Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 347 - May 13, 2009

Kev and I are getting really lazy, lol. We have fallen into this routine of getting up at 9 for meds, falling back to sleep for another hour or so, getting showered, going for lunch, going to PT, taking a real long nap and then going to dinner around 7 or so and coming home where we maybe walk a bit and then he goes to bed and I sit in the bathroom and type away.

I can honestly say that I am not a nap taker - or at least I didn't used to be. But man, I am really liking this 2 or 3 hour sleep at around 4pm. I hope it can continue when we get home, but I'll bet it won't.

So anyway, here are some photos that I took both yesterday and today. The first 3 are from The Alamo.

And these are from today. The first one is of Pam and Kevin. Pam is our favorite physical therapist!

And tonight we went over to the hospital and visited Marshall, Breezy's boyfriend. Here are some pics of the two of them joking around:

Now these last few are dedicated to Pam (PT). We used to discuss how Kevin loved extreme sports. Well, they have this ramp area that goes up to an auditorium and we always said that Kevin would probably love it if we took him up to the top and just left him go. Yes - Pam - here it is...just for you! Extreme Wheelchair Racing:

Concocting the plan (you can see the guilt on Kevin's face and I admit to being clueless at this point):

Still clueless. I was just thinking the boys were looking around:

I was starting to get a feeling here...

And at this point I had to jump out of the way or be run over!

And then comes the celebratory handshake at which point Mom is spastic.

Can you tell these guys are brothers? Marshall is also part of The Herd (173rd Airborne) and was wounded 2 weeks after Kevin. From what I see - these guys all have a special bond...


Anonymous said...

Oh Les, How wonderful!! Gawd..those two will really give you gray hair! LOL You don't dare leave them to their own devices! too funny! LOL
Les, it took me a long while to aclimate to the southern states, particularly Florida. It was the heavy humidity that sucked the life out of me for months. It's tough coming from the north!
I'm so pleased the 'kids' are enjoying themselves, but you'll sure be glad to BE HOME!!
Have a good one, you two!! Big Hi to Breezy, and her boyfriend looks like he's full of beans, too. Nice lookin boy, course, we're all partial to that dark haired boy with the wonderful smile!!
Nite, wunnerfuls.

Long-time RN said...

Oh my gosh, those racing photos started my day with a laugh as well as thinking, you got trouble, right there in the Texas hallway, Leslie! With a capitol T! Just wonderful to see the smiles and creativity!

Hope the paperwork is completed soon and we hear you're headed home.

Anonymous said...

yeah, put a couple of sky soldiers together and you never know what might happen. and you're right, there is a special bond between herd people, even us old vietnam vets have a special place in our hearts for the "new herd". airborne!

Anonymous said...

Leslie, the pics are great!! That's the Kev we know and love. Hadn't been on in a couple of days but the Mother's Day card story brought tears to my eyes!! He's a sweetheart!! As always you guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Me and Haleigh may take a trip down after schools out, I'll let you know. Take Care! Sharon

Anonymous said...

I love these picture. Kevin truely looks happy. I am so glad to see things are improving. Congrats on everything. Still praying daily for all of you. Lori From Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

just thinking-where do you want to be when the post reads "Day 365"? This will surely be a very emotional day for you. I was wondering if we who read this blog daily can do anything to make that day a better day?

If you can think of anything, please let us know.

tiffany and thompson said...

wow..i looked at the pictures from 08 and to look at the ones from 09 is totally amazing. we all have been praying for kevin, and as i can see our prayers are being answered within time. please tell him that thompson and tiff said hello and to keep his head held high. he looks great. (we graduated together) also tell him that thompson became a daddy almost a year ago. we will keep praying for you guys..and tell him to keep tryin and dont give up. take care and god bless you all..

Anonymous said...

Those pictures show that Kevin needs GUY friends lol He sure is enjoying the guy time. The more guy type stuff he can do I bet the better all around he will feel. Wonderful pictures! But the question is can mom handle all the guy stuff lol
On a serious note, back home ( Florida )I wonder if they have a big brother type program for wounded soldiers that would allow some guy time and activities for Kevin?