Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 353 - May 19, 2009

The question shouldn't have been whether Kevin could handle the ride - but could I? Holy crap! He just wanted me to drive straight through and there was no way. I am old. I am tired. And my body hurts from sitting in the same position all day.

He, on the other hand, gets to recline in his seat, has pillows under his head, his shoes off and has total control of the radio and everything else in the vehicle. He was even telling me how to drive - pass, don't let that car pass you, don't stop to pee, you name it.

I tell ya - he has it made. I don't think any of us should feel bad for him anymore - y'all should feel bad for ME! LOL!!

So needless to say - we are on the North side of Charlotte, NC and we should make it home in the evening sometime tomorrow. We drove about 10 hours today and I really could've handled it if Kevin would have let me sleep last night. I think he was just so excited to go home that he was wound really tight. But, because he didn't allow me to sleep - I am signing off very early and going to bed.

And before I forget - to the locals of EB - Kevin will be occupied on Sat night and I will be out with Moe and the gang - so stop by either the Allstars or the Cloud and see me. I couldn't advertise it when I went home the last time because it was a birthday surprise trip (not to mention that it was very last minute) - but this time, I sure hope to see everyone!


blsnow said...

I hope I get to see you guys when you get here! Make sure you guys stop at the store if you have a chance. I'm sure everyone would like to see you guys!

Let Mom and I know if you need anything!

Brittany Snow

bigD said...

Have fun...try to relax and enjoy the time home. Your driving home story cracked me up...it amazes me how your stories parallel my life right now. Different, but, yet the same! My son does the same...controls the radio, tells me how to drive and gets testy when I don't do exactly what he is telling me to do. Since I have to drive him every day, we had to come to an agreement, that my driving was off limits! Hope you and Kevin have a great time. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Honk when you pass through Maryland!

Anonymous said...

I hope to see you and kevin but proably not so have good stay in East Brady you got to be proud of your boy sheding a tear doesn't hurt. Ido it when i go visit my father Albie

Anonymous said...


I would love to see you while you are home. I'm about 2 hours from EB....I will travel out to see you. Email me at goodyearsl@aol.com and give me your phone # to reach and days that would be a good day to catch up.

Shari (Allison) Goodyear

Jessica said...

Hope the rest of your trip went well! So glad you were able to get the time, even if it wasn't as long as you wanted. I hope you both enjoy seeing your friends and family and that Kevin is able to handle all the change (sounds like he handled the car ride just fine! lol!) You're both in my thoughts and prayers!

Vicki C said...

Hope you are having a great time back home!