Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 1035 - Mar 30, 2011

Kevin and I talked on Skype for a full hour tonight. He is doing well, but I am very concerned that he seems to be in his room an awful lot. I have some other concerns as well, but a meeting was set up tentatively for next Monday so I am going to wait until then to address them. I may not be seeing things clearly as I'm not there 24/7 and Kevin doesn't always remember everything correctly.

I had an easy day. I did make a bunch of phone calls dealing with Kevin issues, but that's the only real 'work' I did. I really am just trying to rest and catch up on some sleep.

I also scrapped my first layout of Christian today. I just hadn't gotten around to scrapping before today, but I'm trying to force myself to. I still have to make a ton of thank you cards and get them mailed too, but haven't had the energy yet to get in that scraproom.

Before I forget - Cathy M - you asked about the trip to NYC and I don't really know much more than what I said. I was first contacted to go on a mother's caregiver retreat, but couldn't go because Kevin is getting a root canal the one day. As we were hanging up she mentioned my blog and this trip. As soon as I knew the dates were actually clear for me, I jumped at the chance. I will let you know more as info comes available to me.

And now I am off to watch the Top Chef finale!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 1034 - Mar 29, 2011

I did a bunch of running today to get things rolling for Kevin's surgery in a few weeks. While at BAMC, I did visit with Roby and he seems to be doing pretty well. He is in ICU, but he looks good.

I'm not going to write much as I am editing photos and cleaning house tonight. I got soooo much paper shredded today it's unbelievable! A much needed event - let me tell ya!

Anyway, here are some photos of the baby and one of Kevin with Ronnie and Marissa while we were home in PA. I don't think I ever uploaded any of them together.

Oh and I almost forgot! I was invited to go to NYC in June to a writer's guild workshop. All expenses paid even! I am very excited to do this. I love to write and I love to learn and to combine the two - woot! I am pumped and am also looking forward to seeing a good friend while in the city!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 1033 - Mar 28, 2011

It was mostly an uneventful weekend. I did go visit Kevin yesterday. I hadn't planned to, but he called and sounded so forlorn when I told him I wasn't coming until next weekend, that I jumped in the car and headed north. We did go to the movies and then we went out for dinner and it was great seeing him.

He seems to still be doing well, but he's upset that he isn't having as many therapies as he thought he would. I asked about it and was told he is still in the 'evaluation' stage and I told him he needed to give it a little more time before giving it up. He agreed with me, but we were both under the impression that he would have speech, OT and PT five days a week and that's not happening. I know that OT will continue to be only three days a week and I'm not sure why we were led to believe it would be different. It's on my list of things to check about this week.

Tomorrow I have to head to BAMC and get Kevin's medical records released and sent to Pittsburgh. I took care of it with both VA hospitals (TX and FL) today so all is good on that front.

While there, I will be visiting a patient. I'm sure you all remember Andrew's Aunt Jodi...well, we talked on the phone tonight and she told me how one of Andrew's best friends ran over an IED a few weeks ago while deployed. I am not sure, but I think he just got out of ICU this weekend, but nonetheless, I want to visit his family and offer some support. If you guys can keep him and his family in your thoughts that would be great. His name is Roby (Row bee)and his wife's name is Brianna.

And now I need to take the garbage out before I forget. I forgot both times last week as Kevin always took care of it. Maybe I should have him call and remind me? LOL!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 1030 - Mar 25, 2011

I am going to skip tonight - and the rest of the weekend too. I am just resting this week and have nothing to say. Catch y'all on Monday night.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 1029 - Mar 24, 2011

So today was the first day in close to three years that I didn't spend time with or speak to my son. It was a little hard for me not to call him because we are all so close, but it's the whole point of ResCare so I didn't contact him.

And since all the fans are still running downstairs, I stayed in my room all day and did pretty much nothing. I didn't even answer the phone today for anyone except Breezy. I did go to sleep kinda early last night, but I couldn't sleep in like I planned. I have no idea why.

And that pretty much sums it all up for today. Kinda a nice, boring day watching tv. They are supposed to remove the fans tomorrow and I am looking forward to being able to be downstairs. I want to rip the house apart and scrub it all down. Such fun, eh?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 1028 - Mar 23, 2011

I had to run up to ResCare tonight as I didn't send one of Kevin's medications that he hardly ever needs. It had been months since he took it last so I didn't think to send it along. Turns out he needed it tonight.

