Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1005 - Feb 28, 2011

Today Kevin and I babysat Christian as it was Breezy's first day back to work. It was hard - for all of us, lol. I am just not used to having to deal with a baby all day long, Breezy called constantly because she hasn't been away from the little guy much since he was born and Kevin just rolled with it. Tomorrow Christian goes to daycare and we are all so hoping it turns out well.

This evening Johnnie came and he and Kevin went out and about. I was helping out at the newest Humor For Heroes comedy show so I went my way when they went theirs. I didn't get to watch the show as I was working the door, but one of the nurses from BAMC came and visited with me and we discussed Kevin and all the situations for the last 3 years. I learned a lot from him about new medical procedures too; things that are headed our way.

And now I am really heading to bed. I couldn't sleep at all last night so my eyes are drooping really badly. It's definitely time for bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well today at the daycare.
That must be really hard to do.
Keeping you all in my thoughts...