Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 479 - Sep 20, 2009

Another doozy of a day. It really all started last night when Kevin was projectile vomiting all over 3 different bedrooms. He started getting sick right after I signed off last night and he was just covered each time he threw up and I spent the whole night getting him in and out of the shower and scrubbing rooms down and doing laundry. I felt so bad for him and I just kept thinking that I honestly wouldn't want to spend the next 60 years being sick like this all the time. He was just crying and vomiting all night long.

(And thanks Mom for going to our house today and finishing all of the laundry and cleaning! Love you!)

He did eventually fall asleep in my room though and he made it somewhat through the night (ok - a few hours anyway) giving me time to finally do some of the packing. I can be honest, I didn't really sleep at all. I am just so exhausted.

So anyway, Kevin did really well on the flight, but then we got to San Antonio and all hell broke loose. The Army had rented us a car and even reserved it in my name. But they forgot to add a line on my travel orders stating that a car rental is included (even though the itinerary from the Army has my reservations), and the car company told me I had to pay for it. No problem as I have enough in the bank to cover it using my debit card but apparently you can't rent a vehicle at an airport with a debit card unless you have return flight plans. Obviously, we don't know when we are going home so it was a 'no can do'. By the time I went to various rental car companies and learned the same thing, Kevin was so overstimulated and was trying to just leave on his own. He was angry and frustrated - and so was I.

It downright pisses me off that Ft Stewart keeps making messes that both Kevin and I have to suffer through. How much is enough, I ask? It has been this way since the beginning with them and I am so tired of it. It would be one thing if Kevin were a healthy 21 year old soldier, but he's not! Any sort of stress causes him to go crazy! Grrr...

So after this, I went and made plans on a shuttle bus and it was supposed to be right there and we waited...and waited...and waited. I finally went back in and got my money back and put us all into a cab.

In the interim, Breezy and I remembered that I was able to easily rent a car the first time we came back so I had the cabbie go off the airport property where the rules are less stringent. It cost me $20 to drive one flippin' mile in a cab because he had to keep Kevin in the car while I found out if I could get a car or not. But I was able to - thank goodness!

So now I got a car from a different company and I'm sure I'm going to have to fight with the Army to get it reimbursed, but that will be tomorrow's fight.

And since Kevin was so overstimulated throughout all of this extra crap, he has been utterly unbearable all night long. I had hoped to be able to pick up some groceries, but we are staying in the hotel while he lays in his room and is just screaming on and off in frustration. I sure hope there's no one in the next room.

And to be honest - I wish I could just scream in frustration too!

And now you all are getting an idea of the crap I have had to deal with for the last 16 months. It is pretty much always like this - It seems that I am always fighting with someone. I swear, if it weren't for Mary (our wonderful FRC) I would be a total basketcase by now.

So anyway, this is why I choose to focus on the positives. If I really let all of this kind of crap pull me down, we would have never gotten anywhere. Kevin needs us to stay positive - so that's what we're gonna do!

Somehow, anyway...


Jessica said...

Traveling is the pits! Screw-ups are hard enough on healthy people, let alone people like Kevin. What a shame the Army screwed up again. I wouldn't have thought a car rental place wouldn't accept a debit card, either since the money comes right out of your account.

I hope you can all get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow's a new day. I'll be praying for you!

Anonymous said...

In going back and re-reading a lot of the past posts, just to check, it seems as though YOUR frustration and YOUR stress may be passed onto Kevin. Those seem to be the times he becomes most stressed, when you are the most stressed.

Not condemning you by no means. Seeing if reliving situations and you looking back yourself to see if you agree.

Is it possible on your NEXT travel to check and double check with a phone call or an e-mail to make sure all of the i's are dotted and all of the t's are crossed and have the Army send YOU an e-mail confirmation so you can whip it out to show JUST the way everything is supposed to be. A name, rank and serial number- not to mention a phone number for immediate confirmation could be included so whoever is refusing you can pick up a phone and confirm.

No-you should never be put in this situation. Ever.

Let us hope Kevin feels better and the vomiting doesn't happen again. Could this be brought on by being upset and stressed ?

Yes, thank you Leslie's MOM. There's nothing better than your good old Mother to come to your rescue. That is why God invented Mothers.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine what you have to go through daily and much less today! I am not like others that will tell you it's his fault, yours or the neighbors (lol) but I do not have a clue of the extent of things you have to bear....UGH.
I do think of you often and wish there was just something I could do to help. You all are always in my thoughts and it just sucks the Army cannot do simple things to make it easier for Kevin!!!
Love ya

Kathy in IA said...

