Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 359 - May 25, 2009

Hey it's Breezy. I just called mom and her and Kevin are sleeping. She wanted me to get on here and let everyone know that she will write tonight if she wakes up but if not then she will tomorrow. They had a busy day today. Thanks again.


Lorraine said...

Sounds like a good time is being had by both of you, which you should this is a vacation from the real world. Rick and I wanted to come to All Stars but we had company and by the time they left and we worked our butts off getting everything done at camp. (Rick even brought nicer clothes to go out in) But in July planning to be there for the ceremony and we will be the only ones there with a pet duck (Howard)
Take care safe trip back to FL.
Lorraine & Rick

The Rock said...

Wow , you guys had been busy the last couple of weeks (or month ).
I love the pictures and I am glad that you are sharing them with all of us ! I am glad that you all got to go " Home " for a while. It had to be amazing to see all your friends and Family.
Leslie , I hope you get some relaxing time in when you get back to Tampa .
Soldiers Angel