Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 250 - Feb 5, 2009

I just have to bitch about something for a few minutes. Two things actually. First, the nurses forgot to give Kevin his medicines tonight. He is to get 3 meds at 5pm and I had left because my brother was coming and needed picked up at the train station. So we got back after 6pm and picked Kevin up to go to dinner and I never once thought to ask if he had his meds. It wasn't until we got back at 9pm that the nurse came running in asking if I gave them to him. Why would I have given them to him if we left more than an hour after he should've gotten them? I just assumed that they already did so. And then - to top it off - when they did give them to him, they almost gave him a double dose of the one pill. This is happening constantly because the pill needs cut in half and the nurses just aren't doing it. This is truly just one of the reasons I just can't leave him alone here. I have to be on my guard constantly and I think that's a shame. I honestly can't even leave for a quick trip downtown. Grrr...

The second thing is something that has really been bothering all of us on the 5th floor. I will probably make some people mad venting about this, but it's really just not fair. The problem is that we have a general being treated here. I am not complaining about that as a whole. What I am complaining about is how all of the other 14 patients and their families have to go without because the general wants this or the general wants that. For example - we have a family room where we go to socialize and where we have recreational therapy (patients watch movies, play games together, have parties, etc). We are no longer allowed to use that room for anything if the general is in his room because he is next door and he can hear the noise. So now, all 14 other patients have to try to fit into this tiny room to have our therapies and we don't all fit. Now nobody is going to any of the events anymore. I think it's just so sad that everyone on the floor is penalized because someone high ranking - that demands it all - is in our midst. There are so many other issues concerning him too. If we are in the middle of any therapies or activities and the G wants the therapist - they immediately have to leave us and go tend to him - it doesn't matter if it's our scheduled time or not. If we have our shower at a certain time and he wants to take one - tough on us. I could honestly just go on and on...

It just makes me so mad. I don't think it's fair that one person can wreak so much havoc on everyone around them. And understand - I give him high regard for the service he had given us - but he is no better than my son, or the guy in the next room or the woman in the next. So why are we all paying the price? Why not move him to a different room instead?

Ok, enough venting for the night. (but it still makes me mad)

So (other than my venting) we had a great day today. Kevin worked so hard on his therapies that I was amazed. We are focusing on him being able to stand up without the use of his arms. In other words, we need to strengthen those legs and the butt muscles. We are also working on his balance. So far he has none. If you have him stand still he would fall over without someone there to hold him. (and Jodi - he is just about 6' tall - I am 5'2" and Breezy is under 5')

And did everyone notice that he had jeans on in the videos? Yesterday was the first time that he put on a pair of jeans. I got all teary eyed seeing him look nearly normal for the first time in a year)

He is also doing very well with speech. He is trying to say everything now. Things are getting easier for him to say and I notice more automatic words just coming out. He really does try so hard and truthfully, we have seen amazing improvement on this. We still have a long way to go - but what do we have but time, right?

And as I mentioned - my brother came today. Kevin was utterly so excited to see him. I kept telling him that "Unc" was coming, but Kevin doesn't remember who people are by names. He only remembers by seeing photos or them in person. Kev's eyes just lit right up when he saw him getting into the m-van. And after we all (Chrissy too) went to dinner and Kev and I went back to the hospital, I asked him if he was excited that Matt was here and he nodded his head so hard I thought his neck was gonna snap, lol. It sure was nice to see them play off each other just like they used to too.

And that about sums up my post tonight. I do want to say to all of my friends that I haven't talked to in a long time - be patient. I am on the phone constantly with banks and organizations just working on this house thing. There is no time in the day for me to talk just for fun. Hopefully that will change soon as it's exhausting.

And to MaryAnn - you asked if our addresses were right for donations and you can do that (they are) or you can send directly to the benefit account we have set up for Kevin. I think I was supposed to put that address here on the blog, but I forgot. I'm sorry. I will do that as soon as I finish this post (look down the right side somewhere). Also, the Paypal address is correct, but they charge a fee for every donation so it really is best to go another route.

Again, I do want to thank everyone for all of the help - especially financial. We honestly could not be here with Kev without all of the donations. For this - I will never forget what everyone has done for us. NEVER.

Thanks again!


Holee said...

Wow! 250 days, not even a year has passed and such wonderful things have brought us all here after such a horrible event. Although God's hand led the way, Kevin's desire to live made this all possible.

It doesn't seem fair but if this G was dressed in his uniform and walked into Kevin's room, I have to think Kevin would react in total respect as he has been trained to. I remember how he acted long ago in Texas when uniformed men came to see him.

It is a military hospital. No, this G isn't any better than all the others but he has earned the rank and the other's, if well, would respect that. I wouldn't embarrass Kevin by complaining because I think Kevin was very proud to be military before this happened.

Remember, out of many soldiers, Kevin has our respect because he earned it, otherwise he would be just another soldier.

Sometimes Mom's have to remember to not be Mom'

Kevin, you are looking so good! I love the jeans and sunglasses but how proud to see you fought your way back to walking!

Does the hospital have a pool? I would think that would help to get the lower muscles strong if he could kick those legs in water. I'm sort of surprised that water rehab hasn't been introduced to help with this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the videos! They were so fun to watch. I noticed his jeans too!
That's what I was thinking- too bad the G can't be moved to another room. It would benefit everyone including him.
I'm so glad the speech is going well too!
Have a great weekend!
Kathy in IA

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, No need to worry about talking until you can we can all wait and don't mind. Amen to the General business. My saying is he drops his jeans just like Kevin does and Kev gave up just as he has. Whats the difference. Love ya honey. Pam

Anonymous said...

