are coming. This way we might just be there.

Ok, off to bed for me. Kevin is staying every night by himself now. He did call me a couple of nights ago at about 1:30am and I went back up to the hospital for almost 2 hours, but other than that he has been excellent. It stems from everyone in the hospital treating him like he is their best friend. All of the nurses go in and visit with him every day just for fun. He is having a blast. And I love to see him joking around with all the guys and he sure does flirt with all the ladies, lol.

It just makes my heart sing to see the strides he has made since coming here. I was so scared that we would take that plate out and he would go back to what he was in the beginning. But he is really coming a long way each and every day. At this rate I won't need to worry so much about him going to that TBI facility.

I just wish he would be medically stable forevermore...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 633 - Feb 21, 2010

I am going to skip writing tonight. I'm just not feeling up to par.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 632 - Feb 20, 2010

I am writing early tonight because I need to run to Walmart at midnight when I leave the hospital and get Kevin some more food.

Hallie - you just mentioned that you were concerned about how Kevin feels about himself now that half his head is gone and I have to admit I am a little worried about it too. He is adjusting kinda, but you can tell it really bothers him because he rubs it all the time and pulls the mirror out of his tray to keep looking at it. He always has such a sad look on his face every time he sees it too. It really breaks my heart.

I also asked him if he wanted to record a video for the blog tonight and he was adamant in saying "NO". He told me no way while his head looks like this. I did tell him that he would have to get used to it and that it will be better once his hair grows back in, but he's just not ready yet. It's only been a few days so I can be patient, but I will just have to keep an eye on him.

As for when the plate will be replaced, we just don't know. We do know it will be at least 3 months.

He also does not have to wear a helmet, but we were told if we want to we can go buy a skateboard helmet. Our surgeon is a little different in believing a helmet isn't necessary so I just need to decide if I want him wearing one or not. We do all have to remember that we didn't have one the last time and he was way more unsteady on his feet back then.

And to Kathy in IA - I guess all of the cultures came back negative?! They think it's because he was on the antibiotic for 5 months and that's why. We are using a broad range IV antibiotic for treatment so I guess we'll see what happens.

As for the pain - we are working on trying to manage it better, but I still wouldn't feel comfortable taking him home. What I am seeing is is that he is in a lot of pain and very dizzy every time he gets up out of bed. I am hoping this will go away pretty quick, but I worry it's a fluid issue due to the plate being out. Time will tell, I guess.

Kristen - please call me! I left your number in FL so I can't call you. Afternoons and evenings are best. I can't always answer, but you can sure try. And I love you too! And Travis!

And to my two other friends from home in PA (Diane and Mary Jo) - I hope you are enjoying visiting our home. I cried like a baby this afternoon because you arrived in FL to visit us and we are in TX. I just hate that every stinking time someone I am friends with comes to visit, Kevin gets sick. This sure is a lonely endeavor (among so many other adjectives) and I really miss all of my friends.

Oh well, it doesn't matter I guess. Just take care of that darn cat of Kevin's and eat as much as you want. I am glad that someone is there to make the house look lived in. I so wish we were there with you though. Next year you aren't buying your tickets until the day before you can come. That's what Moe learned to do, lol.

OK, enough about this. I am going to go watch Happy Gilmore with Kevin. Like we haven't seen it 300 times already, haha.

Day 631 - Feb 19, 2010

Guess where I am? Again? Yep - the Fisher House!!

Kevin did really well last night. He did call the nurses quite often, but he never called me once. Not at all!

So when I went in and started through the day, we discussed it and he felt good enough about letting me come 'home' every night. Yes, I know there may be nights that he won't want me to or even that I won't want to if he is really sick or something, but this is a HUGE step toward building his independence.

This is really just such an exciting step too. It makes me feel so good to see him progressing like this. It just gives you such hope that he may really be closer to normal someday than we ever thought to wish for.

And man...I can't tell you how awesome it was to sleep. To just sleep. I slept hard last night and it felt so good. I am planning on it tonight too, lol.

