Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 262 - Feb 17, 2009

Kevin felt much better today - he was almost his normal self. He did pretty well in his therapies considering he just had 2 surgeries and then we brought him down to the house for dinner and part of a movie.

I will say that he is really letting his looks bother him though. Today I was doing dishes and I peeked in the dining room (where he was sitting at the table by himself) and he looked so dejected. I walked in and asked what was wrong and he was just pointing to the glass topped table. I didn't see what he was looking at until I realized that he could see his reflection in the glass and was really upset at what he was seeing.

We also Skyped with my nephew and Kevin was staring at the video of himself in the corner of the screen nearly the whole time. He is just so sad and I don't know what more to say to him to console him.

As for the meeting - so far we have two options and they are to forget the past and allow the same resident to work on Kevin or transfer to a different hospital. We have more options, but I need to sit with Mary (our wonderful Federal Recovery Coordinator) and discuss them. (I will be calling her tomorrow as I didn't have time tonight.) I am pretty much not going to think about it tonight because all of the options aren't laid out for me and I don't make decisions that way. So I will touch on this again tomorrow night or the next.

And now I am off to bed.


Sandi said...

I know it wont change how he feels at all, but he's beautiful to me! You mentioned the possibility of future plastic surgery, and that should help, but he's alive! He's doing well, and he looks WONDERFUL considering what he's been through!

Anonymous said...

Leslie, I have a short story to share with you. My daughter Maggie is 9 years old. She got a pair of High School Musical PJ pants. They are red. She put on her pray for Kevin shirt last night. Which has red letttering. She looked very cute. When we were going up the stairs to do to bed. She likes to play the last one up is a rotten egg. While as I was going up the stairs. She has her arms spend out and said no body can get by me. I am the Kevinator. I thought it was cute and hope that it would bring a smile to you all. We con't pray for the best for you all. Take Care. Lots of Love.
Dyan Hesidence

Gretchen said...

Thinking of you, Les. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Leslie you tell him he'll ALWAYS be beautiful in our eyes!!!! We've all heard looks don't matter but in this case, they really really don't! The fact that he's alive is what matters, but i'm sure it's hard for him to deal with. My Aunt in Chicago sent us the newspaper of the Mike Ditka interview before the Super Bowl. It's wonderful!!! Keep your spirits up, I know it's not easy!!! Love you guys, Sharon, Haleigh and Zach

Anonymous said...

Leslie, i'm commenting twice today, because it's been on my mind all afternoon. Was just looking at pics from our visit, which of course bring tears to my eyes, but more than that, you tell him me and Haleigh are so proud of those pics. We've showed everyone and she posted them on her myspace for everyone to see!!! Not a single bad response, everyone thinks he looks great, especially for what he's been through!!! You tell him I don't have a pic anywhere that I'm more proud of!!

Vicki C said...

Kevins smile is enough alone to make him attractive... pour on that dynamic personality.. and that guy has it going on!

Kris said...

Sooo glad that Kev is feeling better today. You're all in my thoughts and my prayers every single day, and many times throughout each day too. God bless you all and we're all out here praying for you and praying with you! HUGS.

- Kris, Soldiers' Angel from RI

Miss Em said...

Hello Kevin,

Try taking a look at the pic's of you after you were wounded and before the Plate was put in.


When you see yourself in reflection just remember that.....


You may never look exactly like you did when you went to Iraq but you sure as HELL WON'T LOOK LIKE THIS FOREVER. In fact you may even look better than you did before you went to Iraq. Reconstructive Plastic Surgerons can and DO work wonders that will make many females think....
"He is so Hot."

So take a deep breath and let it out slowly and think beautiful and happy thoughts because..

The future is up for grabs and it yours,


Miss Em
Austell, Ga.

Long-time RN said...

So good reading Kevin's feeling better. Very tough dealing with dramatic body image changes. I agree with others, he looks great for all the trauma he's suffered.

Thinking of you guys today and lifting prayers for healing.

Amanda said...

Hi Leslie!

I have been reading your blog since early July and feel like I have gotten to know all of you! I have laughed cried and smiled right along with you!

I know the president of TriCounty Morgtgage down in Tampa and I was wondering if maybe they could be of help to you??? My email is if you want me to get intouch with her either send me an email or let me know on here!

Prayers as always!

Amanda in MD

Anonymous said...


I don't read comments, so maybe someone has suggested this before, but have you considered contacting Homes for Our Troops? They built a wonderful home for Matt Keil in Colorado and his wife is now involved in the organization. If you need their contact information, I will be glad to give it to you.

Liz Lorber (a Soldiers' Angel in Atlanta)

Jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear that Kevin is feeling a little better, physically. He's a fighter, no doubt about that! Hopefully, his fighting spirit will help him get through his emotional struggles regarding his burn and surgery scars. If only he could see himself through our eyes, he'd see a beautiful person. My heart goes out to him and to you as well, because it's so hard for moms to see their kids suffer.

You're all in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

Breezy said...

Hey it's Breezy! I just wanted to let everyone know that the internet is down in mom's room. She will be back to typing tomorrow. Just didn't want everyone to worry. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Breezy,
I logged on this morning and there was no post. Thought maybe your Mom decided to take a break from us and take care of herself. One can only hope she finds a way to remember herself.
Love to your entire family. and Thank you for the many people who have supported your family during this journey.

Anonymous said...

thanks breezy, y'all scared the shit out of me this morning.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Breezy thanks....I was concerned. One day off is fine, but two had me scared.

Jodi said...

Hi Gang!

Kev, you look GREAT! Your smile lights up the world! There is NOTHING more attractive than a smile. Always remember that! Hang in there kiddo, it will just keep getting better!

I am thinking about you guys....

Healing and positive thoughts for Kevin.
Strength for Leslie and Breezy.
Safe thoughts for all military personnel and strength for their families.
I love you guys!
Andrew's Aunt Jodi

DONNA said...


soldiers angel

Anonymous said...

Thanks Breezy, I had no idea how much I depend on and look forward to the updates. I am glad that everything is ok and heart can start beating again. I was really worried :-)

Jan said...

Oh my, yes, thanks Breezy. I was worried sick all morning until I thought of checking yesterday's comments.