Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 342 - May 8, 2009

Kevin has been sleeping most of the day today so nothing much happened.

He did have PT and I guess it went very well. I keep having meetings while he is there so I am missing it.

I am told now that we may not be going home until Wed of next week, but that's not even a guarantee. Our case manager was supposed to fill out the application for our flight home and it wasn't done as of late this afternoon. I think I can safely say that it wasn't completed today so who really knows when we will go home. It takes days of planning for it to happen so the odds are slim it will be early next week. I hope it's soon. Kevin and I are both struggling with this one little room thing.

And speaking of that one little room - we finally got a new one today. I don't think I mentioned that the air conditioning didn't work correctly in our old room. Every night since we got here it was 85+ degrees in there. What we wouldn't have done for that last night though. Last night it was 55! We were so cold you can't imagine. I opened the window (something we are forbidden to do) to let some heat in and it only brought it up to the low sixties. Poor Kevin was shivering and my hands were so cold by the time I finished posting that I should've been checked for frostbite. I am so glad that we are finally in a normal room that is a nice cozy 73 degrees.

And now I am going to continue to sit in the bathroom on the floor and play Sim City 4 on the computer. I just went and bought it tonight so that I have something to occupy my mind with...


LISA said...


Happy Mother's Day..a day early.

Until we take our very last breath, our children will always be our babies..who have our hearts entwined with ours forever.

If we have nothing but crumbs on our plate, we'd see to it that our kids had more than we have.

If we have nothing but a nickle, we'd try to figure out how to give our kids a dime.

No matter their age, to a Mother, our kids will always be our babies....until we take our last breath.

The BEST and most rewarding job in the entire world...and the hardest.

God Bless you, Kevin, Brianna, his family, friends and all who love and pray for Kevin.

Praying for that miracle baby of yours...our hero named Kevin. We pray for him always.

STAY STRONG and hope you have an enjoyable and good day tomorrow.

You know, every single day is Mother's Day, as we are so blessed to be Mothers. : )

cheryl said...

When I am feeling sorry for myself all I need to do is read your blog which I do everyday, I thank God for all my blessings and thank God For you, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! You,Kevin, and Breezy are in my prayers,
Cheryl Reedy(RENEE"S MOM)

Miss Em said...


Take a deep breath and a long look a Kevin.

This is what it takes to be a Mother.

The Good, a fantastic son.

The Bad, the heartbreak of War.

The Ugly, the effects of War on your son and you.

The Reward, each and every victory that each day brings.

Yes, there are victories some are hugh but most are so small that they can NOT be seen immediately.

Motherhood is not just a job IT IS A WAY OF LIFE.


Jessica said...

Thank goodness you have a new room! That's terrible that Kevin had to be so cold in his condition. No wonder you were feeling down in that little cave.

You're absolutely right that you can't always fake it. Some days just suck especially when you think of what things used to be like. I hope I didn't imply otherwise. I tend to be a "fixer" and want to make things better for people I care about, but I should know better than to offer advice to someone going through a rough day because that can be the most annoying thing of all! In fact, the Bible says we are to "mourn with those who mourn, and rejoice with those who rejoice", not offer advice or basically tell the person to cheer up, things will get better. Instead, I should have said that my heart grieves with you over your and Kevin's losses.

It's good to hear that Kevin can keep up with his physical therapy while you're there. I hope you can get home soon! What a drag. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you both.

Lucy Jane said...

I just had to stop by and tell you that I was looking at some pictures on Facebook and saw one of Kevin with his former roommate, Vincent Mannion. It was posted two months ago, so I guess it's not a recent picture; I was just so surprised as I was browsing through his pictures and thought to myself, "Hey, I know's Kevin!"

I'd also like to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, Leslie. You are, without a doubt, the most unselfish, loving mom; just exactly what Kevin needs. I hope you get back home soon, no more one-room days and nights.