And that's what I am going to do right now. I will leave you with a photo of Kevin fake crying as I was getting ready to leave tonight.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 630 - Feb 18, 2010

I did something really hard tonight. I left Kevin at the hospital for the night and I am at the Fisher House all by myself. I discussed it with Kevin first and when he said he didn't mind, I then discussed everything with the nurses and they were all happy to work with me on the separation anxiety situation.

So at midnight, I left. I had to chuckle because I wasn't even past the nurses station (which is right outside his door) and he was already calling the nurse. I honestly have to attend to his needs and wants at least 200 times a night. I so feel for the nursing staff, lol.

We'll also see if he calls me tonight. I had to run to Wal-mart earlier this afternoon for Pop-Tarts and he called me twice while I was gone.

I guess we'll see, huh? Maybe he will surprise me!

And before I go, here is a photo of Kevin right before his surgery. He is with his WFRC (wonderful federal recovery coordinator, lol)

But now I am going to totally ditch the blog and truly go to sleep. Uninterrupted sleep. Can you imagine? I am so excited...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 629 - Feb 17, 2010

We are in a normal room now - out of ICU. Kevin has been doing very well, although he is in a lot of pain. No surprise there, I guess.

So it turns out that he wasn't leaking CSF as I had been told, but he was draining some of the infection from his head. We still don't know what bacteria has infected him as that can take up to 3 days. I sure hope it's just some minor bug and nothing hard to get rid of.

Unfortunately, that spot on the side of his forehead that I was worried about came wide open while he was in surgery. The neurosurgeon called in a plastic surgeon, but they decided not to worry about Kevin's appearance and just find a way to get it closed. This meant that they had to pull the skin taught from wherever they could pull it to get it to cover the large area. This means that he is unable to shut his left eye now and his skin is really tight.

My heart is just breaking for him.

One good thing (?) is that Kevin was nauseous late this afternoon and they gave him medication for it and it has knocked him on his butt. He has been sleeping for 6 hours already and I hope it continues through the night. We did have a couple bouts where he woke up completely out of it and we had to call the doc in, but she said it is a normal side effect to this medication. It just scared me because it was a blast from the horrible past.

I did take advantage of his sleep though and took a nice nap myself.

And I am going to quickly answer just a few questions and then read for a little while. First, to everyone - thanks for keeping my dad in your thoughts. He is doing somewhat ok, but it's going to be a rough road.

We also found out yesterday that they have indeed found a mass inside of my mother. She is going tomorrow for a biopsy.

And my sister and her husband were in a car accident the night before last. From what I hear, they are both ok.

Forget about 'when it rains it pours' - we are in the middle of a hurricane!

Jessica - you asked if Kevin has been on antibiotics for a while and the answer is yes - for 5 months now. We think it is partly why things weren't showing up on any blood work and tests that were done. He also had no 'real' signs of infection.

Hallie - you mentioned a functional MRI and if I remember correctly - you can't do an MRI on a patient with a shunt. I believe it throws the shunt out of whack, but that may not be the right reason.

There are a few more questions/comments, but most of them pertain to finding someone to spend time with Kevin. It's kind of a moot point right now, but I will say that because Kevin isn't as healthy as most of us, for now I was more looking for someone paid and insured for the trial run of this endeavor. Once I see that it works for Kevin to have someone come in, then I can go out into the community and have some kids or military personnel come in sometimes. As I said though - for now it's nothing we need to worry about. I think we are going to be here a good, long while.

And now I am going to leave you with a picture of Kevin from yesterday right after his surgery. He was much happier then because his pain was more managed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Surgical update

This is just a quick update to let you all know that Kevin did have the plate removed today and when the doctor lifted it out there was the equivalent of a bowl full of puss underneath it. Who knows how long it's been infected, but I would guess a long time.

So we are in ICU and I still don't have Internet so I will fill everybody completely in when we get to a room that I can log in and really type from.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 627 - Feb 15, 2010

I guess I jinxed us last night as Kevin is now admitted to the hospital pending probable surgery tomorrow or the next day. When the bubble popped last night it was actually yellow CSF as opposed to clear. This typically means infection has set in so they are planning to remove the plate and everything else from his head. Nothing is definite yet, but everyone is leaning toward this option.

