Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 782 - Jul 20, 2010

I had to leave Kevin with Lea today as I had an orthodontist appointment. He did really well with her (from what I gathered) so I took the time to get a much needed haircut too.

Tonight though, Kevin is a little restless. I always wish I knew why he felt this way sometimes. He keeps calling me in his room and then he doesn't have anything to say or anything he needs. He's just frustrated and I assume he wishes he could just fall asleep. I sure wish he could too.

That's pretty much it today, so I am going to sign off and try to get some sleep too.


GrannieEv said...

Is Kevin very sensitive to odors? I'm asking because of essential oils. When my grandson was young, he most always had a hard time relaxing and falling asleep. I had already started using some EOs like lavender and the woman I buy them from is a marvel with her knowledge and advice. So, she suggested putting a few drops of Roman Chamomile on a cotton ball and put it in the corner of the pillowcase. Leslie, I tell you, it was like magic! My daughter is a paramedic w/the fire dept. in Baltimore Co.; after she divorced I kept my GS the 2 nights she worked (starting at age 3)and used this religiously. I also used it myself if my mind wouldn't ease off to sleep. I don't think it's an unpleasant or strong smell - I know Marge would send you a sample vial if you're interested in trying it. I'd be glad to arrange it. Her web site is:

janet said...

I love your artsy new blog background...very nice! I find that ocean sounds always put my mind in a good place for sleep. If you really can't walk at the ocean every night, there are radio-sized "sound machines" that mimic ocean waves and might be soothing for Kevin. Another idea, from our frig, a postcard-sized magnet with a series of 30 expressive faces with feelings written under them. It comes with a little frame that can be moved from one expression to another to say "today I feel" any of those 30 ways. It might help Kevin put words to why he calls you in the night. Generally I think folks in his age group tend to be more nocturnal than their parents are.
Yet a good night's sleep is such a blessing!