Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 793 - Jul 31, 2010

We didn't do a whole lot today. We did make it for a few groceries as Breezy and Chris are coming over for dinner tomorrow night and Chris requested stuffed chicken.

So we did shoot a couple of videos tonight though. Here is the first of Kevin making lemonade:

And this one is of Kevin and I just talking. He's a little tired and you can see it by the way he can't concentrate.

And I think I am going to go scrap for a while. It's just been so long and because it's still early - I want to give it a shot!


Anonymous said...

Love the videos. I am sure Kevin made Moe's day!
Thinking of you all.

Miss Em said...

Hello Kevin and Leslie,

I had to laugh at the first Video because I thought Kevin was having to much fun with the lemon squeezer. You might say Men and their Toys.{snicker, snicker}
I could hear the happiness in your voice at that time Leslie. Nice.

In the second video yes he was tired and I could see it. I could see the difficulty he was having start to show up as a type of fustration and then a bit of sadness.
I can truly understand how angry he can get sometimes because of it.

Kevin, you are doing the best you can after being hurt the way you were hurt.
Do NOT stop being the hard-charge-in paratrooper you were trained to be.

Miss Em

bearlythr said...

As a mother whose son had expanders I can say the surgeons should be able to do an amazing reconstruction job with minimal visable scarring.
I think Kevin has made truly a truly miraculous recovery, especially considering his original prognosis. So much of that, Leslie, is due to your constant love, pushing , prodding, pulling, pleading...and just plain holding on and moving forward.
I also noticed he counts with the military cadence....he's got that down still ; )
God bless you both,