Hi you dont no me or my husband but we were good friends of kevin. My name is mary dawson an Rick King. I am sorry to hear about kevin but in the same terms I am very happy to hear an to see that he is making progress. We went to school together an we graduated the same year. I wanted to tell kevin that me an rick got married an that from way up here in PA we were sending a big HELLO!!!!!We miss him tons an wish the best we pray for him every night. We aslo send a get well very soon. O yea an can you tell him that we had a little girl named Kandace she is 9 months old.. An tell him thank you for serving our country. Every one is thinking about yins. Well we hope to keep reading good updates. Till the next time. Friends will always be praying..

Anonymous said...

If we are in the middle of any therapies or activities and the G wants the therapist - they immediately have to leave us and go tend to him - it doesn't matter if it's our scheduled time or not.

Really? Who says so? Is that official policy? Or are the staff allowing themselves to be intimidated by his rank?

Sheesh. How many fights do you have to fight?

I suggest you give the General a parting shot when you leave :-)

armyparents said...

Maybe you should ask to speak to the General. Take pics of Kevin before, after, now and tell him Kevin's story. Maybe just maybe he does not realize how important that room is to everyone. All a long shot but ya know what would it hurt. The General did earn his rank but he was Kevin's rank once.
As far as those nurses they need to be accountable for what they done and what could of happened.

On a brighter note......
It was great to see those video's. He is a fighter and a hero. I think that you and Breezy are the hero's also because if not for your love who knows.
sending lots of prayers and love your way!!!!

scsoldiersangel said...

And we will never forget what your family has sacrificed for our country.

Kevin really looked great in the video. I liked how he was looking back to see if who ever was filming was still there.

Show them what you got Kevin!

Long-time RN said...

Good grief. On top of everything else, you're unable to let your guard down for a minute for fear of errors. I'm really sorry you must stay so vigilent regarding Kevin's care. I understand these facilities are understaffed, but mistakes such as this are dangerous and so upsetting.

Yes the G is due respect for his rank, but it certainly doesn't seem right to have other care interupted and an entire floor held hostage to his timing and requests. I guess it's hard for me to believe if he knew the level of disruption his care was causing other recovering warriors, things would change. If he's 'pulling rank' selfishly, shame on him. I can't understand why the G couldn't be moved to another floor or room where his requests would not be so disruptive, unless facility census prevents such a move.

I did notice the blue jeans, but didn't realize that was a first! So good to read about Kevin's continuing strides. It's easy to see where his determination comes from.

Your family remains on my thoughts and prayers.

Vicki C said...

Oh.. I dont blame you for being so frustrated with the meds situation. and the bit with the General. That is absolutly ridiculous!! I'd be worked up too! grrr...
As for Kevin... I noticed right away about the jeans.. and how TOTALLY FANTASTIC he is looking! WOW! Seriously I could have just tried when I was watching that. Thank God that kid has his mothers determination... cause look how far it's brought him!

Jessica said...

It is a shame you can't leave Kevin alone without being afraid of mistakes. Thank God you're there and I feel sorry for the patients who don't have someone to watch out for them as you do Kevin. Sadly, that sort of thing happens a lot in civilian hospitals, too.

Enjoy your brother's visit! That's great that Kevin recognized him and was excited to see him. It sounds like Kevin's brain is retraining itself in speaking words, so hopefully they will come out more and more easily!

I'll keep praying about the house and for Kevin's continued progress.

Anonymous said...

The G does deserve respect, but he was not wounded in active duty, he was retired, working as a contractor in IRAQ. Every patient on that floor deserves equal care and treatment, maybe it is Botox Barbie, demading the special care. I am sure if the G is a true soldier, he would not put himself before HIS SOLDIERS.(especially since he was a DR. himself)

Anonymous said...

smack barbie

eaglewing said...

First off I want to say from a member of Soldiers Angels that my prayers and thoughts are with you. I can't believe this G is acting, to put it blontly, like a jerk. Yes while in active service he earned his rank, but by no means has to right to throw rank around in a hospital. He is not on a battle field and not in charge. It hurts me to know that this G is getting away with interfering in the care of other patients. I would highly suggest that all patients speak up, because their care and recovery shouldnt be compromised because of a G with a big head and wrong attitude. You shouldn't have to stay 24\7 with Kevin because nurses are making mistakes. Missed meds, wrong doses and inexcusable mistakes that can cost a person their lives. My father was ill for mean years and I had to help treat him while he was in and out of hosptials so I understand where you are in staying with him and caring for Kevin. If the med mistakes are often, even if they aren't often that needs to be brought to the nurse supervisor. I pray that Kevin gets better soon and that he does better than doctors think. Thank you Kevin for keep America safe.

Traci said...

I'm so proud of Kevin and yes he does look great in those jeans!!
Now about the general, is HE the one making all of these requests or is it the hospital staff making a big deal because he is the general??
If the General is the one demanding all of the attention then he obviously forgot what it is like to be in charge. My husband being the staff sargeant that he is completely puts his soldiers ahead of himself. That is a true soldier.