Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 346 - May 12, 2009

We skipped PT today and went to visit The Alamo. I had never been there and always wanted to go, but I just wouldn't leave Kevin the last time we were here. We had a good time and after touring it we went to the Guinness World Record Museum. That was a bad choice on my part as it was all reading and Kevin can't do that enough to have enjoyed it. We really should've went to Ripley's, but maybe next time.

I did take pictures, but the camera cord is in the car and I can't leave Kevin long enough to go get it so I will post them tomorrow.

And because I realized today that I haven't mentioned it yet - Breezy is back in Texas. She went home (to PA), but realized that she just doesn't 'fit' there anymore. So she hopped in her car and drove down here all by herself. As a parent, I was a nervous wreck to have her drive all that way alone, but there wasn't anyone that could come with her. She will be staying in Texas with her boyfriend so we will at least see her occasionally on all of our trips back and forth.

And to end this short post - our case manager finally put in the request to send us home. Now let's see how long it takes to get a flight together...please let it be quick...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kev n Les..So glad you two can get 'out n about' to at least 'sight-see', but it's sure a drag being on the 'hurry up n wait' list!!
I'm so glad to hear Breezy is moving back down, and yeah...I know what's it like when your daughter is driving such a distance alone!
Honey girl, I hope you and Kev get 'orders' to get home soon. Will they then set up a schedule so you know what the heck they are doing and when?
Take heart, dear ones. You are sure in thoughts n prayers. Hope the house is all done, too, when you get 'home'.
Phew...what a couple of weeks!!
How's Kev's walking? Has he been able to do much without PT?
Big hugs, n blowin kisses.

Jessica said...

Well at least the process to go home was started! It's taken long enough.

I'm glad you and Kevin had a good day yesterday. The Alamo sounds like an interesting place to go although I envision it being hot and dusty for some reason!

That's so nice that you'll be able to see Breezy more often. I can imagine you all miss each other so much!

You're all in my thoughts and prayers.