So anyway, there is no Internet in his room and I think it's safe to say that my posts will be sporadic, but I will keep y'all updated as I can.

Keep us in your thoughts please!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 626 - Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We did absolutely nothing today. Kevin and I never left the house, but Breezy and her boyfriend ran to the store a couple of times. I cooked a big dinner for all of us and then we all just sat and watched tv.

Kevin is doing well, but a new huge blister is forming on the same spot on the back of his head as the other day. I am hoping it makes it until Tuesday so that the doctor can see it, but I doubt it does. It's getting quite large and is very inflamed and painful for him.

I have to say I wish I would've known that we weren't 'really' going to be seen until Tuesday because I wouldn't have rushed around to get here in one day. Unfortunately, a certain doctor we saw last week was quite the alarmist and had all of us freaking out, hence the rush.

But it's ok. I do feel better that he was seen and I was told it was ok to wait until Tuesday before any in-depth look at the situation. I trust these guys here more than I have trusted any neurosurgeon since this all began so I am ok with the wait now that I know it's ok to wait, kwim?

Day 625 - Feb 13, 2010

I don't think I explained myself very well when I said the docs sent us home until Tuesday; what I meant was that we are at Breezy's and that we weren't kept at the hospital. They had planned to admit Kevin when we arrived, but they didn't feel it was necessary once they saw how well he was doing.

So we are still in Texas and will be until at least next week. Maybe much longer, who knows.

And Kevin and I didn't really do anything today. We both slept until really late in the day, probably because we were so tired after yesterday.

But here is the picture I took of Kev in the plane. You can just see how excited he was, huh?

He sure loved that flight, lol.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 624 - Feb 12, 2010

I am extremely exhausted tonight so I am just going to tell you that we made it safe and sound. Kevin was ecstatic because we got to ride in a corporate jet all by ourselves. He was so excited.

We also went to the hospital for a work-up once we got here and so far everything looks good. They sent us home until Tuesday, unless Kevin starts to drain more CSF. In that case, we rush back to the ER.

And now I am signing off and hopefully getting settled in to go to bed. I am just so tired...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 623 - Feb 11, 2010

Remember how things were all rosy yesterday? Remember how good I felt about the new doctor? Well scratch that!

Kevin started draining CSF out of the hole in his head at about 3am (he didn't pick at it, but it started when he lay his head on his pillow). I talked to the answering service last night and to cut the story way short - the surgeon called early this afternoon and told us that he just didn't feel he can be Kevin's doctor.

He explained that due to the opening in Kevin's head, the chances are good that he has already been infected with either MRSA or Meningitis and that he feels we need to go back to the VA or BAMC. He just doesn't feel he is a good fit if Kevin needs to be hospitalized for 6-12 months as he will if it is infected and the plate needs to come out.

So I have literally been on the phone for the last 8.5 hours and we are now booked on a private flight tomorrow afternoon for Texas. This organization - Veteran's Airlift has decided to help us get there and I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.

And now I have to get back to laundry and packing and bill paying and cleaning and gosh knows what else before leaving tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 622 - Feb 10, 201

I am ecstatic because we went to see the new neurosurgeon today and I REALLY liked him. He was extremely kind to Kevin and he also took the time to explain so much to both Kevin and I. He even went over the CT scans with both of us and he showed Kevin where his brain was gone. It was the first time Kevin physically saw that instead of a circle showing the whole brain, the left side is cut off about an inch or so in from where it would normally be. He also explained all the 'dead' spots. I think most of it went over Kevin's head, but it was still nice to have him explain it all to us.

So he feels good about things with Kevin, but he did say that Kevin needs to not touch the two spots on his head where the skin is bad. He worries about the skin breaking open and meningitis setting in. So for now, I am trying my hardest to keep Kevin's fingers off of his head. Not an easy feat, I tell ya!

It was also interesting to see the doctor ask Kevin to do certain things and how Kevin responded. Like when he asked for Kevin to stick his tongue out, Kevin held his arm up. When he asked for a thumbs up, Kev opened his mouth. Kev just really struggles with those kinds of things, but we always have to focus on the good, right?

