Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Has it really been a year?!!

I can't believe I haven't written in a full year!  Things have been so busy for me.  Not only am I taking care of Kevin, but I am running 2 successful businesses.  I have just sold one and as of June 1, things will hopefully be more manageable. 

Anyway, you all know it's that week, right?  The dreaded Alive Day week.  I admit I'm crying while writing this, but I am going to only focus on the good things during this post.

So I took Kevin, my mom (who now lives in Texas - YAY!), Breezy, Chris, Christian, Kevin's friend Austin and Moe to Jamaica a few weeks ago for a belated family Christmas gift.  Kevin has been saying the word "Jamaica" for a couple of years now so I figured "why not?".  We had a really great time and Kevin went snorkeling and... (watch video below and please excuse the shakiness - I was standing up in the boat)

Yep - he even went PARASAILING!!!!!!  He had a blast.  I was scared to death to let him do it, but I will not allow my fears to hold him back.  It was tough though.  Kevin has put on quite a bit of weight and it took 3 strong guys to get him onto the deck of the boat to be lifted into the air.

He does want to go back to the lovely Jamaica too, but only because his sister wouldn't allow him to cliff jump into the water at Rick's Cafe (I stayed at the resort with Christian).  Maybe someday...

And here is a pic of a character cruise we went on - it will show how great Kevin is looking:

Other than that, we haven't done too much this year.  We did go to the rodeo and that was fun! Neither of us are into country music so the Tim McGraw concert part was kinda funny for us to be at.

So we went to BAMC today to get a new leg brace.  It didn't go well.  Kevin has a really hard time walking nowadays, but unfortunately, the bad habits have been set in stone.  The new brace won't allow him to walk incorrectly so it's going to take some adjusting for him.  He was really upset when we left and I pulled the ortho guy and his therapist aside and told them I would work on him accepting it over the next week.  Wish me luck.

Kevin has also started bowling.  He just got home with his aide and is now ensconced in his room.  I love that he is trying to be more active, but he is in so much pain right now from his leg that I often wonder if it's worth it.  He does swim though and that doesn't hurt him.  We put a pool in late last summer and that is excellent exercise for him!

Well, my boy is calling me so I guess I better wrap this up.  Thanks y'all, for making me feel better!