Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 791 - Jul 29. 2010

We had to go to the hospital today and have more fluid put in Kev's expander. The PA said that he doesn't feel we should put anymore fluid in and he suggested we see our neurosurgeon to make sure it's enough. I have to call Mary tomorrow about getting that facilitated, and it really does appear that everything is on target for the surgery. Matter of fact, I think the PA said the plate is already in? Not sure about that, but that would be fabulous if it is!

So in roughly 3 weeks or so - Kevin will be back on track for recovery! His plate will be back in and his therapies have already resumed so it's looking good. Really good!

And I think I am going to sign off and watch some tv. Kevin's mad at me because I told him to clean up after himself and he went stomping to his room and slammed the door. Since he isn't 'speaking' to me, now would be a good time to catch up on some of my shows, lol.


karen said...

Boy that's looking on the bright side of a kid being sucky about a responsibility. It totally made me laugh! (I give MYSELF time outs when my kids have a tantrum or are rude ... it is definitely a good excuse for a tea (or TV) break!)

Long-time RN said...

Good news on the plate!

Hope you enjoyed your post tantrum time!

Anonymous said...

Yes, good news for a return to Kevin's recovery. I would love to see him back on his bike, and in the pool. AND.....for you Leslie to get back to your home and enjoy your kitchen and more open space!

Is it 2 more weeks now? until the scheduled surgery?
The tantrum shows that Kevin is more normal than ever.....just being a guy! :-) Just wondering how Kevin does with a job like that. Can he clean up well, and put things away in organized fashion?


Cathy M said...

Yes, now would indeed be a good time to watch TV. Enjoy without one tiny bit of guilt!!