Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 1027 - Mar 22, 2011

I have to say - I am glad Kevin isn't here right now. My kitchen is ripped apart and there are these huge fans and dehumidifiers running and it is sooooo loud. I can't even sit downstairs and am 'living' upstairs in my bedroom with the door shut just so I can hear myself think.

So they have to run these things until Friday and then I can stop them, but it will probably not be fixed until we come back from Pittsburgh in mid May. They have to order new cupboards and they said that will take weeks.


And my dearest Kevin only called me four times today! He is missing his HBO. He called one time because channel 800 isn't available up there, lol. Poor guy - life is so rough.

Another time he was trying to tell the story of a General Kammerdiener that his drill sgt dared him to say something to back in basic training. Kevin ran up to him and said "HI DAD!". There is a photo on his iPad of him doing push ups for that little stunt. Always the jokester, Kevin is.

The other two times were just him wanting someone to talk to. He done good for his first day, I think.


TTG Photos and Design said...

I am so happy Kevin is doing alright up there, but I am more worried about you...I can't believe they have you live like this!!!
Is there no other unit available or at least they should put you up in a nice hotel while they fix your place!!!
Hope things will get better fast!!!
Hugs from El Paso,

Lorraine said...

Can anything ever work out for you? Holy Heck, the chance to relax now your home is taken over by construction people. Seriously you need to write a book next. No one would believe it is true. Take care, try to make the best of it. Lorraine