Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 1026 - Mar 21, 2011

Kevin is now firmly ensconced in ResCare. He handled it really well and so did I, mostly. Truly, I don't think it's hit either of us how much of a change this is so we shall see how we feel in a few days.

My immediate plans are to rest. I had planned to sleep for the next week or so, but our house flooded yesterday due to a hole in a hot water pipe in the wall behind the dishwasher. Somehow the pipe was hit by a nail when the house was being built and the nail finally rusted and fell out of the pipe. I think we will have work crews here for a while trying to dry the interior of the walls and floors so that no mold forms. Then of course, the house needs to be put back together. They are starting the process tomorrow so no sleeping in for me. What a mess though. There was water running out of the back of the house down the foundation. The walls inside the dining room are soaked and stained and there are huge holes now in the walls. Fun times, huh?

I tell ya - it's always something. I would just love a month with no problems. No issues whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about the flood, Leslie, what a pain. :(
Hope Kevin adjust well to his new environment!
Keeping everyone in my prayers...

aggie said...

Oh Leslie, do I ever feel for you!!! SOunds like your flood was worse than mine. Hopefully it will be dried up soon! What a pain in the butt!! Glad to hear Kevin is doing okay. Call me when you can (School is on spring break next week, so I will be pretty much available any time then)

Pattie Matheson said...

"I tell ya - it's always something."

I was thinking the very same thing!!


Long-time RN said...

Aw geez, what a mess. So sorry about this flooding. Hope you got good help to begin the clean up.

Thoughts and prayers as both of you as Kevin begins ResCare.

Barbara (Nana) said...

Oh, Leslie--I feel your pain. A few years ago I came home from work and found the ceiling above our master bedroom had caved in because our air conditioner had been leaking in the roof for four years...it was awful, and it was July in South Carolina, and the house was hot and yukky. Huge fans for two weeks. UGH! You are in my prayers. Treat yourself to some chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, OR maybe a nice cold marguerita