Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 252 - Feb 7, 2009

Well folks, no sooner had I pushed the 'publish post' button last night than Kevin got sicker than a dog. I had to almost lift him out of bed myself and rush him back up to the hospital. Remember how I said I hoped I realized when his shunt would quit working? Well, last night was the test. It did quit and it took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on, but I did eventually get it. I already knew by his symptoms before we even left for the hospital and since this is the 4th time in roughly 6 months that it has quit - I think it's safe to say that this will be a large part of our lives forever.

So, Kevin has already had emergency surgery today to actually fix and reposition the shunt. He is doing very well already, but I will still be spending the night up there with him. I just came home now to grab a shower since I have been up since yesterday morning and at the hospital since about 2:30 this morning. I am eating a bowl of soup as I write this and then I need to head back up, so I am going to cut this one very short.

I will say this, as I sat in the surgical waiting room earlier today, I realized that no matter how much better Kevin gets, someone will always have to live with him, someone will always have to keep watch for this shunt thing. I think I knew it, but I was just so hopeful that he could lead a more normal life. And, I will admit, I was hopeful that I could too.


Anonymous said...

hi this is the Prestons Pat, Pam, Tucker,and shanel. we just wanted to say that we are thinking about you and we are keeping you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Les, just sending thoughts and prayers your way...more now than usual. The realization of Kevin's future life is a hard pill to swallow, but do remember to be thankful that YOU have a son to HAVE to live with. Their are many military moms out there that aren't as fortunate as you, so amidst the tears and anger and so forth, remember to thank God for the blessing he has given you...your son. And remember that each day is a blessing from God. Our God is AWESOME and when we give HIM the glory and praise, he can do wanders! I know you realize all of these things, but friendly reminders in these trivial times can never hurt. God Bless you, and thank you Lord for giving your Son for US, and for watching over the Kammerdiener family, Amen.

armyparents said...

Leslie I am so very sorry that this happened.
Sending lots of love and prayers your way

Anonymous said...

I am Darla and I am sending my prayers to you and to Kevin. I read one of your posts earlier about the treatment he was receiving with a higher ranking officer there. Please forgive me for being out of place, but you will not receive the best of care through the VA system AT ALL!! I have been through them with my grandfather, father and my husband. They flat out let my husband have a major stroke and would not do anything about it. We have since started with private doctors, of course, now it is too late for any help for him and they give him 3-6 months to live, but I will always blame VA because they COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING but wouldn't. I do pray that Kevin will get better care! All My Love, Darla

Jessica said...

Thank God Kevin came through another surgery successfully. Let's hope it will be a while before the next one. At least now you know what to look for.

Hang in there; Kevin's a tough soldier. I'll be praying for him to recover quickly from the surgery and that God would give you all strength to push forward, despite the setbacks.

Anonymous said...

Prayers as always for your family. Kevin has come so very far, we're all so proud of him! He may have special needs for care in the future, but he is still Kevin, and we are all blessed to have him in our lives.
Liz, Soldiers' Angels

Jodi said...

Hang in there Leslie. Please stay strong. You have come this far, and you will continue on. Kevin is alive. He may not be the "old" Kevin you remember, but he is a "different" version of Kevin. You still have him there to laugh with, cry with, talk with, hold, hug, kiss, and just be with. You had hoped he could lead a "normal" life? What is "normal" anymore? I don't think there is a "normal" life now-a-days. Yes, he may need care the rest of his life, but someday you may be able to have someone there that you love and trust to help you. Keep faith in yourself. You have all made amazing strides thru this horrible situation and will continue to do so. You are a strong and loving family and you have made it thru TOGETHER.

I am glad everything went well with the surgery. I hope Kevin is doing better in the morning.

You are all in my thoughts....

How is your mom doing??

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength and comfort for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
I love you guys...
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

Long-time RN said...

Must have felt like the bottom was dropping out to have this happen at home and having to rush Kevin back to the hospital. So sorry to hear the shunt failed-again. Do the symptoms appear more rapidly now that the plastic piece is in place? It would seem there is far less space for fluid to collect since the last surgery.

Thinking of your family and lifting prayers for Kevin's healing and your comfort.

Patricia said...

In the middle of the crisis, you, yourself gave reason for this to have happened. You wondered if you could sight a problem with the shunt, and now you know, you will be able to. And you will be able to give others, who will care for Kevin, the information. One more question answered, in your heart, although a difficult one.

That is your faith working, Leslie.

I do believe that each time you face a new hurdle it IS preparing you for a long future with Kevin. But in a good way! Maybe you will not always be his caretaker 24/7. There will be others. You will have such knowledge to give to others who will offer. And for how Kevin has progressed with this actual short time, has made us all understand the word miracle.

But, as mom's when things are going smoothly for our children, we all allow ourselves to breathe a little easier, hoping and thinking that they will have near perfect lives. And then the rug, as someone else said, gets pulled. That is how we all cope. How we all survive each day to look at our children with hope in our eyes, so that they keep their hope.And most of us do not face what you do each day.

We all send you love and prayers, to keep your faith, and keep your mother's strength.

Love hugs, and prayers. Always.

Anonymous said...

At times like this the motherly instincts take over as you proved now(and have proved so many times in the past).Kevin may have setbacks every now and then but you are there for him and things will someday become alittle more relaxed and easier not only for Kevin but for your entire family.
Continue taking each day at a time and continue enjoying all the amazing things that Kevin learns each and every day.
You are all an inspiration to the rest of us..proof that with determination and family we can make it through the toughest times.
Thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

Many, many prayer and thoughts are coming your way today. Just try to take one day at a time and not look too far down the road. Stay strong and we are upholding you in prayer.

Vicki C said...

Oh my gosh... all I can say .. is once again,,,THANK GOD you were there and know your son so well, that you stay on top of things. That is SCARY! I'm sorry it happened...but so glad thing are okay today. I'm sending you another huge hug friend!

Dollface said...

I know its not the same and that I can't come near to understanding what you have to deal with but my infant daughter has a shun and is paralyzed from the waist down and I definitely understand the worry about the shunt.

jodig said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin, you and your family and friends. Kevin is a great hero and a great fighter. He has shown so much strength through all of this...With much appreciation and love...Jodi George..Soldiers AngelsMO

Anonymous said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you always. I am so amazed at how far Kevin has come in his recovery. I know it has to be difficult for you to realize Kevin's future but you and Breanna have proven that you both have the strength and determination to continue on. You are an inspiration to all of us who continue to read your blog everyday!

Shari Goodyear (Allison)

Anonymous said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you always. I am so amazed at how far Kevin has come in his recovery. I know it has to be difficult for you to realize Kevin's future but you and Breanna have proven that you both have the strength and determination to continue on. You are an inspiration to all of us who continue to read your blog everyday!

Shari Goodyear (Allison)