So he seems to really like it there. There is a pretty young girl working there and Kevin was flirting with her unashamedly, lol. It was funny and cute - he was blushing so bad.

But he does seem to be fitting in quite well. And he was smiling the whole time we were there (Breezy and Christian rode up with me).

And now I am seriously going to bed. I have barely slept a wink since he left and I just want to crash early and sleep until tomorrow afternoon. I so hope no one calls me in the morning...

Day 1027 - Mar 22, 2011

I have to say - I am glad Kevin isn't here right now. My kitchen is ripped apart and there are these huge fans and dehumidifiers running and it is sooooo loud. I can't even sit downstairs and am 'living' upstairs in my bedroom with the door shut just so I can hear myself think.

So they have to run these things until Friday and then I can stop them, but it will probably not be fixed until we come back from Pittsburgh in mid May. They have to order new cupboards and they said that will take weeks.


And my dearest Kevin only called me four times today! He is missing his HBO. He called one time because channel 800 isn't available up there, lol. Poor guy - life is so rough.

Another time he was trying to tell the story of a General Kammerdiener that his drill sgt dared him to say something to back in basic training. Kevin ran up to him and said "HI DAD!". There is a photo on his iPad of him doing push ups for that little stunt. Always the jokester, Kevin is.

The other two times were just him wanting someone to talk to. He done good for his first day, I think.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 1026 - Mar 21, 2011

Kevin is now firmly ensconced in ResCare. He handled it really well and so did I, mostly. Truly, I don't think it's hit either of us how much of a change this is so we shall see how we feel in a few days.

My immediate plans are to rest. I had planned to sleep for the next week or so, but our house flooded yesterday due to a hole in a hot water pipe in the wall behind the dishwasher. Somehow the pipe was hit by a nail when the house was being built and the nail finally rusted and fell out of the pipe. I think we will have work crews here for a while trying to dry the interior of the walls and floors so that no mold forms. Then of course, the house needs to be put back together. They are starting the process tomorrow so no sleeping in for me. What a mess though. There was water running out of the back of the house down the foundation. The walls inside the dining room are soaked and stained and there are huge holes now in the walls. Fun times, huh?

I tell ya - it's always something. I would just love a month with no problems. No issues whatsoever.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 1023 - Mar 18, 2011

We had a bit of a scare today with our little guy, Christian. The day care center called and said he was running a fever and since it was a Friday afternoon at roughly 4pm, Breezy was told to just take him to the emergency room.

Kevin and I went with her and it was just heartbreaking to watch him have to get cath'd and to have an IV put in. Lucky for us all of the tests they ran came back negative so they allowed us to take him home with the promise of a follow-up on Monday with his primary doctor.

Lucky for us too that Christian's a trooper. Yes he screamed, but he rallied quickly and we had him giggling and carrying on. Here's the proof:

Other than that, we didn't do much of anything today. Kevin and I are getting ready to have him admitted to ResCare on Monday. I have decided to take this weekend off from the blog and just get everything done, cleaned and packed for him and to spend some time going over things he needs to know/remember.

I will catch everyone on Monday night.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 1022 - Mar 17, 2011

I am going to skip tonight. I am just exhausted.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 1021 - Mar 16, 2011

Today was another hectic day. We had appointments all afternoon and one of them was a little rough for both Kevin and myself. It was with some sort of social worker and although she was just doing her job, I have made it a point to keep Kevin from focusing on all that has happened to him. She had to ask questions like 'are you embarrassed by how your face looks, or how your arm doesn't work, do you hate that your friends see you looking like this, etc.' She went in depth into the very things I shield Kevin from.

I am quite sure that Kevin thinks about these things on occasion, but I don't think he really thinks hard about it, if you know what I mean. He is usually a pretty happy person and I have always felt it was my job to keep him that way. It was a little tough for a bit in that meeting though, but the therapist was a wonderful person and she really was able to pull Kevin out of the funk. I don't think it hurt what Kevin was thinking about her either. When she left the room he turned to me and said "She's hot!". Yikes! LOL.

