Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 1033 - Mar 28, 2011

It was mostly an uneventful weekend. I did go visit Kevin yesterday. I hadn't planned to, but he called and sounded so forlorn when I told him I wasn't coming until next weekend, that I jumped in the car and headed north. We did go to the movies and then we went out for dinner and it was great seeing him.

He seems to still be doing well, but he's upset that he isn't having as many therapies as he thought he would. I asked about it and was told he is still in the 'evaluation' stage and I told him he needed to give it a little more time before giving it up. He agreed with me, but we were both under the impression that he would have speech, OT and PT five days a week and that's not happening. I know that OT will continue to be only three days a week and I'm not sure why we were led to believe it would be different. It's on my list of things to check about this week.

Tomorrow I have to head to BAMC and get Kevin's medical records released and sent to Pittsburgh. I took care of it with both VA hospitals (TX and FL) today so all is good on that front.

While there, I will be visiting a patient. I'm sure you all remember Andrew's Aunt Jodi...well, we talked on the phone tonight and she told me how one of Andrew's best friends ran over an IED a few weeks ago while deployed. I am not sure, but I think he just got out of ICU this weekend, but nonetheless, I want to visit his family and offer some support. If you guys can keep him and his family in your thoughts that would be great. His name is Roby (Row bee)and his wife's name is Brianna.

And now I need to take the garbage out before I forget. I forgot both times last week as Kevin always took care of it. Maybe I should have him call and remind me? LOL!

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