Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 466 - Sep 7, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day! We all just cooked out and swam pretty much all day. Kevin got into the pool today and we were having 'races' across the pool. Personally I don't think it's right that someone with only one arm and one leg that doesn't work all that well can still outswim me across the pool, lol. Darnit!

We had a lot of fun though and Kevin really was swimming hard. I was so pleased to see him actually using both legs for kicking today as he hasn't done that up until now. The pool really is making such a difference to him.

Now I am going to take you on a little tour of the first few months. The photos will start at maybe 2 months out? I'm not sure as they aren't dated, but I know he was unconscious for about 6 weeks and we left Texas at 3 months post injury so I am just guessing at the 2 to 3 month mark. Also, as an FYI - the yellow liquid in Kevin's eyes are drops that the ophthalmologist used. As you can see, his lips had already grown back and the tip of his nose was healing (it had been pretty much burnt off too).

Here are the first few photos:

And for those of you that remember the day that Kevin grabbed my phone out of my hand and put it up to his are some pics. Up until then Kevin hadn't really acknowledged us or anything much around him. Pam? Remember this? Pam (our favorite physical therapist) was there with us and was just as shocked as we were.

This one was taken right after we got here to Florida (somewhere around the first of Sept of last year).

These next couple were taken on Oct 18 or 19. I hadn't taken any from the last one until this day for some reason. You can already see a major difference - both mentally and physically. And notice his head is starting to sink in because the shunt is starting to work - finally!

And the rest, as they say, is history. If you are new to the blog, you can go back to last Oct and begin to see photos from then.


Denver said...

It great that Kevin is using the right side of his body more!

My thanks to him for sharing the pictures.

He is very fortunate to have so many people close to him who really care.

Jan said...

You've described it many times but there is nothing like seeing it for myself to drive home just how far Kevin has come. I looked at this set of pictures then went back to other, more recent shots. What a difference. What a miracle.

Patricia said...

As Jan said, my first thought was Miracle...

Thank you for sharing this with us. It keeps it in such perspective.

And it was so great to read about the day!

Love, hugs and prayers, always...

Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing how the body heals! Especially in the amount of time from when it happened until now. To go through that much change is unbelievable.
I'm so glad he's really getting a lot of use out of the pool. Wonderful therapy!
Thank you for sharing the pictures Leslie.
Kathy in IA

Anonymous said...

Like Jan did, I went back and looked at Kevin's most recent pix comparing them to the pix you posted shortly after the injury. He looks terrific! He looks so "normal" (whatever "normal" is). It's AMAZING how quickly he has healed. He has had great doctors. I would've never believed he could look the way he does now, had I seen him in the beginning. What a handsome guy!!!
He has been tremendously blessed!

Kris said...


Thank you so very much Kevin for sharing the pictures of us. To say that you have come "so far" is such an incredible understatement! It's mindblowing. You are a MIRACLE. A living, breathing, bike riding, arm moving, swim race winning incredibly brave and strong MIRACLE.

And to you Leslie and Breezy, 2 of the strongest women on the planet, I marvel at your sheer strength, courage, perseverance and determination. I'm sure that Kevin would not have been able to come as far as he has without you guys by his side. You guys ROCK.

Hang in there as the miracle continues to unfold. We'll all be out here for you, cheering you on and supporting you every inch of the way.

God bless you all. Thoughts, prayers, support and loads of extra special angel hugs come your way every single day.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kevin has come so far in his recovery. I have been reading your blog since a link was posted on the Soldiers Angels forum; Kevin was unconscious at the time. What an improvement (!), thanks to Kevin's remarkable spirit, you and Breezy's love and care, Kevin's overall good medical care, and the grace of God.

I pray for Kevin's continued healing in this next phase of his difficult recovery. I pray that this next year will bring some wonderful surprises and accomplishments. I look forward to the next time you share some amazing thing that Kevin is able to do or even just something funny that he said.

I am awaiting your trip to the upcoming conference and I hope that something comes from it that will not only help others but will help you and Kevin specifically.


Cathy M

Lisa D in Cali said...

More WOW from me. Just wow...what a Scrolling down from these photos to the ones of Kevin in the red shirt is just unbelievable.

I know there are many struggles that your current photos can not convey, and that day to day the whole one step forward, two step back feeling can be brutal.

But I hope that you all can look at these two sets of photos side by side and feel strong and proud. You are AMAZING.

You have made if from there to here. There is a long road of pain behind you. (The look on Breezy's face in the first set of photos kills me.) I know the road ahead is not exactly paved and smooth, and you don't always know which way it is turning...but I have no doubt that if you made it from there to here, you are going to keep making it. No matter how bumpy the road.I believe the three of you can do anything.

Thank you for letting us into your lives.

Karie said...

You guys are amazing.

Jodi said...

WOW. Kevin looks absolutely terrific! It warms my heart to see him improve the way he has physically. Thank you SO MUCH for posting the pictures. Today would have been Andrew's 21st birthday, so it's been a tough day, but seriously, seeing Kevin has really helped me. Kev has been thru so much and still gets up every morning and still has a smile on his face. You all have good days and bad days, but you have them together. I know things have been tough for you Les and Breezy, but you are amazing women and you will make it thru just like you have everything else. I wish I had half the strength and will you two have. You 3 are such inspirations to me. Your power and will to keep going, to face the good and the bad. You never give up. You may want to, but you never do, and that is why you have made it so far. Stay strong Les and Breezy, and keep getting better Kevin. You have so many people out here who love you so much and want nothing but the best for all of you.
Okay, I have rambled on long enough :-).

Again, thank you for the pictures and all of you stay strong and never give up!

I love you guys!!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Long-time RN said...

Proof of just how far Kevin has progressed. Thanks for posting the photos, Leslie. A miracle recovery which is still advancing over time.

Gretchen said...

Wow. It's way too easy to forget just how far Kevin has come. He is truly a miracle in progress!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I am so happy to see the progress Kevin has made. He is such an inspiration to everyone. My son thinks he is just the most awesome guy ever!!!

It is so hard to believe that it has been a year and half ago since you were working beside all of us. We really miss you!!!

All I can say after all of this time is GO GIRL!!!! You and Kevin have accomplished so much more than anyone ever believed!!! Each day is a challenge, but, somehow, you know how to proceed and make it a success.

I am so proud of you and Kevin!!! The reason my family has the life they have is because of people like you. My son will grow up appreciating Kevin's sacrifice each and every day! Kevin and so many others make such a difference in our day-to-day life. It is so sad the country does not see it until something very difficult happens to someone close to them.

We are so lucky because of KEVIN and others just like him. There is no way to repay them for their sacrifice!!

Kristen M.

Jessica said...

So much to be thankful for! I do remember that day Kevin grabbed the phone, talk about a miracle! It did make me tear up though, to see his poor head and eyes again that way. But how wonderful to hear about Kevin swimming in the pool and using both his legs! That gives me so much hope for his arm.

Glad you had a good Labor day! You're all in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Mike said...

God Bless All of You. I read the story about Kevin and Im a disabled veteran also. There are no words for how I feel about the VA doing what theyre doing to you. Im praying for you brother!