Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 470 - Sep 11, 2009

Oh Holee - what a fabulous idea! For those that don't read the comments, Holee suggested that Kevin maybe help an organization by doing some volunteer work as a way to have a reason to get out of bed in the mornings. I know that Holee felt it would be tough love in forcing him to do something like that, but I personally think that Kevin would enjoy it and it wouldn't be too hard to talk him into going.

I can't say that I will force him to go with the aide though. That is just going to take some time and maybe once they find him someone he has things in common with he just may want to go places with them on his own. (besides this - the one he has now isn't allowed to take him anywhere. I just found this out yesterday)

Part of me not forcing him to go with the aide is that Kevin has definite issues in public and you have to be well versed in seeing the signs before any type of major meltdown or tantrum (for lack of a better word) occurs.

The one and only time that he did go with his aide to a movie, the guy listened to his music in the car and talked to Kevin the whole way there. Kevin can't handle all that stimulation and they were only at the movie ten minutes before they had to leave. That could be part of what ruined it for anyone to take Kevin anywhere and it's possible that it's going to be a while before he goes again.

So anyway, I do like that idea and I will have to look into some organizations that may want Kevin's kind of help.

And before I forget - Jenna - you asked about the cookbooks...I have no idea if there are any left, but call Tracy at 724-526-5959 for info.

So today my nephew Anthony came down for a week or so. He is here partly to stay and help Breezy with Kevin while I am in DC next week. Kevin was so psyched that he was up and showered before 9am even though Anthony wasn't arriving until 5pm.

And I did talk to the doctor today about the surgery and I am very disappointed to still not have an answer. I think it's ridiculous that it's been close to two weeks since it came to light that they didn't intend to fix his head on this trip and the doc was supposedly finding out if the neurosurgery team could still do the surgery the week after next and we still don't have an answer. Honestly - this is just so aggravating.

What am I supposed to do, I ask? Tell him Monday that the very thing he has been excited about isn't happening as planned and then just hop on a plane Tuesday and leave Breezy to deal with the devastation he is going to feel? Hell no - that is not going to happen.

I have half a notion to just tell him tomorrow that the surgery is off and that way he has time to deal with it before I have to leave. Then, if by some small miracle, they do decide they can do the surgery, it will only be good news.

I just really hate to let him down so drastically because there is just this small chance that he won't ever need to know that all of this has been going on and that there is a possibility that the surgery is a no-go.

What to do...what to do...


Lorraine said...

Like the new look!!! Hope your weekend is a good one.
Lorraine & Rick

Anonymous said...

The new site is very nice. I like the colors. This was announced today:

Disney Announces Major Expansion At Magic Kingdom
Posted: 4:42 pm EDT September 12, 2009Updated: 6:57 pm EDT September 12, 2009

The entire article is on CNN. It is about Disneyworld in Florida.

Maybe Breezy could look there. What a fun job that would be and I bet you get discount tickets too.