Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 461 - Sep 2, 2009

I am going to just skip writing tonight as I am utterly exhausted. Kevin was up all night last night back and forth into my bed from his and neither one of us got much sleep.

I will catch y'all tomorrow night...


Vicki C said...

Hope you are getting some sleep tonight friend.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought on the companion/buddy issue. Possibly you could contact the Big Brother agency in your area. I know this is thinking a bit out of the box for that organization but who knows - it might lead to a good, local "friendship(s)" for Kevin. That way - hopefully - you can avoid the problems that might arise with an ad.
Thinking good thoughts for all of you.
Army Mom

Alison said...

Hope that you managed to get some rest tonight - you AND Kevin, because you both need and deserve it.

I will be away for about a week on a trip so might not be commenting as much as usual, but still thinking and praying for you guys and sending good thoughts your way!

(They'll just be coming from Atlanta, not Southern California, for a week. :) LOL)

Sgt. Social Worker said...

Hi Leslie, I'm currently in a masters of social work program and in one of my classes we have to great our own "social innovation" aka nonprofit as part of the coursework. After listening to your struggles to find Kevin a buddy my social innovation will deal with that. Would it be possible to get a general idea of what you would like that person to do/need fulfil? After the class I'm going to try to make it a reality as well so I'd love to pick your brain. I am in DC so if you need anything while your up here please let me know. My email is on my blog.

Jessica said...

I hope you got some answers about the surgery being postponed. I can see why Kevin is going to be disappointed. I've been thinking of you today, praying that it will go well when you tell him.

Hope you had a better night last night! You're all in my thoughts and prayers.