So anyway, we did leave that appointment and had to head over to the hospital for a CT Scan and Moe and her boyfriend, Dan, met us there. We took care of business and then we all went to dinner. When we got back, Ronnie and Marissa met us at the hotel and they went to Kev's room while we went to my room and we visited with our prospective friends.

Another great night visiting friends. I can say for sure that both last night and tonight were a lot of fun!

So tomorrow we head back to Texas. We will be back for 3 weeks though next month and we plan to see everyone we can in that time. I can say for sure that we are looking forward to it!

Day 1020 - Mar 15, 2011

We had such a busy day today and we got so much done. We did make it over to the doctor's office and officially signed up for the study. They had to run all kinds of 'tests' to see if Kevin qualifies and I believe he has been accepted. I think we were there about six hours and Kevin did fantastic throughout the whole event.

After that, we came back to the hotel and Kevin's cousin Trista came over for a visit. I could kick myself because I didn't take any pictures though!

While Trista was visiting, Kevin's friends Evan and Nikki came over. Here are a couple of photos of the kids - one of them playing on Kevin's iPad:

Oh - and you can imagine Kevin's excitement when he and Evan together managed to beat Saving Private Sheep level 100 that Kevin has been utterly stuck on for months!!! He had given up totally and is beside himself that he can move on now! Thank you, Evan!!

So I actually left Kevin with Nikki and Evan and went to dinner with Trista and her mom, Judy. We went to a place called Fat Heads on the Southside and the food was delicious! I brought dinner home for Kevin as he wasn't hungry because he was too busy visiting with his friends. You can tell he had a really great time.

We were hoping that Kevin's grandmother could come down to visit, but she wasn't feeling well today. We will see her next month though when we come back and can rent a car and drive to see her.

And lastly, here is a photo of the baby I just found on my camera from the night he and Kevin were watching the Blues Brothers:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1019 - Mar 14, 2011

We made it! It was a bit of a rough day, but we are here and we just ate dinner and now we are going to bed. I for one am going to sleep like a log. I'm sure Kevin won't - he never really does - but at least he's comfortable.

That being said, I am signing off (but leaving a personal message):

Trista - check Facebook for my phone number. I know that John called me today and left a message with yours, but I am going to send mine to you too. Call me tomorrow afternoon if you don't hear from me. It's gonna be a hectic day and I get sidetracked.

Day 1018 - Mar 13, 2011

Today Kevin and Chris went to a movie while Breezy and I just putzed around. It was kinda a slow day for us because I know the next week or so is going to be rather hectic.

I did get Kevin all packed and ready to go to Pittsburgh in the morning, but I have yet to get myself packed. The problem is limiting Kevin, lol. He packs like a woman and I pack like a man. I take barely anything and he takes everything. Seriously - he has a DVD case that holds 270 DVDs. He planned to take the whole thing - FOR A THREE DAY TRIP!!! He also has to take numerous pair of sneakers and clothes out the wazoo. You should have seen his face though when I handed him two small duffel bags and told him that was it. I am not paying baggage fees for a three day trip.

So after all kinds of whining we have one bag of clothes and one bag of electronics with a small case of only 10 DVDs. Poor

And now I really need to go throw my stuff into my carry-on bag and try to get some sleep. I should say that if you guys don't hear from us it means there is no internet at the place we are staying. I believe it's kinda like a Fisher House, but it's called The Family House. I just don't know if it has internet so don't panic if you don't hear from us.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 1017 - Mar 12, 2011

We didn't really do much today. We picked Breezy and the baby up and went for a little drive, but that's about it. It was just such a nice day today - too nice to sit in the house.

I don't have much to say so I'm just going to touch on a few questions.

GrannieEv - day care is going kinda well. It was a bit of a shock the first time I went to pick Christian up. I had never been in a day care center and it was weird to see all these cribs lined up and babies crying. Honestly, I don't like it, but there's nothing we can do. Although I wish I could, I just can't take on anymore responsibility.

How is your son doing? Was he deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan?

Linda from Sligo - how is school going?

Julie from Grove City - we'd love to see you over Thanksgiving!

