Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great Night!

I had a great time tonight. ScrapMuse had an online crop and one of the members (Missy - drgirlNO1) came over tonight from Youngstown and we scrapped together. Okay - mostly we BSed, but you know...

So anyway, one of the challenges was to create a layout using 5 elements. One of them was a Movie Title so I did one of Breezy. Take a look:

Notice all the stitching? Yep - I bought me a sewing machine. It's about time, I say.

On a sad front, Kevin left his base in Bamberg and went somewhere else in Germany for a few days. He will be taking part in an extensive training course so that he can leave for Afghanistan later this week. He called today and we did a 3 way call with Breezy so that we could all say goodbye. It was so hard for me. I just hung up the phone and cried. Hell, I'm getting all teary now.

But you know what? He is going to be ok. I am just going to keep thinking good thoughts.

I also did a layout of his graduation. Take a look at it:

Notice anything funny? You gotta love that the "G" in graduation is totally upside down. I am such an idiot, lol!

Well, off to bed for me!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All Moved! I forgot to take the 'before' pictures, lol. I was just so excited to get started moving that it totally slipped my mind. As soon as I get organized, I will take pics of everything and post them. I have the living room, bathrooms and kitchen completely unpacked, but I am still working on my bedroom and my scraproom. They are both mostly done, but just not 100% yet. My goal is by Friday though.

So I heard from Kevin yesterday morning at 6am! I was so excited! We talked for over 45 minutes and it was wonderful. I sure miss him! He seems to really love Germany and oddly enough, he is even looking forward to Afghanistan. He is being deployed on the 28th of this month. I am pretty much still sticking my head in the sand and not thinking about it though.

Hopefully I can get some scrapping in over the next couple of days. It's been over a week now, lol.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Almost Moving Day

Yay! Tomorrow I start moving into my new apartment. Just about everything is all packed and I am sleeping on my mattress on the floor, lol. I am so excited to be moving into this building! I will update tomorrow with pictures of my empty apartment (before pics, lol)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

GBC Juniper Berry Kit

Yay! I got my GBC kit last night and sat right down and scrapped a layout. This is of my best friend Moe and I when we went to Vegas a few years ago.

I am really loving this kit club. Lainey's style is so like mine. I just started with it last month and am loving that I scrap quite often again - just like I used to.

Although owning my own scrap club didn't allow me the time to scrap for almost 3 years, I do have to admit that sometimes I really do miss ScrapMuse....but that's the way the cookie crumbles, right? Right!