I pray that all of you have a much better day today. I hope everything goes well with the admission at the hospital.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I was reading the comment about your frustration affecting Kevin and I wonder if there is something to it? Believe me, I would be upset too! Livid! But, it is worth a try - next time this happens, just try to not show how upset you are (I probably could not do what I am suggesting - I would probably give myself a migraine - but, maybe you could)?

Meanwhile, please know that you are in my thoughts every day and I send warm hugs.

Cathy M

Cheryl said...


I’m so sorry Kevin has had such a rough time! I’ve been thinking of all of you and after reading your week-end posts it sounds like you need some (((((((HUGS))))))))). Those of us who live in the parallels of your life understand and we are here for you. You have my number so if and when you need to chat with someone who “gets it” with out any explanations……..just give me a call.


PS I’m amazed at the amount of anonymous “advice” you get on here!

BTW; If any of them are reading this; the last thing anyone needs is an outsider saying “you need to………….” and my suggestion to you is; you need to ………… keep your comments to yourself!

Anonymous said...

This blog has become so controversial, people want to rip a reputable and good persons neck off anymore. Don't be surprised to see more good people commenting as anonymous as it is safer that way. You say ONE WRONG THING and you get attacked. Not fair !!! Too much attacking when some very good help can be coming through to help Leslie, Breezy and Kevin. Those who judge others are the real ones who are causing the problem out there by bringing negative bloggers up constantly; no, by bringing everything to the attention of others to try and keep this blog to a boiling point. All so unnecessary unless that is what you are trying to do, to bring your own name to the attention of others. Just go with the flow people and try to help this poor woman the best way we can. Freedom is what we all have living in the great USA. Isn't that what people are out there fighting for ? The fighting should not be going on in this blog. What a wonder it would be if the one good tip that Leslie would find so useful would come from an anonymous blogger just making suggestions or giving information that has been long researched to try and help her ??? CHERYL, get the chip off of your shoulder and let freedom ring and let us read the blog in peace. It is bloggers like you who tries to make SOMETHING out of NOTHING. Come on now. Right now I am doing the same thing but if once and for all people don't see this, hopefully it will cease.

Jess said...

Hey Mamma Leslie!

Hope you all three have a better day!!! Love all three of you!


Anonymous said...

12:17 AM anonymous seems to be under the impression that it's Leslie's job to handle every single thing for Kevin. She is not paid for this AND all of these people are. And if she gets stressed out after traveling with him for hours and then having one fuckup after another mess with their plans (where she's fixing anything that goes wrong on her own dime) after she's had to quit her job to do the Army's job for them . . . now you want to put it on her that he's stressed out when she is? Well, of course he is.

I don't think she's needs comments like yours. I'm pretty sure she already knows that her stress isn't helpful to Kevin. If you'd read any of this blog you'd realize she's doing the best she can and she's doing a helluva job and sometimes she gets frustrated and that's just the way it is.

You go, Leslie. The more you explain the details of how unsupportive some Army officials have been, the more others may benefit.

Anonymous said...

To 6:09 pm.
Watch the language as children read this blog.

Long-time RN said...

Hang in there. I'm sorry you ran into snafus-AGAIN.
It's difficult enough traveling, but I can't imagine how difficult it must be with Kevin's issues.

Hope tomorrow is a better day. Thinking of you, and saying a prayer for you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Sounds like you and Kevin are both ready to buy a one-way ticket back to a couple of years ago (2007). No one can blame you. I would have given up a long time ago, but not you, you just keep plugging along like the Energizer Bunny. You are incredible!!!

Kevin should be completely cared for by the government...down to his shoe size...and, should be cared for everyday, down to your vitamins. How sad the way it is...

You are in our thoughts and prayers. I only wish the best for you!!!

Please let me know if we can do anything to help you.

Kristen M.

Anonymous said...

To: "8:46 PM"

I hope children do not read this blog.
But if yours do, that is the choice or irresponsibility of you as a parent.
Of course, there is much worse in PG-13 movies.

Anonymous said...

There is such thing as spell check and "class" and the people who use vulgarity don't use or have either. Kevin knows many children ( don't you read the blog? ) and many follow his story.

Anonymous said...