Hallie - send me your phone number and when we come to Pittsburgh for the 2-3 week visit in April we will get together. We will only be there 3 days next week and we won't be renting a car so time and travel will be limited. I hope your husband is doing well.

Moe - check your email. I sent you some more photos of your trip here that I played with about a week ago. I'll try to call you tomorrow (today by the time you read this)

Elizabeth, Aunt Mona and Jessica - we will be renting a car when we come in April and we plan to come up and see you guys then. I can't wait to see all the kids!

And now I think I will try to get some sleep. It's close to 5am and my eyes are getting tired. I am watching a good episode of House though so I need to finish it first.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 1016 - Mar 11, 2011

Today we went with Breezy to get Christian's first bout of shots. He did really well and so did Breezy, lol. Christian weighs close to 12 pounds now - he is getting quite large. Tall really as he isn't overweight by any means.

Then tonight Kevin and I babysat while Breezy and Chris went out for a bit. Apparently Christian is going to be a movie buff just like his uncle, lol. Kev was watching The Blues Brothers and when I took the baby in and lay him on Kev's bed his eyes went straight to the tv and never left it for a good half hour. He was totally enthralled by all the music and voices. He's really such a good baby.

As for ResCare, we were told that the person at the VA that needs to sign the new paperwork was on vacation this week. They should have it all signed next week and we are hoping to admit Kevin on Friday, the day after we get back from Pittsburgh. We'll see though.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 1015 - Mar 10, 2011

I am going to skip tonight. I didn't sleep a wink last night and my eyes feel like they are filled with sand. I am just going to bed.

Day 1014 - Mar 9, 2011

I guess the paperwork for Kevin to go to ResCare was incorrect so it has to be fixed first before Kevin can head up there. They were thinking that he might be able to go on Monday, but we leave for our first appointment in Pittsburgh that day.

I guess we'll just see what happens. I know that our polytrauma doctor at the VA (whom I just LOVE!!) is on top of it, so hopefully it won't take too long.

In the meantime, he will just have to unpack everything he spent all last night packing. I kept telling him to wait, but he must have been excited and felt he needed to get it done.

And that's pretty much all I have to say today so I guess I will go and read for a bit.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 1013 - Mar 8, 2011

We had a very busy day today. Kevin first had an acupuncture appointment at BAMC and then we had to rush to get to our next appointment across town at the VA dental clinic. First though, here is a photo of Kevin and Julie, one of the nurses at the burn clinic. It was taken with my phone so it's not a great photo:

Obviously Julie is just as much of a character as Kevin is, lol.

So anyway, we headed over to see the dentist and it was a little strange to not see Dr. Craig. Sadly, he retired at the beginning of the year. But the new dentist and Kevin hit it off too. Unfortunately Kevin needs a root canal though. After a lengthy discussion, we decided to sedate him so there are multiple people that need to be scheduled at the same time. The dentist is supposed to call and let me know when an appointment is on the books. When the time comes I will just run up to ResCare and pick him up.

After that we came home and Kevin and Johnny went to see a movie. I did a little bit of shopping for things Kevin will need when he leaves.

And Kevin has been packing all night. We got word tonight that the VA signed off for Kevin to head to San Marcos and begin the next phase of this journey. We don't know when he goes, but it will be right quick now that everything is signed. Who knows...maybe even tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 1012 - Mar 7, 2011

Today we went to speech therapy and the therapist couldn't get over how many new words Kevin has picked up lately. I hear him sometimes sitting in his room practicing words he hears on TV and nothing pleases me more.

It was funny because the other day he came out of his room, looked at me and with a smile said "Why I oughta punch you." My response "Why you oughta just try it", lol. It was so funny (he was joking and must have heard it on tv or a movie). The point to this - he said a sentence - even if it is a line from a movie.

Truly, he is speaking so much better. I am excited to see the changes ResCare brings because he will have all of his therapies five days a week.

So let's see...he can now count to 50 (although sometimes he gets stuck and needs a nudge) and he can say all the days of the week. He is able to tell me what time it is when I ask and he will tell people that he was in the Army and was Airborne. He will even say one, seven, three to let people know his unit.

He can say Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Florida, Texas and we are now working on Germany. I suppose I should work on Afghanistan as most people ask where he was wounded...

