Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 781 - Jul 19, 2010

Today was a pretty good day. Johnny came and spent the afternoon with Kevin. I cooked dinner and Mary popped over with some paperwork so she ate with us and then Kevin and I played a few games of cards.

Another one of those days where there really isn't much to say.

Michelle Long - we really wanted to come to Riverfest so bad. Kevin asked me numerous times if we could go and I knew it just wasn't possible without the plate in his head. I seriously hope we can be there next year - maybe, just maybe - things will have settled down medically by then.

You also asked about Kevin sleeping through the night - no, it's not really happening. He does sleep some mornings, but even that is sporadic. He is doing better about calling me on the phone once I go to bed, however. Some nights, I just tell him I am going to sleep and I don't hear a peep. Some nights, he calls me 20 times or more. Most nights, he calls maybe 5 or 6 times. It still takes forever for me to be able to go to my room though. It's like a child where they stall and stall because they don't want to go to sleep.

I do try to be understanding about it and I will say he doesn't do it on purpose though. I know that Kevin can't think ahead so he won't realize he needs something until his eyes light on it or something pops in his head. It's just frustrating for me because sometimes I just can't keep my eyes open another minute and when I am calling it quits for the night - he is frantically trying to get all his ducks in a row. It's why I try to stay awake until he goes to sleep, but unfortunately - it has caught up to me and I am just too tired to do it every night anymore.

But, no matter what - he is doing more and more awesome every day. Cognitively he has made such great strides and he is really talking more and more. He's quite the miracle, my boy is...

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karen said...

I'm not surprised the sleep thing has finally caught up with you. There is only so long a regular body can keep up with one that is wired differently (or newly) as I call those that happen to sport brain injuries. (I know a couple.)

I know too that Kevin tolerates others to varying degrees, and so I'm not going to suggest you get respite of any kind as I know you are on that as best as you can.

In some small way, I can really relate to your struggle with sleep. I had my three kids fairly late (my last at 40) and really close together, and it really wore me thin for that time that I seemed to be up more often than down. It is those times that you have to rally, and you do with your eyes closed except when you have to make sure to do something right, that seem the most brutal. I can only imagine what that is like with a child that you've already pulled through the early years, and I do. You have my undying respect for that alone (plus everything else).

Mostly, I love the way you've ended this post. Your son (and your daughter too) is (are) amazing, those apples can't fall very far from the tree. I only hope that I parent my kids to grow up to be as strong and resilient as yours.

karen in Vancouver