So we go back in a month for another CT scan and then directly to the surgeon's. We will have a better understanding of things at that point, but I was told that Kevin does not have an infection. The culture came back clear! YAY!!

And I am going to sign off now. My brother is staying here for a few days and although both he and Kevin were teasing me because I scrapbook - they are both sitting here looking through each one of them. It's a nice family moment and I want to enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 621 - Feb 9, 2010

I am going to skip tonight. Kevin and I are just sitting down to watch Lord of the Rings and we all know that's a three hour movie so I will catch y'all tomorrow night.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 620 - Feb 8, 2010

It was kinda another slow day today. Kevin went to therapy with Parshall while I made a bunch of phone calls and worked on organizing a pile of paperwork. Nothing too exciting and I think you are going to find it more frequent where I don't really have anything to say.

Poor Breezy had another kidney stone last night though. She called me and it killed me not to be there with her. She did call this afternoon - thankfully - and tell me that it must have passed because the pain finally went away! Poor thing...

And that's really about it, so I think I am going to curl up with a book tonight.

Day 619 - Feb 7, 2010

We had a very lazy day today. My family came down for dinner and that's about it.

I am excited to say that Kevin played XBox for a while tonight though. He lasted longer than ever before and that excites me. He gets so frustrated because he can't use that one handed controller very well, but I keep telling him that he just needs to practice. So tonight he pulled it out and started playing. I wish Maxim would get the 21 year old hired already!

So there really isn't anything else to tell you. I think I will sign off and scrapbook for a while.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 618 - Feb 6, 2010

I took Kevin to the emergency room again today. The area that the drain came out of (in his head) back in November had a huge blister over it when we got up this morning. For days now, I had been watching it build up and today it finally started 'leaking'. So I took him in to have a culture done. I know it can take up to 3 days for certain bacterias to show up, so we should know something by Tuesday.

Oddly enough we were at the emergency room the same time my dad was. His stitches came undone and his stomach was gaping open. They restitched him and sent him home.

So after we all left the hospital, we went to my Mom and Dad's and had dinner. That's about it for today.

I did want to answer Kathy in IA's question. She asked if Kevin remembered everything by looking at the boxes (in the store) and the answer is yes. Kevin remembers everything by visual stimulation. EVERYTHING. He only struggles when you try to jog his memory through words. Even people that are close to him, but that we don't see all the time, he will forget who they are. As soon as he sees them though, he remembers everything about them.

Sometimes though, he will remember someone by an event. For example Janet who lives here in Tampa - but we have only seen while we are in Texas. When I mention Janet, I have to say "remember the woman with the long blond hair that we went to Chick-Fil-A with that day?". As soon as I say that - he knows exactly who she is. (BTW Janet - I am so glad Matt's surgery went well this time. I will call you soon!)

I can't just say 'remember Melissa from work' though. We did that tonight because a woman Kevin worked with at Riverside sent me a message on Facebook, but it worked out because I just showed him her picture. As soon as he saw her face he got all excited.

Kevin, for the most part, remembers almost everything. It's just names and things like that. Even the names of objects. He doesn't know the name of a plate or a fridge or the washer. But he knows what each of those things are and what they do. It's so strange, huh?

And to sign off - to all my Western PA friends - I feel for you guys! 24 inches of snow!! It just proved to me that I did the right thing though. Kevin needed to get to a hospital today and I could have never gotten him there if we were still in PA. This may be a very lonely existence, living in Florida - but at least I can take care of Kev without worrying about snow and ice.

Day 617 - Feb 5, 2010

We didn't do anything today so I am going to skip writing. Catch y'all tomorrow!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 616 - Feb 4, 2010

Would you believe that Kevin slept a full 8 hours straight last night/this morning? I actually left at 1pm to run to the DMV and he was still sleeping. Unbelievable! And it made such a difference to how he felt all day. You could just see how rested he was. I sure wish he would sleep like this every night.

