Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 364 - May 30, 2009

Tomorrow is the day...

But I just can't think about it yet.

So, we are smack dab in the middle of South Carolina tonight. Don't ask me the name of the town as I would have no idea, but the desk clerk told me we weren't near Georgia yet. Darn. I sure wish we were closer to home.

But we did drive about 12 hours today so it shouldn't be too bad for the rest of the trip. I'm glad. I am forcing myself not to think about what tomorrow marks until I do get home and can give it free rein. I can't be bawling in front of Kevin, now can I?

And now I am off to bed. Another short post as I am just so tired.


Long-time RN said...

Safe travels. Rest well.

Jan said...

Giant HUGS Leslie. My heart breaks for all of you. You may mourn today but I know you'll get back up on day 366 and start moving forward once more.

Patricia said...

Tomorrow is such a daunting word. it is the future of the unknown that makes it so difficult. Some tomorrow's are filled with great anticipation..."We are coming home...tomorrow!! Yeah!!"..."I will see you tomorrow!"..."I get my new (whatever) tomorrow!".

And then there is the tomorrow of the past. When we face what once was. When we face the moment it all changed. And it is scary. And it is unknown. We do not want to relive the pain. We do not want that pit in our stomachs. And we do not want to revisit what was lost.

Just know, that tomorrow, will become yesterday. And one year ago, your tomorrow's were filled with such tragic uncertainty. And those tomorrows strung together became yesterdays, filled with miracles and joy and celebration. From that "day of tomorrow", sprang a world of bloggers who have come to love you and your son and your daughter.

Through all of your strength and love, you turned that ongoing nightmare into resolved yesterdays.

My prayer is that when you wake tomorrow, that God's Grace and healing will wrap around you. And yes, you will acknowledge the day. And yes, you will, for a moment, be overwhelmed by all you have been through, and the anger will bubble, and the sadness will bleed, and the shoulders will drop.

And then Kevin will come into your view. Kevin, who a year ago, you prayed to "Wake up tomorrow"...Kevin who you prayed would "Know me again"...Kevin with his grin and his impatience will ask you why breakfast isn't ready.

And the day will melt into tomorrow and become yesterday...and in the end...when darkness invites you to put away that sorrow of that day, you will wonder how you ever got through it all. And decide that that is something you will deal with....tomorrow.

With great love and affection for you all...always.

Anonymous said...

We are all with you tomorrow and pray thaat one day the pain will be less!!!
Hug Kevin and celebrate him!!!
Lots of love from El Paso,
Tina Dwyer

bigD said...

Beautiful thoughts Patricia...they ring so true. It seems that you speak from experience and from the heart.

Leslie & Kevin,
Take care on your long journey back to your new home and your new beginnings! I cannot imagine how hard this is for you Leslie, but, you are a trooper. God grant you the strength to keep on fighting. Your love for Kevin is all that really matters. God bless and hugs to all.

Janna said...

Patricia said it so beautifully that all I can add are prayers.God bless you three.

Betsy said...

I am the mother of James Finley who was killed in the same accident that Kevin was involved in. Today we had several soldiers, who were stationed in Afghanistan with James, come to our home and share the day with us. We talked of James and the other soldiers and it helped ease the pain of the day. One of the soldiers told me about this site.

My family and I want to say how sorry we are for your pain and say thank you for what your family has given for our country.

Anonymous said...

Betsy and Aunt Jodi,

Andrew and James stories will be shared forever, along with Kevin and the others who have given the ultimate for our freedom.

Today is a bittersweet day. Andrew Shields and James will never be forgotten.

You ask many who have been to war and come back if they'd do it all over again...many coming home in not the condition they left in and they all answer...YES. are a miracle. You amaze us with each new passing day.

A year ago today many lives changed forever. We thank you and we will never forget.

Jessica said...

Hi Leslie, I've been thinking about you and Breezy all day and I'm keeping you in my prayers. I hope you get some rest tonight after all that driving. You've been through an incredible amount this past year and have gotten through it with grit and determination. God bless you and keep you in this next year of your journey together. I just know that Kevin is going to make amazing strides!

Anonymous said...

Just remember all you've come through and all that you have to be grateful for! Kevin has made amazing progress and he continues to and thats what matters most! You've all overcame so much! Just remember what is important in life! I pray for all of you!

KCHS graduate 2006