Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 357 - May 23, 2009

I won't be able to write tonight like normal because I will be going out with my friends, so I figured I would just drop a few lines today.

First, to all of my local friends - I will be at the Allstars at 9pm tonight so if you are from out of town, that's where we will begin our night. I don't care who comes - even if you are a blog friend - come and enjoy the night. I would love to meet all the bloggers too!

Now to all of Kevin's friends - we are having a get-together Monday around 2pm at Derek Jack's house. You can call either him or his mom (Tracy) at 724-526-5959 for directions or you can look for the Army tank in Brady's Bend and turn up that road. It's the house on the left corner of the curve in the road.

I would like to ask (please) that only people that were 'active' friends of Kevin's before he left for the Army come. I just can't have a hundred kids show up that Kevin barely knows. Sounds mean, but again - it's only to protect him.

And I am going to quickly touch on just a few of the comments from the past few days.

Lisa - no worries about the pool - it's already covered. His french doors lock with a key and I have it. Also, an alarm system is being put on all 5 exits in the house so that I can hear should he try to 'escape', lol.

Long Time RN - everyone thinks Moe and I are sisters. If we had a buck for every time we have been asked that we would both be so rich, lol. After probably the fiftieth time, we gave up trying to explain and now we just go along with it.

To Shari and everyone else that would love to see us - it will probably have to wait until the next trip. Our schedule is so packed because I have to limit the amount of activity in the day. Only getting 10 days to be here really isn't much. I'm sorry - but July is right around the corner and I am hoping we can stay longer at that point.

Retta - the renovations weren't finished when we got home from TX, but they were supposed to by yesterday. As for the pool, it can't be started until the other renovations are completed so maybe Tuesday they will start digging. I hope most of the noise is done before we get back from PA (although we will only be in FL a week or so before heading back to TX so it probably doesn't matter much)

Miss Em - is Austell anywhere near Rte 95?

Barbara - don't worry. When Kevin really starts to ride a skateboard he will have to wear a helmet. I'm sure it will be quite a fight, but that's the way it's going to be.

BigD - I would love some info for the Dew Tour. We are less than an hour from Orlando and I know Kevin would love that!

And now I need to get around and end this post. I do want to finish with a big surprise. Kevin and I discussed him seeing Tim's parents - Kevin's grandparents. I did call them yesterday and they came to visit today. Very hard for me as I do have a bit of resentment at how they ignored my kids. However, I am trying to be adult and let go of it all and all in all I think the visit went well. So I am going to end with a photo of Kevin with Fred and Louise:


LISA said...

What a whirlwind. Good to see you as I was passing your tree...ha ha...rolling down my window to wave from being in traffic.

Good for you. Look at Kevin's face and I'm glad everyone is glad he got to see his Grandparents.

It's hard to let go of anger, but in the end, you are a healthier and better person for it...and so are your kids. : )

Just from the look on Kevin's face in all of these "home" shots you've shown us...regardless of the brain injury Kevin has suffered, he sure looks like he knows people, places and realizes what is going on. His heart remembers the love he had home in East Brady.

HOME..seems to be another important part of the medicine that heals him.

He is one very special person...that's for sure. He smiles at us in the photos..and we can't help but smile right back at him.

Enjoy your little vacation...the humidity I am sure reminds you of being in Florida right now. ; )

You've got too much to do, too many people to see in such a short period of time...and Kevin seems to be handling it all very well. So hard to believe what he was like one year ago and how far he has come.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I've never written but read every day. I'm so proud of the way you've handled all that life has thrown at you, and calling Kevin's grandparents just proves what an amazing and generous person you are. Enjoy your trip.

Miss Em said...


Austell is about 10 minutes from I-20 heading West into Alabama or East into Atlanta, Georgia. It is also about 15-minutes from 6-Flags which is just South from where I get on I-20 to go East/West. In this area, we are commonly known as outside of the "285-Loop" that encircles the much of Metro Atlanta.
The North/South interstates are
'75' and '85'.

It is a small town in the Metro Alanta Area. Most people don't even know that it exist unless you live in the Area because most people only associate Atlanta with this area of Georgia.

Hope this helped or did I just confuse you more. Welp, join the club because most of the people around Atlanta will say...
Austell, Is that anywhere around here?

Yep, well known.
Been here since before the Civil War.
In fact the Railroad track-beds still run through the middle of town with new tracks of course and are still being use by trains several times everyday.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Long-time RN said...

So very happy for you guys that this trip is going so well. It's been delightful reading of the whirlwind activities! A wonderful break for you both before heading to Texas.

Most gracious of you to invite Kevin's grandparents. Hope they realize Kevin has one incredible mom. Bravo, Leslie.

Have a great time at Allstars!

Jan said...

Again, so glad you're both having a great time. I have a feeling that you two are somehow going to end up back in PA permanently. The soul too needs caretaking.