Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 647 - Mar 7, 2010

Kevin barely got out of bed today. Breezy and Chris came for dinner tonight and he wouldn't even leave the room - we ate without him.

I see him sliding backward a little bit. We were making great strides toward him handling noise and light better and we are now going the other way.

I did get him up for lunch though and while we were in the dining room he was so angry because people were talking on the phone and kids were screaming and it was just generally busy. He was screaming at everyone and you could see him 'flooding' - something I haven't really seen much of in a long time.

He also can't handle getting up out of bed hardly at all. I am hoping this is all just a fluke and that he feels better in a day or so, but we'll see.

I will say this - if this continues, this part of the journey is just going to be so rough. I just wish Kevin could handle all this stuff; noise and people. I hate that things are so hard for him.


Kris said...

Hi Leslie,

Praying so hard that the 'regression' is just temporary because Kevin just doesn't feel well - still praying so hard for your strength peace and comfort; massive amounts of each.

Thanks for sharing the pic of Joel, Maritza and Jose! Joel, you have an incredible smile! Keep up the great work, and please know that there are thoughts, prayers, support and loads and loads of extra special Angel Hugs coming all of your way, every single day.

God bless you all.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI said...

I still pray for you every day and read the blog almost daily. I wonder if sound blocking earphones like the ones people use on airplanes, would be helpful. They can be worn behind the head instead of over the top and might mute some of the sound that seems to be overwhelming for Kevin.
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Keeping everyone in my prayers...
I think the suggestion in the previous post sounds good. Maybe you could also use one of these little "white noise" devices for his bedroom, to help him relax/sleep.