Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 463 - Sep 4, 2009

We didn't hear anything about the surgery today, which is a real bummer. I sure hope this doesn't keep going for days.

But I do have some really fantastic news. Kevin just called me into his room and showed me how he is able to move (and somewhat control) his right arm. There is absolutely no movement or feeling in the hand, but he is moving his shoulder and elbow in a specific way most of the time. This could just be the beginning. His leg happened exactly like this. He is just so excited and you can't even begin to know how that makes me feel. I just about cried.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but just last week his therapist told me that we lost the window of opportunity to have function back in that arm and at the very best we can expect maybe 10-15% of his ability to move it come back. I was so disappointed and I really do believe it was due to lack of therapy at the VA - especially after we had Botox the first time. That was when the therapist needed to kick it up a notch and then was when she pretty much quit coming altogether. It's just so sad - and aggravating.

BUT, Kevin is moving it and if we can keep working it who knows. Maybe more will come back than what we expect. I know none of us ever expected him to be able to walk. Or even wake up for that matter!

Go Kevin! Go Kevin!

(oh and Jessica - Breezy already put her resume in for that job last week one day. She even called them the next day to make sure they got her resume, but she still hasn't heard anything. We hoped because she had her clearances it might give her an 'in' so to speak. Thanks though! And how are you feeling?)


Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm feeling great - on a mad cleaning kick... guessing this is what they call 'nesting'. I'll send an email to the girl who posted it and see if she knows anything on the 'inside'. All our love to you guys....


Lisa D in Cali said...

Oh man this gives me goosebumps!! I LOVE it!! Go Kevin indeed. I know how much it means. He's been doing what they said he couldn't do since the beginning...why stop now?? I know how hard it is to feel like there are a lot of steps "backward" and how absolutely thrilling those big steps forward are...especially when he's doing it himself. The thought of his arm working is so exciting...but the thought of him being so proud to show you what he can do just makes my heart soar. all must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

That is excellent news about Kevin's arm. And...I think both of you needed something really good to happen right about now!


Cathy M

Barbara B said...

That's just so great to hear that he's moving his arm! Keep him at it, and make his therapist keep at it too! I saw my mother actually walk back and forth across the room in PT with the help of a walker and a therapist shortly after her stroke. But Kaiser San Diego decided, in their infinite wisdom, that at her age it wasn't worth the money they were putting out to continue PT!!! So she was sentenced to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. They said it was unlikely that she'd live more than a year or so with the brain injury she sustained. That was 7 years ago, and she's still going strong. But she has absolutely no use of her right side because of the lack of PT she was given. I bet Kevin's new progress has a lot to do with getting into that beautiful pool, and all the walking he does now. Everything he does stimulates the growth of new neurons in his brain to take over for the ones he lost. Keep up the great work.

Miss Em said...

Hi Leslie,

God, time, determination works every time.

God gave faith in believing it would happen.

Time was what was needed for healing and new growth.

Determination to work on retraining muscles and nerves no matter what anyone else says.

Kevin's moving his right arm more than anyone thought.

Dancin in the Front Room!!!!!

Now, Kevin needs a new "Mission" with NO dead-line. This new "Mission" would work right along with the right-arm exercise program.

Get a soft crunch ball..a gel filled one should work the best. Put it in his right hand and slowly begin to curl the fingers up around the ball.
Make certain that Kevin lets you know when it hurts because that's one of the points when you want to stop for now.
First you will be stretching, exercising and slowly strengthing muscles, tendons and ligaments that haven't been used since he was injured. It's going to take TIME.
Don't look for a whole lot of improvement but if he can eventually close the hand enough to grip something lite than I would say that that would be a huge..huge..huge accompolishment.

I would suggest that when you're done with Kevin have Kevin do the same process with you. It might help Kevin to stay with the at home program
You want Kevin to get use to the idea and what it is that he can do[when/if he remembers] all by himself.
You may have to remind him and be a participent for awhile BUT if it works then it WILL be worth all of the time and trouble.

Time for a bottle of wine and a huge piece of 'cheese cake' to celebrate.


Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Jessica said...

Oh, that is good news about Kevin's arm! I'm glad that he has something to be excited about. I guess we can pretty much ignore any doctor's predictions about what Kevin can and can't do from now on!

Crossing my fingers for you regarding the surgery and the trike and keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.