Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 779 - Jul 17, 2010

We had a much better day today. Kevin felt well enough to go out and about so we went to the mall and returned a few things that didn't fit him. We never try on things at the store as it's too difficult so we just guess and come home and hope it all fits.

Amazingly enough - we were at the mall for hours. It wasn't too busy and Kevin was just in the mood to browse, I guess. One thing he did buy was a pair of slippers. It's always so hard for him to walk barefooted as he really needs his brace, so now he can just put his brace in his slipper. Up until tonight he has always kept his sneakers on all day and night (until he knew he was down for the night). This will make such a difference.

And thanks to those that suggested yesterday's pain may have been due to the weather. I forgot about that being a factor sometimes and although we didn't have any storms at our home, it doesn't mean there weren't any in the area. I will try to remember this in the future.

And before I forget - Flee - you mentioned a video type monitor that would let me know if Kev was talking in his sleep or was really awake sometimes and I love that idea. I did mention it to the techno guy that was here recently to find things that might help Kevin along, but I don't know if he put it in the proposal for the VA or not. I hope so.

GrannieEv - thanks for the info for the google group. I need to check on how those work. I am assuming it's a newsgroup of sorts?

Anyway, it's off to my room as Kevin just might be down for the count!

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Long-time RN said...

Ya, barometric pressure changes can bring on migraine type head pain. Something to consider when these episodes occur.

Glad you and Kevin were able to get out to the mall and browse. =)