Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 1007 - Mar 2, 2011

Kevin is in training to go up to ResCare, lol. Tonight he decided he wanted some sausages wrapped in croissants and I told him he had to make them by himself. He pretty much did it all - from turning the oven on, to wrapping them in the croissants, putting them in the oven and setting the timer. I was a little nervous when he was taking them out of the oven as he almost hit his bad arm with the hot cookie sheet, but he still managed to do it without injury. Here's a photo of him getting them prepped to go into the oven:

While they were cooking he also unloaded the dishwasher and he just finished putting his dirty tableware into it as he's finished eating now.

I did take him today to get a haircut. His hair was getting so long and it was just incredibly unruly. I am thinking it might be shaved for the procedure coming up, but that's too far off for him to wait.

While he was doing that, I did grab a few things and he called me when he was done so that I could help him with the tip on his debit card.

And tonight Breezy came over after work with our little guy. He did well at day care today and Breezy still feels good about this place. She did go and check on him during her lunch break though, just to make sure. Here are a couple of photos of the kids with Christian:

And before I sign off, I just have to share what Kevin's other 'brother' accomplished! Joel just walked the 5K in Tampa last weekend!!! Unbelievable! I am just so proud of him and all he has accomplished! Here is the article:

A Picture of Triumph.

I sure am amazed by that boy!! Who would have ever thought these two guys would come as far as they have? I remember the day Joel woke up from his coma - just two days after we got here to BAMC. He had been in the hospital already three months and I can honestly say that both Kevin and Joel were so alike in so many brain injury ways. Maritza and I kept each other going - through good and bad.

Good for Joel. And good for Kevin.


GrannieEv said...

WOW - so much going on! Kevin will do better away than you (just sayin') LOL. You're doing the right thing, you do know that, getting him ready for the rest of his life. I was incensed at that day care manager and good for Breezy. Also, good for her checking on him (that's the key).

Here's a story - my Alabama D-I-L called me yesterday, mid morning (the twins momma). Seems "big boy" (one's bigger than the other b/c of a condition they had while growing) fell with a spoon he grabbed in his mouth. Yep, chiped his fairly new front tooth (16 mos. old). She was bawling and remember, my son is in Iraq! Felt responsible, knows he'll look "silly" for 6 more years b/f the tooth falls out, and, I don't know what else. I didn't laugh but I did think back to raising their daddy (OMG - the kinda kid if he'd been the 1st, he'd been the only one). Guess where they're going - a pediatric dentist, today!

Hope it gives y'all a chuckle!

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear everything is going well. I'm so glad the daycare is working out. Kevin is sure doing a lot of things on his own! :) Congratulations to Joel!
The video and pictures are so cute!!!
Take care,
Kathy in IA

i. said...

Awesome story about Joe. And based on Kevin's progress, I see him back in Tampa soon, cheering Joe as he crosses the finish line!

And as for Breeze, she's such a great momma already! I would definitely stay out of her way if she believed someone was doing Christian wrong! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful news/pictures!

Anonymous said...

I really hope to meet Kevin some day. I am just so darn proud of him. He has made such a comeback with his perseverance and attitude!

Thanks for posting the link to Joel's story too. Just so amazing. I wish him the very best too, in his future endeavors.

Of course, Christian is such a doll baby....glad the daycare issue is solved. Thanks for the pics.

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pictures. Christian is so absolutely beautiful! I loved the article about Joela nd posted it to my Facebook page. Truly inspiring. I am walking a 5K in July in honor of my husband (he always ran the 5K at Heritage Days in FC). I will keep Joel in the back of my mind as I get ready for my 5K. :) glad to hear good things about Kevin. I know it's going to be hard on you, but I think this is a good decision. I pray it all works out and that Kevin learns even more. He will succeed. His mom will not allow him to fail. :) thoughts and prayers, Hallie

Anonymous said...

You are an absolutely amazing woman! Devotion should be your middle name. I will be down to Austin over Thanksgiving week - it would be nice to actually visit with you and Kevin and whomever else is around. Grove City, PA Blogger Julie

armyparents said...

Tears of joy for both Kevin and Joel. They have been through so much in their lives and continue to keep going full speed. God is working through them in amazing ways

Linda/from Sligo said...

Love the know...i think Christian actually looks like Kevin alot! And God Bless Joel!! what a wonderful story...truly a blessing! Kevin is doing great in doing things on his own, even though you watch him let him do it! This move into the Rescare is the right decision...i agree he is ready for it even though it will be hard on you for a both need this! If you ever need anyone to blow off steam with and still have my number...give me a call!! Will be glad to hear from you!

RosieBabin said...

Leslie,Will you let me know how the visit goes? We are at a crossroads & would love to get others' experiences as we consider options for our son, Alan. Thank you! Rosie Babin