Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 360 - May 26, 2009

Well...Kevin and I were both sleeping by 8pm last night. I sat on the couch and that was it. Thank goodness Breezy called or you guys just wouldn't have seen anything this morning.

But anyway, yesterday was a really good day for us. Tracy went all out and had a nice picnic with good food and a welcome home sign and everything. Kevin had quite a few of his friends show up and he really did have a good time. Here are some pics:

And sadly, yet again, I didn't get any pics of Tracy with Kevin. The only one I do have is of her standing behind him making rabbit ears, lol:

And before I forget - I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. I received some very nice photos of the service over on the other side of the USA from Jodi, Andrew's Aunt. I would like to post one or two, but don't want to do so without Jodi's permission. I would totally understand if she wanted it kept private as days like yesterday bring all of the pain of losing Andrew back. I'm sure there's pride involved as well, but the loss has to be prominent. (and Jodi - I just saw tonight you called? Don't have a clue how I missed it so I will try to call you back tomorrow)

And now I want to try to answer some more comments.

To the anon person that asked if that was the Sheetz in Kittanning - it sure was.

Lorraine, Rick and my good friend Kristen - I hope I do get to see you guys next time. Sorry you couldn't make it to the Allstars and the Cloud.

And I keep needing reminded about the list of words so here goes. I am sure I am going to miss some of them because the list is somewhere in a box at home:

Thank you
We're not worthy (from the Wayne's World movie)
Hey you guys (from The Goonies movie)
Oh! Dawgs! (with a British accent - no clue if this is from a movie or what)
Open up
How long?
No way
I love you
I love you, Mom
Brianna (sounds like Bonna)
Hola (spanish for hello)
Dena (one of his nurses)
DeeDee (another nurse)

I am sure I am missing a few...

He was able to say drink for about 3 days but hasn't been able to for months now. It's very strange because he gets stuck and just can't get past something. Like when he tries to say anyone's name it comes out as Mom because he is always calling me. I sure hope this gets better in time. It's so hard watching him try to say something and he just can't.

Now wish me luck - Kevin wanted to see Tim and he is coming tomorrow night. I just hope I can be civil...


Anonymous said...

The difference in Kevin's expression is totally amazing. In the pictures from Florida, Kevin looks good but he kinda looks like a deer in headlights (I don't mean that in a bad way; I mean he looks like there's something missing.) In the pictures from home, he looks so peacefully and calm. It's like he figured it all out and he's okay with it. He looks wonderful. The young men and women on the front porch look like they truly wanted to be there and were having a great time. It looks like at home he was accepted for what he really is, a hero back from war. I believe this is the best thing that could happen to him - he came home. He was welcomed with open arms. It was good for the people who needed to see him and it was great for him.

Yesterday I heard (on Y108) Bon Jovi's "Who Says You Can't Go Home" and I thought about Kevin.

I have been following your blog since KDKA made the announcement that a soldier from East Brady was hurt in Afghanistan. I have read your blog every day. I asked the First Church of God in Kittanning (Randy and Diana) to take on Kevin for prayer when my daughter traveled with that youth group to San Antonio (some day I want to tell you what happened with her the day before she left for there). I have asked the people in the xray department where I work to pray for Kevin. I have talked to heads of very large companies about Kevin. I have written to Senators and Congressmen about Kevin. If I ever get the chance to meet General Peake (Bush's Secretary of VA) or General Senseki (the new Secretary of VA), I will speak about Kevin and the young men and women who have returned from this war (and all wars) that need so much help but get very little. Kevin is so lucky to have a dedicated mother and sister to care for him, but what if you could not do the things you do. What if you were physically handicapped or if worse yet, you were not there, what would happen with Kevin? Americans need to take care of these men and women. Not just "provide care to them" but really take care of these men and women. I know things are better now then they were when the last troops returned, but things are different. In Vietnam, many soldiers with less injury than Kevin, did not make it state side. We now have so much technology at the battle front that many, many soldiers are saved with horrific injuries. These are the soldiers who need the most care. Because of this technology, they must dedicate time, money, and resoures to making these soldiers whole again - not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, financially, etc. It is a fight that everyone of us who reads Kevin's blog must fight. Kevin is one of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands soldiers who face the world differently after returning from war. All those who have worn the uniform or who currently wear the uniform have dedicated so much to us, regardless if they were injured or not. Do you know you can serve for the US and make "too much money" to be seen at the VA?

Hope your trip home is everything you wanted it to be and more.

Vicki C said...

Oh .. I am SO glad you guys had such a wonderful time!!

Kris said...

Hi guys!

And that list of words will keep growing - that's where my money is! These pics are wonderful - thank you so very much for sharing them. It looks like everyone had a great time - especially Kev!

You were all on my mind and in my thoughts and prayers in a very special way on Memorial Day. As we sat at our local parade honoring those who have fallen, those who have given so much of themselves who have served us in the past and present, and their families... I thought about you, and Kevin and Jodi and Andrew and my friend Eric (KIA in Anbar '06) and ... everyone who made it possible for us to sit outside on a beautiful day, free from fear, free to do and think what we wanted; I thought about how incredibly expensive it is for us to be able to do that. I thought about how very thankful I am, how lucky we are as a country to have brave souls like Andrew and Kevin and Eric. Without individuals like them, this great country could never, and would never exist. Thank you. Thank you so very much for everything. I could never say thanks enough.

As for tonight, I'll be saying extra prayers that you remain civil with Tim! Be nice, you don't want to go to prison over Tim now do you? Ha ha. You'll do fine - it's all for Kevin and it'll be over before you know it!

God bless you.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Long-time RN said...

Anonymous says it so well-Kevin expression is simply wonderful to see! I'm so very glad this trip has worked out so well.

Now, may the good vibes continue and remain strong through the visit with Tim.

Thoughts and prayers your way.