Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 790 - Jul 28, 2010

Yahoo!! Coincidentally, the tech guy came this afternoon with all of the remotes and things to help Kevin out!! I can't begin to tell you how awesome it is for both of us that he can now turn on/off his own lights and he can also adjust the speed on his fan!

Tonight, Kevin has only called me maybe 30 or 40 times!!! Double yahoo!!!!

Oh - and hilariously - they included a 'bell' of sorts and Kevin can hit a button on his remote and 'ring' for me to come running. We are both getting a kick out of it tonight, but I would guess that in about a week I am going to want to be throwing that electronic bell right down the garbage chute, lol.

And we did go for Kev's evaluation for therapy today. He did ok - not great - but ok. Truthfully, I think he expected to go in and and get down to business and he was mad that the therapist needed to talk to him and see what he could and couldn't do. He just has no tolerance for these things. I don't know if it's because his 'shortcomings' are brought out in the light for all to see or what.

But anyway, we start actual PT on Monday and we will also have the OT eval on that day as well.

Our weeks are now filled to the brim. Back to normal, I guess. And I'm not complaining as it's definitely better than him lying in bed all day long!

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Kris said...

WOOHOO!! Great news!! Can't wait for the iPad now! :) Sorry I haven't been posting haven't been near the computer much, I've been keeping up with your updates on my phone though! Know that you all are in my thoughts and my prayers each and every day, even when I don't post to tell you that :) And Happy Belated Birthdays to you all! God bless you.

- Kris, a Soldiers' Angel from RI