He can say all of his drink choices; Mountain Dew, Pepsi, lemonade, strawberry milk, Bud Light (yep - ordered it clearly one night at a restaurant - I about fell of my chair), milk, etc.

He can say pizza and Subway, but he still struggles with Taco Bell. He won't attempt McDonalds at all though, lol.

I am also pleased to say that he now listens to the radio almost the whole time we are in the car. He sings too, mumbling mostly, but still...he tries.

All of this just goes to show that some doctors and therapists can just be plain wrong at times. I was told he would never be able to speak and I guess Kevin proved them wrong.

It appears we will continue to have to keep showing some of them though. His neuro-psych exam (which I am just too mad to talk about in-depth yet) said that he will 'unlikely have large gains in terms of traditional expressive or receptive language'. I beg to differ and I told the speech therapist at the VA that when she told me this on the day I picked Kevin up from the hospital. Truly - I just have no time for small minded people. I honestly don't understand why therapists that set recovery limits before working with a patient even have jobs? Makes no sense to me. If I listened to all the folks that told me how little Kevin was going to do - he would still be minimally conscious.

Ack! Well, I am signing off. It just makes me mad so I need to go cool down.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 1011 - Mar 6, 2011

We had yet another lazy day today. Breezy brought the baby over for a little while this afternoon as we don't get to see him all that much now that she's back to work, but that's pretty much it. I don't even think we left the house all weekend.

Tomorrow though, it's back to the grindstone.

I really hope the VA comes through soon with the sign off for Kevin to go to ResCare too. I have to wonder how long ResCare is going to continue holding a bed for him. They are losing money while waiting and it's already been two weeks since the decision was made. I guess the paperwork is sitting on someone's desk in fee basis (the dept that authorizes payment on services outside of the VA hospital). I sure hope it's soon otherwise we also run the risk of Kevin changing his mind. I am trying to keep him pumped up about it, but I see his excitement waning. I so hope this doesn't take months...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 1010 - Mar 5, 2011

We didn't really do too much today. I was able to get the bulk of the house cleaned, but I still need to scrub all the floors. Maybe tomorrow. We did play some Skipbo too, but that pretty much is it. It was kinda a boring day, truth be told.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 1009 - Mar 4, 2011

Kevin just woke me up as he was making himself some sandwiches in the kitchen. I somehow fell asleep on the couch and have been sleeping about 4 hours already. I am just going to sign off and go to my real bed and go back to sleep.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 1008 - Mar 3, 2010

I decided this morning that we weren't leaving the house at all today. I spent almost all day cleaning up some of my emails and also on the phone as many of the emails required phone calls. It was a very productive day for me, although I didn't get the house cleaned like I wanted to. I guess there's always the weekend for that.

Kevin seems to be getting a cold so he spent the day just lying around watching tv. I don't usually allow that, but I let is slide today. I had too many things that needed done and his mood has been good for the most part so I don't think depression will set in if he lies around for one day.

In the meantime, I am in the process of making thank you cards and scrapbooking so I am going to sign off and get back to it. I am so far behind in sending cards...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 1007 - Mar 2, 2011

Kevin is in training to go up to ResCare, lol. Tonight he decided he wanted some sausages wrapped in croissants and I told him he had to make them by himself. He pretty much did it all - from turning the oven on, to wrapping them in the croissants, putting them in the oven and setting the timer. I was a little nervous when he was taking them out of the oven as he almost hit his bad arm with the hot cookie sheet, but he still managed to do it without injury. Here's a photo of him getting them prepped to go into the oven:

While they were cooking he also unloaded the dishwasher and he just finished putting his dirty tableware into it as he's finished eating now.

I did take him today to get a haircut. His hair was getting so long and it was just incredibly unruly. I am thinking it might be shaved for the procedure coming up, but that's too far off for him to wait.

While he was doing that, I did grab a few things and he called me when he was done so that I could help him with the tip on his debit card.

And tonight Breezy came over after work with our little guy. He did well at day care today and Breezy still feels good about this place. She did go and check on him during her lunch break though, just to make sure. Here are a couple of photos of the kids with Christian:

And before I sign off, I just have to share what Kevin's other 'brother' accomplished! Joel just walked the 5K in Tampa last weekend!!! Unbelievable! I am just so proud of him and all he has accomplished! Here is the article:

A Picture of Triumph.

