Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 764 - Jul 2, 2010

Sorry about the videos being marked private. I have no idea how that happened, but I fixed them earlier this afternoon.

So today we went to the dentist office and I was just so proud of Kevin! Back when we went to the dentist in Tampa, we knew Kevin was going to need sedated to have all of his cavities filled. We ended up coming here before I could find a dentist there that was able to provide IV sedation.

While visiting the dentist here though (who, btw, it so wonderful with Kevin!), we decided to try to just use Novocaine and see how he handled it. We had planned to just do one tiny filling today, but he did so well that they ended up filling another cavity! Truly - Kev was awesome! He has just come so far in the last few months! And the dentist here is a comedian just like Kev and the two play off each other so very well. It was really just such a calm and soothing experience. I hope it continues to be this way. The cavities are only getting bigger from here on out so they will take longer to fill. BUT - I have faith in the two of them and feel it will all go fine.

When we left the dentist we were going to go and visit Breezy at work, but it was raining so badly that we just went home. I was soaked from getting Kevin and his wheelchair into the car (even though a very nice man helped me) and I didn't think Breezy's work would appreciate a couple of drowned rats visiting, lol. So I didn't get to see my daughter on her birthday, but she is coming over tomorrow for her birthday dinner. The girl chose stromboli and I have to admit I am looking forward to eating it too, lol.

And now I am going to try to find a weekend vacation spot that is within driving distance of SA. Anybody local know of anywhere? It looks like I'm going alone so it needs to be a safe place. I am toying with Corpus Christi before the oil reaches it. I am hoping to go two weeks from today, but who really knows if that date will work out. I am not really looking for crowds so I'm not sure if the beach is the best place...


Anonymous said...

So glad things went so well at the dentist for Kevin. I hope you do get a chance to unwind and refuel soon. We drove to Corpus Christi one day. Nothing special. Have you been to Fredericksburg? Nice German town with lots of personality. Gruene is nice too,(near New Braunfels) but on a smaller scale to Fredericksburg. Both have B & B's, if you are interested in that, as well as spas, great dining, great shops, great atmospheres, beautiful locations and very relaxing.
Happy Belated Birthday to Breezy too!
You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers,

Martha K said...

Leslie so glad you are making those plans to get away if it works out you need to do it more often so you can get rid of some stress we can't have you having a stroke I'm to old to come down to help you and I would if younger Happy Belated Birthday Breeze Janets ideas sounds good to me take care Martha K

Anonymous said...

my aunt and uncle used to live in SA - and ALWAYS went to Corpus Christi for their beach vacations - now they live there!! low key and quiet i think, so should be fine....they are both from PA too :)