Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 1016 - Mar 11, 2011

Today we went with Breezy to get Christian's first bout of shots. He did really well and so did Breezy, lol. Christian weighs close to 12 pounds now - he is getting quite large. Tall really as he isn't overweight by any means.

Then tonight Kevin and I babysat while Breezy and Chris went out for a bit. Apparently Christian is going to be a movie buff just like his uncle, lol. Kev was watching The Blues Brothers and when I took the baby in and lay him on Kev's bed his eyes went straight to the tv and never left it for a good half hour. He was totally enthralled by all the music and voices. He's really such a good baby.

As for ResCare, we were told that the person at the VA that needs to sign the new paperwork was on vacation this week. They should have it all signed next week and we are hoping to admit Kevin on Friday, the day after we get back from Pittsburgh. We'll see though.

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Long-time RN said...

Sure hope the paperwork gets signed!