Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 349 - May 15, 2009

There will just be no stopping him now. YAY! When Kevin started walking really well while in Texas, I told him he could not use his wheelchair at home anymore - he had to walk around the house. Today he did just that and I no longer even watch him. I was very happy to see that he always puts his brace and shoes on before walking as it's so important for his balance and he just goes wherever he wants now. Today he even went outside on the lanai and plopped his butt down on the beach chair I have out there.

Matter of fact, here is a pic of him just sitting there relaxing:

Just look at that grin on his face...

Nothing else really happened today. We stayed home and I cooked a nice meal for just the two of us and we just relaxed all day. I did spend some time on the phone trying to get this con leave set up and (of course) it's nothing but a hassle. I don't feel like getting all worked up again though so I am not going into it. I am, however, going to focus on some of the comments/questions from the last week or so.

To everyone that was worried about me being upset from the advice and responses to my posts - it just comes with the territory and y'all should know that I don't get mad/upset easily. Basically - this blog is written for me to let my feelings go and for Kevin to be able to read one day. I have to be honest and say that I never expected it to become an 'interactive' blog, but I feel that things always happen for a reason and this is just how it's supposed to be (and I don't know what I would do without all the support - I love you guys!). That being said, you should all know that I respect every opinion and suggestion. I don't always agree, but that's what differences in people are about. So anyway, I do appreciate it all and I know that nearly all of you have our best interests at heart.

One more thing about that though - when I come back with a response to someone's post and I don't agree with what a person has to say - I never do it with malice or anger. It's just my take on it and it allows you to know what I think of an opinion.

And Jessica - I'm a 'fixer' too so no worries, lol.

Lucy Jane - I miss Vinnie so much! That boy was only Kevin's roommate for a few weeks, but he touched this spot in my heart so much. I wish I had time to do the Facebook thing too, but I just don't.

BigD - you mentioned your son going back into the hospital - is he doing ok?

Gretchen - OMG! I miss you so much! I was just reading your blog the night before you posted and I see you moved back from France! Did you have that baby yet? LOVE YOU!

Alison - how's the new job going?

To those that mentioned the big brother possibility - I really like that idea. I would love to have someone around Kevin's age that would do things with him. He has come so far, but our world is so small. It's mostly just me and him and I believe that is hard on both of us. It's probably why my posts are so long. It's not easy living with someone that can't have a conversation and when I am posting I am essentially 'talking' in my head to everyone. I'm sure it's the same for him - he really needs some guys around.

Mommaski - can you see if there are any sky soldiers that are in their early twenties that would be interested? If there isn't anyone in that age bracket - I will look elsewhere. I really want him to have 'friends' and they need to be around his age.

If that doesn't work - I will check with the VFW (thanks Em!)

That would just be so great for him...


Anonymous said...

Happy Armed Forces Day Kevin!!!
We are so thankful for you and your family!
You look very happy in your new house! Thanks for sharing all the pictures Leslie.
Take care and have a great weekend!
Kathy in IA

Alison said...

Wow, that photo is great - I wish I was relaxing in my backyard in a nice lounge chair right about now, LOL. I think that's a really great idea for Kevin to be walking around constantly without using the wheelchair - both to continue to build up his balance/muscles and to give him a feeling of independence.

I hope the deal with his leave gets worked out in time for you guys to head back to PA. I know that would be such a great way to mark a milestone as big as a year - though each day is a huge step in the scheme of things. Kevin has come so far, so fast, and it's really a testament to his hard work and your dedication to getting him the best care possible.

And the new job is going great! Night hours (10pm - 6am) and will get benefits soon for fulltime, so it's just what I needed. Thanks for asking :)

Sending good thoughts your way - KEEP IT UP, KEVIN!

Miss Em said...

Happy Armed Forces Day!!

Don't forget the Pizza, Cheesecakes, drinks, balloons and signs. Oh and if the meds allow it -- maybe a Beer or two.

CELEBRATE BECAUSE KEVIN IS STILL ACTIVE (in more ways than one)!!!!!

Being that Kevin is still an active-duty member of "The Herd", check out what some of the community maybe doing to celebrate and honor the Active-Duty Military.
Kevin just might enjoy himself being around other Active-Duty Military.
[I have the feeling that those soldiers would treat him like any other soldier which might be good for his military soul which is crying out for recognition and acknowledgement. ]

Oh and DON'T FORGET about the VFW!! They would be honored in having him as a member - Active or NOLOAD (No Longer On Active Duty). They would get him involved in things that he could do - not only to help them but also himself.
I think Kevin would enjoy being there around other warriors near his age-the young/adventurous group, and... maybe even find comfort and male leadership within the older/wiser group too. [Sorry, but it's a guy thing.]
These members maybe able to help you in getting some of the things/needs for Kevin.
They also keep abreast with what the Gov't is doing with veteran/military benifits(Many of those members maybe/are still Active Duty.) and would gladly share that infomation with you as Kevin's primary care giver.

AND you, as Kevin's primary care giver, may even find some new and understanding friends.



With Kevin walking so much the thought that he might take it into his mind to take a stroll in the neighborhood without letting you know and then becomes confused as to where home is made me think of a NEW set of "Dog Tags" that can be made at a jewlery store that would give his name, address and a phone number(you, doctor, clergy or someone willing to help him).
Things happen that one can not predict(human vs. car, looses phone, ect.) and with Kevin's difficulty with speaking or in a crisis may NOT be able to remember the important things to get help for himself.
My thought in getting the "Dog Tags" at a jewlery store was that Kevin would know that THIS IS SPECIAL just like the ones the Army gave him. I bet he would understand that like the 'Army Dog Tags' this MUST need to be worn at ALL TIMES.
If Jewlery Store can't make either of them then go to they can make the "Dog Tags". I know it a Marine .com store BUT they do make "Dog Tags" to order. Then have the shipping address in Kevin's name. SURPRISE package delivered by the postal-person.

Hope my thoughts helped you to prepare against a furute problem and gave you ideas for the Future for getting guides/aides for Kevin.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Kay said...

Hi honey! Sorry it's been so long . . . you're still in my thoughts and prayers. I can't believe how far Kevin has come, and I know it's all because of your love and support. You are truly amazing, my friend!

Vicki C said...

Oh Les.. it's so great to come over and catch up and see what you guys ahve been up to. I'm miss ya! lol Love all the photos! I'm such a visual person... I love "seeing" you life..and how Kevin is doing. Which looks GREAT to me!
Sending you HUGE hugs friend!

Jessica said...

Kevin is looking so good! His arm looks so much more relaxed and it's great to see him in a regular chair.

Oh, good I'm glad to hear that you're OK with my recent comments! :) Often I wonder how much is too much, or too little, to say, so thanks for letting us know that you take our comments in stride. I feel such a connection with you and Kevin and can certainly identify with your isolation and so many of the other things you have to deal with because of Kevin's injury (doctor frustrations come to mind!)

I really hope you can find Kevin someone his age who will spend time with him. That would be so special, but even if the man is a little older, maybe the added maturity could be a good thing, too.

You're both in my thoughts and prayers! Take care.