Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 336 - May 2, 2009

We finally made it. Thank goodness because there is no way I will EVER stay at that hotel again. You cannot even imagine the cockroach infestation I witnessed this morning in our room. I am not even going to talk about it because it makes my skin crawl that we actually slept in that place last night. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

But anyway, we are here in San Antonio. It's nice seeing some of the people I knew from before. I have already seen Daniel (who was with Kevin in the Humvee) and he looks great. We are in a room at the Fisher House right next to him. I am anxious to see some of the 173rd guys that we used to see all the time when we were last here. The gang all gets together at The Drop Zone and has breakfast every Wed morning so I am hoping we get to go to it this week with Kevin. I guess it will depend on Kevin's surgery though. I sure bet they'll be shocked when they see him. I know his doctor sure was.

And the flight went really well. It was the same little plane we went in the last time going to Tampa. I think it's a Lear jet, but I can't be sure because it's not my area of expertise.

So anyway, Kevin is already snoring in his little twin bed. His feet are hanging off the ends so come Monday we are going to need a different room. Not only that, but the heat is actually on in the room - not the air - and it's over 80 degrees in here. We can't control the temp in our own rooms, so we have to suffer until Monday.

And I think I am going to sign off and go to bed too. The last few days have been exhausting and I feel like doing some snoring myself. It's only 8:30 here, but who cares, right?


Jessica said...

I'm so glad you all made it safely! I kept thinking about you all day wondering if you had even been called yet. Poor Kevin in that short little bed! I hope they get him a proper size tomorrow and fix that a/c for you. Sleep well! I'll be praying for you both and thinking of you.

The Rock said...

You made it ! I am so glad , can imagine how you felt in that damn Hotel ( " Clariton " )
Get as much rest as you can , Leslie.
You will need your strength !
I am praying for all of you!

Long-time RN said...

Great news! Thoughts and prayers.