Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 563 - Dec 13, 2009

We finally made it to exchange Kevin's jeans for a larger size. We went to the outlet mall (where we actually bought them) instead of the normal mall as it's open and less hectic. It was a beautiful day here so it was nice being out and about.

I hope this weather stays nice because we have something exciting on target for this week. We are going to Disney World on Tuesday for Mickey's Christmas Party. Military personnel get a free 5 day pass and they also get a massive deal on rooms, so we are going for 2 nights. Kevin is actually really excited. We keep looking at the website and watching the videos and he just can't wait.

This will be our first time doing something like this and I admit I am scared a little. I don't know how well he will handle it - both the crowds and the stimulation around him - but I guess we'll find out. I also don't know how he will like not being able to ride anything. He has been handling things so much better lately so maybe none of it will matter.

Wish us luck. I just want him to have a good time...


Anonymous said...

Hi, Leslie...My family & I went to Disney World this past summer & is WAS very crowded...a lot of pushing, etc. I think that since you're aware that it will probably be very crowded (especially here at Christmas time) you'll be prepared. Don't let the thought of the crowds stop you from going. You never know!! You can always find a place to sit and rest or find a quiet place to have a snack. We found that Epcot was less crowded than Disney. Maybe that's an option, too, if Disney is too crazy. Enjoy! We had soooo much fun. Hopefully, you won't have the heat probem we did. It was the end of June & the temp. was 108 degrees the day we went to the Magic Kingdom! Hope you have as good a time as we did!

Sherri G.
(friend from high school)

EmUrso said...

Not sure where you plan on staying, but I would recommend upgrading to a "moderate" resort versus the value resorts. The walls seem "thinner" if you will at the value resorts, and they are usually much more crowded. The moderate are much more secluded, and worth the few extra dollars.
Just a suggestion from a Disney fanatic. Have a great the most magical place on earth! We will be there in January. If you need a quiet get away in the parks, maybe you could chill at the "comfort stations" located at each park. They are kid friendly for parents to change diapers, feed little ones or just get out of the sun. They usually have a movie showing, and they are very quiet. Very few people take advantage of these clean, quiet places. (Magic Kingdom it is at the end of Main Street to the left near the Crystal Palace. Epcot, it is on the left before you cross the bridge to go to the countries, Hollywood Studios it is at the entrance and Animal Kingdom I think it is near Africa (but I can't remember this one for sure)

blsnow said...

Leslie, You guys picked a good time to go to Disney. The best time to go is between Thanksgiving and Christmas because that is when the crowds are at their lowest. You guys should have a blast!

If you need any tips let me know.

Brittany Snow

Anonymous said...

So glad that you guys get to go. We want you to have a fantastic time as well. Take lots of pics to share with us,....(I know you will).
I'm glad to know that Disney supports military families in this way. Hope the weather is perfect for your day, and that Kevin can handle it all.
Enjoy, enjoy!


Tracey from Pgh. said...

Hi Leslie! It's nice to hear that Breezy and Kevin talk every day. Have a great time at Disney. You'll never know how Kevin will handle it until you try. Say a few prayers and good luck!

Kris said...

Hi guys!

Sounds like a great trip on tap, best wishes for a safe trip to/from the park and an enjoyable and FUN FUN FUN time while you're there!!! There are always thoughts, prayers, support and loads of extra special Angel Hugs coming your way - every single day!

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI

Long-time RN said...

Have a wonderful time! Hope Kevin enjoys the trip.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

Miss Em said...

Hi Leslie,

When you get there ask the people at the check-in desk if someone could mark on a map of the "World", "Epcot" and the "Magic Kingdom" all the places that you could take Kevin for some quiet time while you are out and about.
Also ask if there will be Disney people assigned to each of the severely Wounded Warriors in order to act as aides-de-camp to the 'Care Givers'? Theses aides-de-camps could/would help in getting Kevin as well as other Warriors on the rides that are safe for him/them and his/their injuries.
YOU NEED TO ASK. Never know until you do. And if the answer is yes to both questions...SPREAD THE WORD.

YOU AND KEVIN have as much fun as you can and YES pics
P.L.E.A.S.E. ... :-( ...

[pouting lips and big eyes with tears dripping from them...{yeah, that should work}. ...
;-} ... snicker, snicker


OOOOhhh. New thought/idea... :-)
Plucked out of nowhere.

"Noise cancelling head phones" ???


Would these help Kevin with the outside-the-head-noises that over-stimulates him?
Good ones are not cheap. Sooo, maybe a try before you buy would be in order.
Good or bad it is an idea I have NOT seen in the comment/suggestion area before now or maybe I missed it.
HOPE it works.....??IF?? decide to try it.
Fingers Crossed.

Miss Em
Austell, Ga.