Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 777 - Jul 15, 2010

Today we had a nice visit from the head of the Polytrauma center here at the VA. Mary, our wonderful FRC, came as well.

It was mostly a visit to just have him get a feel for Kevin's needs and to see how he is progressing. We also came up with a tentative therapy plan and we can only hope it comes to fruition. I really like this guy and I really want to be able to work with the VA, but they really need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

I do understand now why the people in Tampa say it is a good thing for these TBI patients to be near a polytrauma VA. Those VA hospitals have the funding necessary to do what is best for these types of patients. Other VAs around the country do not. Personally I think there is something way wrong with that picture. It shouldn't matter if you want to live in Washington or Connecticut. If you are a vet - you shouldn't have to go without just because you don't live in the right place.

Of course I could just go on and on about this, but what's the sense, right?

So we had a new development in the aide area. Johnny is now going to come two days a week (instead of 1 and Lea will come 1 instead of 2) and one of them is going to be on Thursday nights. He was here from 6-11 tonight and it was great! I went out for a bit and then came home and watched tv - UNINTERRUPTED!!!! Holy crap! It was so nice.

Nights are always the hardest as Kevin is settling in and needing me the most. This was a really nice break and I look forward to next week already, lol.

And Scott was released from the hospital today. Shocking, huh? I am nervous for my sister, but there's really nothing I can do. He is remembering more and he is able to walk (his pelvis was not broken - thank goodness!), but he is still very confused and wakes up screaming at times in both confusion and fear. Poor kid. I wish I was there, but I will just have to support them via the phone, I guess.

And that pretty much sums up our day today. I am going to leave you with a photo of Kevin and my mom from Christmas time (I think). It's a pic of Kevin in his coon skin hat that he got at The Alamo last fall. I used an action (just learning about these) to make it look like an old time black and white photo and I just love it like this. Cool, huh?


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a nice uninterrupted evening Leslie! Yeah!!! :)
That's wonderful that Scott's pelvis wasn't broken. We continue to pray for him and your whole family.
Thanks for sharing the picture with Kevin and your mom! :)
Have a great weekend!
Kathy in IA

Anonymous said...

The input you can give your sister will be priceless, even over the phone.
I'm so glad you get a bit of a break with the aids help. You need it!
Thank God,.....Scott is able to go home. Maybe his surroundings will help him with his recovery.
Have a great weekend. Hopefully, it won't be too warm where you are.
The pic was great,....thanks for sharing.

GrannieEv said...

From: Spencer Aloysius

Since I found you through one of the scrapping blogs (of course I don't remember which one), and, you mentioned using an "action" (which, of course, I've never tried but I don't think it's used in PaintShopPro) - anwho, I thought I'd send Spencer's blog info to you in case you haven't come across it. He (I think it's a he) is so helpful and all the ppl in the group are, aslo.

So glad to hear your nephew is healing - that the aides are working out - that you're going on a vacation - and all the other good news.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear that Scott is doing better and that his pelvis isn't broken. I'm concerned about your dad and have been praying for him.

It's good to hear that a therapy plan is coming along for Kevin. I can't wait to see the strides he will be making once it starts!

I'll be thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers! Take care.