So we didn't really do much today. I came home from my errands and Kevin and I went for groceries and it was kinda fun because we were there over 2 hours. We went up and down every single aisle and looked at everything. We just never do this. I hate shopping so I always just go grab what I need and get the heck out of there. Kevin loves to shop though. Mostly he just looks at everything and I think it's good for him. More often than not he remembers things from his past so it's almost like therapy.

And really that's all we did. We didn't have to go see my dad today because he came home from the hospital. I wanted to give him quiet time at home on his first day, but we will probably go see him tomorrow. Hopefully anyway...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 615 - Feb 3, 2010

Kevin and I spent the whole afternoon at the VA hospital having tests done. I took a look at the CT scans with the doctor and she actually explained to me how to 'read' them. Kevin definitely has some fluid buildup both on top and beneath the plate. It doesn't appear to have changed any since Dec though so I am not overly worried.

I did ask the doc to send us to a Dermatologist though. Maybe they will know what that spot is on Kevin's head? It's worth a shot so we shall see.

We also visited my dad who is back to his normal self. He is able to eat solid food now and they told him he may actually get to go home tomorrow. YAY! Amazing, right? Two days ago we thought he wouldn't ever get out of ICU and now he may be going home. I guess we can see where Kevin gets it, huh?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 614 - Feb 2, 2010

Haha. Kevin was just trying to talk me into jumping out of an airplane. That boy is NUTS! Seriously - he was just 'talking' about how fun it was and how proud he feels that he did it. And he just kept pointing at me basically telling me that I need to try it. He is just so hilarious, eh?

So today I left Kevin with Par and went to see my dad for a while. My dad is doing so much better. I have to admit that I was getting worried because he was all messed up cognitively, but today he was finally normal. And he got moved out of ICU too. They thought it would be a while, but they pulled one of the drains out of his stomach and sent him upstairs. He still has four more that need to come out, but hopefully over the next few days.

And while I was gone Kevin found his camera in amongst all of his Army stuff. He musta grabbed some batteries out of the drawer and he proceeded to take pictures of Parshall and her daughter Jeilah (Kevin was grumpy about having to stay home so I had Par bring Jeilah to keep Kevin entertained. He really just loves kids). So here are some pics:

The first one Kevin took of Parshall and Jeilah:

And this one Parshall must have taken:

Cute, huh? Kevin really loves taking pictures too. I think I am going to have to 'push' this hobby a little bit. I just don't know how he does it with one hand to both hold the camera and snap the picture, but he does it and he does it well. I am just going to have to remember to grab his camera when I am grabbing mine.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 613 - Feb 1, 2010

I had planned to take Kevin over to the hospital today, but it turns out my Dad now has MRSA. I plan to keep Kevin as far away as possible, although since we were there yesterday and didn't know about it - any damage could have already been done. I really just wish things would work out for my dad, but things aren't going as well as the doctors would've liked. I am keeping optimistic though. Always.

So instead, I went with Kevin to therapy and spent the time making phone calls. I also ran and picked up the forms for a handicap parking pass. Can you believe we aren't even able to park in a handicap spot (legally anyway)? There is just never time to do paperwork and I need to make it a priority.

Other than that, we just spent the rest of the day at home. We started to watch a movie tonight, but Kevin just couldn't get into it so he went to his room. At least he tried to stay in the living room - it's a start anyway.

And I think I am going to sign off and watch some mindless tv.

Janet - it was so nice to see your post! Are you in Tampa? If you are, I would love to get together!

Day 612 - Jan 31, 2010

We didn't really do much today. Kevin and I did go and visit my dad for a little while, but really that's about it.

One thing I did do though, was teach him how to make french toast. As soon as he grabbed that spatula, he started flipping those babies like a pro. Lucky for me my camera was right there:

Ummm...this one went a little too high and he didn't catch it on the way down, lol.

We had fun doing this today and I can only hope that he will be more willing to learn to 'cook' some more types of food. I would like to get him to the point where he can pop a frozen pizza in the oven and know when it's done and maybe even cook something 'real' and not frozen. We'll see though. It's something that I will work on as it comes up, but it's not one of the things I am going to push yet.