Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 356 - May 22, 2009

Whew! What a day again! Kevin is really doing well, but we did have to 'get away' for a while this afternoon. It was understandable because we were sitting along Main St under a big shade tree so there was a ton of traffic (small town traffic - not city traffic, lol) and so many people stopped to chat when they saw us. Ahhhh...we sure love being home...

We did manage to make it to the high school today and we saw lots of people we knew and I got to meet Pat and I saw Lori and some of the other teachers too. Kevin just kept remembering everything and he really had a great visit. Here is a photo of Kevin with Pat and the next one is of him with his friend Levi:

I have to laugh because every time we drive past Levi's house Kevin is frantically trying to get me to stop and see him.

This next photo is of Kevin with a young boy who holds such a very special place in my heart. His name is Levi too and I missed him so very much. He used to come and stay over and we would just have the most fun. I love you, buddy!

And then this evening Moe came over and we ordered pizza and then we drove back over to Brady (we are staying in Butler) and visited some more. Kevin went into the grocery store again and he just walked and walked and walked. He never once took a break and I was so surprised.

For those of you that didn't know - Kev used to be a stockboy there and it was so funny because Tracy (his old boss) told him to get in the back yesterday and start unloading the truck and Kevin started to head that way. I seriously think he would've done it too if we'd have let him, lol.

And that about sums it up for today.


Gretchen said...

I'm so happy you guys are having such a good time. HOME is so good for the soul! *HUGS*

Miss Em said...


Glad to hear that YOU and KEVIN are having such a great visit.

Are you sure Kevin is not getting overstimulated. Is he having enough down time to process all that is happening or is he just going with the flow.

I really want to believe that Kevin's memory is as active as it appears to be with all that's going on there. If the memory is working big time then it's letting everyone know that his stimulation in Flordia is not enough for him.
Take notes more than you post that way you and the ther-o-pist have something to work with when you get back to Flordia.

BUT, while the BOTH of you are there....

Jan said...

Stunning. Thrilling. Just to see Kevin standing there with young Levi, and yesterday's pictures too. It all seems so natural and so....normal.

Like Miss Em said there above me, Kevin may not remember as much as he seems to remember. But it's obvious he remembers a lot. Like when his former boss told him to get to work. He knew which way to go. Gosh, this trip is doing great things for him.

LISA said...

Remember what Dorothy said as she clicked her red ruby slippers...

"There's no place like home."

: )

Patricia said...

Well, when it comes to the end of a long day at school, and someone comes to your door and says, "There's someone to see you", and won't tell you who, you think the obvious. "Oh, no, what's happened now?" Then the student (Earl) grins and says "It's Kevin!" I jumped up and got to that hallway clapping and laughing!! And, my goodness, how precious and beautiful the sight was!! Flashbacks of, first Breezy, (sitting on the couch with friends discussing life, working on essays)and then Kevin's antics in English. Laying on my floor reading (usually giving his two cents on the validity of the reading), being crazy with his friends...and then there he was...after all life has dealt him....grinning and waiting. Then the bonus was I got to meet mom Leslie!! (Who by the way is just so pretty and lovely!!)As you can see, I was thrilled. So, to Leslie, Breezy and Kevin, you, through all that you have had to deal with, bring all of us such hope, such faith, such love, that all can be good. Thank you so much for coming to the school. You have no idea the gift you gave me. Love. Prayers and Hugs...ALWAYS!!

Anonymous said...

You all NEED to be HOME. I think Kevin would do just as well with all the medical technology in Pittsburgh, living at home, then being away in Florida. I do understand the weather situation but Pittsburgh has a huge burn unit and I'm sure they don't make their patients move away.

This is just an observation so please don't get upset by it.

Kevin looks GREAT. You can take the boy out of the country, but not the country out of the boy. For those who do not live in Western PA, there is definitely something special about Western PA. We all hang together.

Great post Patricia. This is what "being home" is all about. You are so fortunate to get to see Kevin and to have been a part of his life. Teachers are so important in all of our lives and can make a huge impact.


Jessica said...

It's wonderful how well Kevin is doing and that he's remembering so much! Obviously seeing everything in person is really stimulating his memory. I hope he continues to remember more and more! The picture of him with little Levi is too sweet for words.

I'll be thinking of you both and praying that Kevin will continue to handle all the activity well and enjoy his visit.