Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 1021 - Mar 16, 2011

Today was another hectic day. We had appointments all afternoon and one of them was a little rough for both Kevin and myself. It was with some sort of social worker and although she was just doing her job, I have made it a point to keep Kevin from focusing on all that has happened to him. She had to ask questions like 'are you embarrassed by how your face looks, or how your arm doesn't work, do you hate that your friends see you looking like this, etc.' She went in depth into the very things I shield Kevin from.

I am quite sure that Kevin thinks about these things on occasion, but I don't think he really thinks hard about it, if you know what I mean. He is usually a pretty happy person and I have always felt it was my job to keep him that way. It was a little tough for a bit in that meeting though, but the therapist was a wonderful person and she really was able to pull Kevin out of the funk. I don't think it hurt what Kevin was thinking about her either. When she left the room he turned to me and said "She's hot!". Yikes! LOL.

So anyway, we did leave that appointment and had to head over to the hospital for a CT Scan and Moe and her boyfriend, Dan, met us there. We took care of business and then we all went to dinner. When we got back, Ronnie and Marissa met us at the hotel and they went to Kev's room while we went to my room and we visited with our prospective friends.

Another great night visiting friends. I can say for sure that both last night and tonight were a lot of fun!

So tomorrow we head back to Texas. We will be back for 3 weeks though next month and we plan to see everyone we can in that time. I can say for sure that we are looking forward to it!


Pattie Matheson said...

I often wonder what's going on in Kevin's head, as I expect you do. So cool to read of his reaction to the social worker :)

Long-time RN said...

Nice to read so much was accomplished in the short time frame and you both got to visit with friends as well.
Safe travels!

Miss Em said...

Hello Leslie...

Kevin would not be a raging hormonal male is he didn't notice the the female sitting in front of him was "HOT".

Yep! Kevin you are definitely a male.

Miss Em