I sure am amazed by that boy!! Who would have ever thought these two guys would come as far as they have? I remember the day Joel woke up from his coma - just two days after we got here to BAMC. He had been in the hospital already three months and I can honestly say that both Kevin and Joel were so alike in so many brain injury ways. Maritza and I kept each other going - through good and bad.

Good for Joel. And good for Kevin.

Day 1006 - Mar 1, 2011

We had a really busy day today. First Kevin had another acupuncture appointment and then we had to hurry up to ResCare so that Kevin could scope the place out. We were there roughly three hours and Kevin seems to be ok with going up there to live for a bit. I think he is looking forward to getting all of the therapy and doing some of the fun things. This place really seems to think outside the box and I can only hope it's true.

He's a little unsure about some of it, and of course I am too. It's just going to be hard to not have my finger on every pulse. This whole event has only worked because I have - I hear everything, see everything, research everything, analyze everything. All of this has only helped me keep Kevin on track for bettering his quality of life. I just worry that me losing the pulse will mean I don't catch things that need to be done as they come up. There is a LOT of info in my head about things that HAVE come up and things that COULD come up. Little signs and symptoms that I need to be aware of.

Ack! Well, I know he won't be there forever so I am going to just go with it. He'll be fine. Right?

In other news...Breezy had a horrific daycare experience today. She dropped the baby off and the facility's credit card machine wasn't working in the morning. The woman told her to just leave Christian and pay when she came to pick him up. Well, about a half hour later the director called her and demanded that she leave work and either pay her bill or remove Christian from the center. She pretty much called Breezy a liar when Breezy told her what the other woman had said and Breezy called me crying and sobbing not knowing what to do. I couldn't help as we had a full day of appointments so Breeze had to leave work on her 2nd day back and go to take care of the situation.

When she got there, the lady admitted to the boss what she had told Breezy but it didn't seem to matter. Breezy stood up to the director and told her she would not allow her baby to stay there. She said if it's 30 minutes into day one and they were already causing her to possibly lose her job - they were not a good fit. I am quite proud of her. She also told her that she didn't appreciate the insinuation that she was a liar. She works hard, pays her own bills, takes care of her child and didn't deserve to be treated like that.

So she drove around with the baby as her coworkers were all trying to locate other centers around her place of employment and she finally found a small center in a church. She was so happy to see them playing with the babies that were already there when she walked in and they even made her put booties on when she went in so that the floors wouldn't get dirty due to the 'crawlers'. Yes, it's more expensive...but who can put a price tag on quality child care. As long as it's in her budget anyway, lol.

Oh and I almost forgot - last night Kevin had me go over his meds with him. He asked what they were for and the names. So tonight he amazed me. I always get his meds ready for the whole week and he dispenses them himself throughout the day. He also grabs the next day's container each night when he finishes with his 9pm meds. Well, tonight he called me downstairs and showed me that he had filled his own medication containers for the week. AND THEY WERE 100% CORRECT!!!!! You should have seen the look on his face. He was so proud of himself! I had told him that ResCare was going to teach him how to do that, but I guess he taught himself. AMAZING, huh?

Truly, he really is amazing. Don't I just have two great kids?

Oh - and one adorable grandson. Here's some video from yesterday:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1005 - Feb 28, 2011

Today Kevin and I babysat Christian as it was Breezy's first day back to work. It was hard - for all of us, lol. I am just not used to having to deal with a baby all day long, Breezy called constantly because she hasn't been away from the little guy much since he was born and Kevin just rolled with it. Tomorrow Christian goes to daycare and we are all so hoping it turns out well.

This evening Johnnie came and he and Kevin went out and about. I was helping out at the newest Humor For Heroes comedy show so I went my way when they went theirs. I didn't get to watch the show as I was working the door, but one of the nurses from BAMC came and visited with me and we discussed Kevin and all the situations for the last 3 years. I learned a lot from him about new medical procedures too; things that are headed our way.

And now I am really heading to bed. I couldn't sleep at all last night so my eyes are drooping really badly. It's definitely time for bed.