Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 1006 - Mar 1, 2011

We had a really busy day today. First Kevin had another acupuncture appointment and then we had to hurry up to ResCare so that Kevin could scope the place out. We were there roughly three hours and Kevin seems to be ok with going up there to live for a bit. I think he is looking forward to getting all of the therapy and doing some of the fun things. This place really seems to think outside the box and I can only hope it's true.

He's a little unsure about some of it, and of course I am too. It's just going to be hard to not have my finger on every pulse. This whole event has only worked because I have - I hear everything, see everything, research everything, analyze everything. All of this has only helped me keep Kevin on track for bettering his quality of life. I just worry that me losing the pulse will mean I don't catch things that need to be done as they come up. There is a LOT of info in my head about things that HAVE come up and things that COULD come up. Little signs and symptoms that I need to be aware of.

Ack! Well, I know he won't be there forever so I am going to just go with it. He'll be fine. Right?

In other news...Breezy had a horrific daycare experience today. She dropped the baby off and the facility's credit card machine wasn't working in the morning. The woman told her to just leave Christian and pay when she came to pick him up. Well, about a half hour later the director called her and demanded that she leave work and either pay her bill or remove Christian from the center. She pretty much called Breezy a liar when Breezy told her what the other woman had said and Breezy called me crying and sobbing not knowing what to do. I couldn't help as we had a full day of appointments so Breeze had to leave work on her 2nd day back and go to take care of the situation.

When she got there, the lady admitted to the boss what she had told Breezy but it didn't seem to matter. Breezy stood up to the director and told her she would not allow her baby to stay there. She said if it's 30 minutes into day one and they were already causing her to possibly lose her job - they were not a good fit. I am quite proud of her. She also told her that she didn't appreciate the insinuation that she was a liar. She works hard, pays her own bills, takes care of her child and didn't deserve to be treated like that.

So she drove around with the baby as her coworkers were all trying to locate other centers around her place of employment and she finally found a small center in a church. She was so happy to see them playing with the babies that were already there when she walked in and they even made her put booties on when she went in so that the floors wouldn't get dirty due to the 'crawlers'. Yes, it's more expensive...but who can put a price tag on quality child care. As long as it's in her budget anyway, lol.

Oh and I almost forgot - last night Kevin had me go over his meds with him. He asked what they were for and the names. So tonight he amazed me. I always get his meds ready for the whole week and he dispenses them himself throughout the day. He also grabs the next day's container each night when he finishes with his 9pm meds. Well, tonight he called me downstairs and showed me that he had filled his own medication containers for the week. AND THEY WERE 100% CORRECT!!!!! You should have seen the look on his face. He was so proud of himself! I had told him that ResCare was going to teach him how to do that, but I guess he taught himself. AMAZING, huh?

Truly, he really is amazing. Don't I just have two great kids?

Oh - and one adorable grandson. Here's some video from yesterday:


Anonymous said...

Yes, you're kids are absolutely wonderful.

Now, are you going to start taking care of yourself so they don't lose their mom? Mmmmm?

Lorraine said...

Wonderful news, so glad Breezy stood up to the day care. God lead her in the right direction. Way to go Kevin, see he is paying attention. Baby Christian video is so cute, with that head of hair he looks so much older, then he is. Keep up the good work Leslie, you are a wonderful Mom. Love ya, Lorraine and Rick

aggie said...

What an eventful day for all of you! Great news that Kevin was able to set up his meds for the week!!! He is making so much progress. Please tell him I said hello!!
Also, glad to hear Breezy stood up for herself at the day care and found a new place that sound wonderful! I hope it continues to be a good experience for Christian and her.
Oh, I am sending you an email today so watch for it....

Pat said...

Oh, how far that boy of your has come! I think the stay at ResCare is going to be great for both Kev and you!

Way to go Breezy! That baby is goshdarn cute!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is such a treat for us today... :)
Congrats to all!

karen said...

I am amazed at how you have to go through all of the same things that you likely did the first time around ... letting go, helping Kevin learn to be independent again. I think it is hard enough to do the first time around and I'm only at the beginning of it (remember, my kids are 4, 6 and 8). How brutally hard, after the intensity of the past couple of (few?) years (is that right?), to be giving Kevin his wings again. I think you are AWESOME!

You do have two terrific kids. As adults they reflect your own values and parenting skills quite beautifully.

Long-time RN said...

Kevin's cognitive progress is amazing. Separation may be rough at first, but hopefully a beneficial step for both of you. You've done a fantastic job with Kevin's care; from what you write he seems ready to take this next step.

Way to go Mama Breezy! Baby Christian is adorable, bright eyed, and looks so content.

Jessica said...

I can only imagine the courage it takes to let Kevin go, but you'll be visiting a lot and I'm sure he'll be in close contact with you via cell phone. You've done a wonderful job, and it is a full-time job, caring for him and getting him to this point. If he's not ready for it or doesn't like it there, you'll soon know. I'm glad that he's getting the chance to find out and praying that it works out for the best!

Yes, Christian is adorable! He has such beautiful, big brown eyes.