Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 601 - Jan 20, 2010

Today was not a good day. Kevin was up ALL NIGHT sicker than a dog. He vomited all night and has been sick all day today as well. At first, I was worried about it being his head, but then I started feeling nauseous and I felt almost as bad most of the day. It still might be his head, but it could just be a bug too. Hopefully he feels better tomorrow. Hopefully we both feel better tomorrow.

As for his head, we still haven't heard from a neurosurgeon here. I thought we would today, but no go. I think I might just get on the phone myself tomorrow and see if I can find someone. I'm just scared of getting some quack that doesn't know how to handle his issues.

And to Jo and Jessica - I really like the idea of the electric toothbrush. I will look around Ebay after I finish posting this. And Jo - I just did a layout the other night of Levi when we went to Busch Gardens (you can see it at my scrap blog link in the right column). Tell my buddy I love him! And I love you too!

And I think I will head to bed myself. I 'slept' (and that term is used VERY loosely) in Kevin's room last night as he was so sick so I am pretty tired (but what else is new, eh?)


Long-time RN said...

Ah geez, Leslie. Sincerely hope all are on the mend today.

Is there anyone you could ask about a quality neuro doc? One of Kevin's therapists perhaps?

Thoughts and prayers for your family.

i. said...

You can pick-up an electric toothbrush at the grocery for under $15. Both Oral-B and Crest make them. It's what my dentist recommended since my hands are too weak to work a manual brush normally. I've had it three or four years now. The head gets replaced every 3-6 months, and the battery once or twice a year.

Cathy M said...

There is also a very inexpensive tooth brush that vibrates, which my mom has used. It is very inexpensive and she got it at a drug store. It might be that same as was mentioned but my memory is a toothbrush that is less expensive than the $15 brush mentioned and you can't replace the head.

Now, the Sonicare electric brushes are the best but can be ANNOYING until you get used to them so maybe try the least expensive type of vibrating brush until you know if sweet Kevin will even use it!

Cathy M

Linda said...

oh no...I sure hope you and Kevin both feel better today! Drink lots of liquids! lol

Anonymous said...

Hope you both feel better...