Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 773 - Jul 11, 2010

We had the most laziest of days today. I was just so beat from getting everything ready for the party that I pretty much did nothing today to recover, lol. So I took care of Kevin's needs, but truly - nothing else.

I did, however, take a look at the camera. We took a bunch of pics of the baby, Aurora, but only 1 of Kevin. I am just shaking my head in shame, hehe. Really, we were all just talking and no one was even thinking about the camera.

So anyway, here are some photos of the last few weeks:

This first one is Kevin blowing out his birthday cake candle. You know I had to buy one of those ones that keeps relighting, right? LOL!

As you can see, Kevin was in bed by the time we had cake. He did make it through eating dinner, but he went to his room pretty quickly after that. I wish he could handle noise/people better, but he just can't.

Oh - and I am proud to report that Kevin remembered how to blow out the candles. He couldn't do it last year - even when we tried to show him.

This next one is Pam and Aurora:

These next few are of Breezy and I that day we went to the Riverwalk:

And this last one is Kevin on his birthday at Dave & Buster's.

Other than this, I don't really have anything to say so I guess I'll sign off...

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Long-time RN said...

Lovely pictures! That's a colorful cake!

Hope you've recovered from all the prep and festivities.