Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 771 - Jul 9, 2010

Today was such a hectic day. Kevin had a dentist appointment first and he did so well, once again. The dentist filled another two teeth with just Novocaine. He is thinking that the next tooth may need a root canal though and we are both unsure about what to do there. He's not sure Kevin can handle sitting there that long, especially as he has to keep still and he has to keep his mouth wide open the whole time. Right now, the dentist lets Kevin move around as needed. We have decided to just see what happens next week and go from there. Who knows...maybe he won't need it after all.

After that, we came home and there was a ton of stuff to do to get ready for the party tomorrow. I decorated a cake for both of the kids and Lea and I worked like a couple of crazy women cleaning this place from top to bottom. That girl is just such a sweetheart! I try to not have her help me too much with cleaning as I prefer her to be here for Kevin, but there was no way I could have gotten all of this done without her help. and it worked out anyway as Kevin just wanted to be left alone when we came home from the dentist anyway.

So Breezy went to the ob/gyn yesterday and they moved her due date from Jan 16 to Jan 12. The doc told her that the baby is about 3 inches long now and he/she looks to be quite healthy. We also have some new sonograms to show you:

In this first one, the baby just happened to turn and look directly into the camera. I know it's kinda hard to see these things, but the white markings are the baby's face (eyes, nose, etc).

This one's just a side view of the whole baby.

Breezy told me she watched the baby rub it's face with both hands and move all around. I sure wish I could have seen it, but we were at the hospital at the same time that she was at the docs. Next time, hopefully.

And now it's off to watch some tv.

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Jodi said...

YAY Baby!! Thanks for sharing the sonograms!!

Glad Kevin is doing so well at the dentist.