Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 1035 - Mar 30, 2011

Kevin and I talked on Skype for a full hour tonight. He is doing well, but I am very concerned that he seems to be in his room an awful lot. I have some other concerns as well, but a meeting was set up tentatively for next Monday so I am going to wait until then to address them. I may not be seeing things clearly as I'm not there 24/7 and Kevin doesn't always remember everything correctly.

I had an easy day. I did make a bunch of phone calls dealing with Kevin issues, but that's the only real 'work' I did. I really am just trying to rest and catch up on some sleep.

I also scrapped my first layout of Christian today. I just hadn't gotten around to scrapping before today, but I'm trying to force myself to. I still have to make a ton of thank you cards and get them mailed too, but haven't had the energy yet to get in that scraproom.

Before I forget - Cathy M - you asked about the trip to NYC and I don't really know much more than what I said. I was first contacted to go on a mother's caregiver retreat, but couldn't go because Kevin is getting a root canal the one day. As we were hanging up she mentioned my blog and this trip. As soon as I knew the dates were actually clear for me, I jumped at the chance. I will let you know more as info comes available to me.

And now I am off to watch the Top Chef finale!

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Long-time RN said...

Nice to read you're getting some time for you. Hope the ResCare meeting resolves any question you may have on Kevin's care.

Congrats on the NY writer's guild invite. How exciting!

The pictures are wonderful. Always great to see Kevin smiling and Christian is adorable!