Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 462 - Sep 3, 2009

We went today and ordered Kevin's bike. I guess it's going to be more difficult with him being active-duty to get the purchase approved so it may end up taking months instead of days. I was told if he was a vet it would just be approved near automatically. That's a real bummer. I guess we can just keep our fingers crossed that someone sees the need and approves it on the first try.

Kevin was having a blast riding it again today though. The brake was only working on one side so every time he hit the brakes, he would slide in broadside and he thought that was hilarious.

One of the therapists from the VA met us there to make sure Kevin was safe on it and both her and the owner were surprised at his daredevil attitude. I asked them what they expected from someone who jumps out of airplanes, lol? We were all surprised to see how well he was driving though. You wouldn't know that he had any vision loss from seeing him take the turns and steer the way he did this afternoon.

And I didn't hear anything about the surgery today. I told them I needed to hear something by the weekend, so hopefully tomorrow. I just need time to prepare Kevin for the surgery not happening and I can't have him being told days before we should be leaving, ya know?

Man...I sure hope it is still in the works. I can't reiterate how worried I am to have to tell him the surgery is off. And to be honest, I am not one to keep secrets from my kids so I hope we have an answer soon. It kills me every time he mentions the surgery and I have to pretend all is well. It just smack of lying.

Let's just all keep those fingers crossed that we hear quickly and we hear good news!

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