Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 789 - Jul 27, 2010

We really had an awesome day today!! First, Kevin, Lea and I went to the movies to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Kevin did really well at the movies and I think Lea had a good time too! Afterward, we went to dinner. We had went to the late movie so it was going on 7pm when we got out and we all opted to eat out as it would have been too late by the time I got home and cooked something. So we called Breezy and had her meet us at the restaurant and the four of us just had a nice, relaxing meal. (Chris was still at work so he couldn't come).

Miraculously, Kevin managed to be up and out the whole time. Yes, he was medicated, but still...he was out!

And we have some new developments:

First, we go to Kevin's first therapy appt tomorrow afternoon!! Yay, Mary! She faxed everything first thing this morning and I set up the appointment directly afterward.

Second, the iPad is being shipped to us tomorrow from Operation American Pride! I can't thank Mike and his wife enough for the doors that this will open! Karen - can your friend give you/us some guidance on the software she uses? Mike (the head of OAP) told me that the app is only $2! Is that what your friend has? Oh and Heather - thanks for the list of apps you sent too. I scoped it out a bit this evening, but need to delve further! Now hopefully, I can find that email about the little corner thingies so that it won't break...does anyone remember about it? I want to get those ordered asap!

Third, a new mattress has been ordered for Kevin and I can only hope it gets approved quickly. I am told that there is a new approval process though and it has to go to Washington DC. I worry that it will get lost up there on someone's desk, but I am going to keep my fingers crossed that it won't. I went and bought him one of those mattress toppers in the interim, but that just didn't work out. Great idea though.

And last, all the remotes and things for his fan and lights are on the purchasing agent's desk waiting for approval. Once it's approved, I feel confident that the tech guy will be out and will get everything installed. This too, will enable Kevin to be more independent. It will also make a world of difference to my life as I won't have to get up and down a billion times a night to change his fan speeds and turn the lights on and off.

Oh and I read an article recently on different types of lip balms and it said that Chap Stick will dry your lips even more and that Burt's Bees is the best and wow! - is that true! Kevin goes through many tubes of chap stick a month and last night I had him buy BB's instead and his lips are not even chapped today - 1 day later! For the first time since his injury! Amazing!!

Oh! And before I forget (because I have been meaning to do this for weeks now)- thank you everyone for all the birthday cards and gifts for the three of us! Kevin just loves opening things (he really is like a kid in a lot of ways yet) and both Breezy and I appreciate it too!

Ok, I want to curl up with a book tonight so I will catch y'all tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You want to get iBallz to help protect the iPad.

Tina said...

Yes, it's the iBallz I told you about...they work really well...if the right top ball hits the on/off switch just carve a little of the material out....they are about $20, money well spend if you ask me!!!
I hope Kevin will have a blast with his iPad!!!
Hugs from El Paso, Tina Dwyer

Long-time RN said...

Wow, a boatload of good news! High five!

karen said...

Whoops! Miss a day of reading and you get a surpise! I love reading my name ... it wakes me up!

Anyway, I will send Glenda this post in case she has more to add to what I know. She is using Proloquo2Go. She says the pictures are a bit to cutesy for her taste, but she otherwise finds it very useful.

She probably won't get back to you right away as she is presenting at a conference in DC Thursday. (She uses a synthesised voice for presentations.) I believe she is mentioning your blog in her summary blog post, so you can expect a few more visitors in the coming days as people check your story out.

It is so exciting that Kevin is getting the iPad ... An Australian woman (with a disability) who's blog I sometimes follow just received one from a generous reader too! In Glenda's presentation she says this about hers:

"The iPad, pricey to the average person, is available at a fraction of the cost of a single-purpose augmentative communication device ... It is so important to my inclusion in society."

I hope it means as much to Kevin.