Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 785 - Jul 23, 2010

Thanks everyone for all the comments about the hope and the optimism that those that have been there all along had for Kevin. I can't say that I always felt the same, that's for sure.

Today we went to the dentist. I just can't reiterate enough how wonderful this guy is with Kevin. They really get along great. Matter of fact, the doctor walked us out to the car today and I snapped a pic of them hamming it up:

He did start to drill one of the really bad cavities and it is too deep for it to be filled normally. We don't think Kevin can sit there long enough to handle a root canal, so the dentist filled it with some medication that can sometimes cure the problem. He filled it temporarily and we will recheck it again in a few months to see if we need to take action or if maybe it did heal itself.

I'm not sure what's going on with me, but by the time we got home from the dentist (it is across town and it was rush hour on our way home) I was just beat. I sat down on the couch and ended up falling asleep for quite some time.

I guess I should send out a reality check and explain that it is REALLY difficult going anywhere with Kevin. It takes him a good hour and a half/two hours to get ready to go because he needs to lie down every now and again and rest. He also has a routine and we CANNOT sway from it. He will not get dressed out of order - underwear, jeans, socks, shirt, shoes, deodorant and teeth. If his jeans are in the dryer when I jump in the shower - he just sits there in his underguchies and screams my name until I get out and get his jeans. I keep trying to explain that he can put on his shirt without it affecting anything, but he just won't do it.

So once we are heading out the door, it will take us close to 20 minutes to get down to the garage and in the car and ready to pull out. Most of the time, when we arrive somewhere, I get out, get his wheelchair out of the car and put together, and he just sits there - sometimes for 20 minutes or more until he feels he is ready to get out of the car. I'm really not sure what that is all about - I assume it's desensitizing after the car ride, but I'm not altogether sure. I know sometimes it's a pain issue too, but whatever it is - he almost always sits there for a long time.

It's kinda hard for me because I am one of those 'let's hurry up and git 'er done' kind of people - but phooey on me. I just stand there in the hundred degree heat next to his car door and wait for the moment he is going to open the door and get in his chair.

Once he's out of the car - I then get to grab all the crap that he accumulates any time we go somewhere. I usually have bags of groceries, his sunglasses (we can't dare leave those in the car!), he always has at least 1 drink, his hat, his cane and my purse - minimum. I honestly feel like a pack mule every time we step out the door.

So anyway, going anywhere is just hard on both of us. It's been harder since the plate was removed so hopefully things get easier once it's back in.

And now I have some good news!! Operation American Pride is going to purchase an iPad for Kevin!!!! The VA here - in conjunction with the VA in Tampa - was able to get some help from this wonderful organization. I am so excited! I will have to talk to someone with Speech Pathology and see if the app (or whatever) can be purchased by just anybody that will be able to talk for Kevin. I am just so interested to see the kind of changes this could bring to Kev. I can't wait for him to be able to go into Subway and say "I want a 6 inch BMT with provolone, toasted, with onions and lettuce and sweet onion sauce."

Now we just need to get him back to walking without his cane so that he can carry all the stuff he's going to order/buy. I always have to follow him because he only has the one arm and can't hold onto his cane and his junk too.

I feel like some good changes are on the way.

And now I really need to make hotel reservations for Moe and I. I believe we finally narrowed our destination down to Galveston. We really wanted to do South Padre Island, but I was told it's over a 5 hour drive and when you only have 2 days, it's just too much time in the car. Let's just hope I can redeem those hotel points...


Mary Neal said...

Could his teeth have been causing a good portion of his pain? I think I remember reading that he seems to be in less pain...maybe since he has been seeing the dentist?

Long-time RN said...

Mary's comment is surely a consideration. That 'bad' tooth could be causing a lot of trouble and perhaps Kevin isn't able to quite pinpoint or connect the causation. It's wonderful he's got such a considerate dentist.

Quite a description on traveling with Kevin. Do you think the moving traffic and all the visual stimulation of building passing by etc causes that reaction? Don't suppose he'd close his eyes while riding,however, that may make him car sick.

Yeah on the iPad, that's great news! Double yeah on vacation plans!