Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 272 - Feb 27, 2009

Kevin is feeling much better today. There is still no word on what is infected, but the docs told me that his white count dropped to 15 so they are really unsure what's going on. We are still waiting on test results so maybe we will have more info soon.

Brianna was with Kevin at the hospital earlier while I ran errands and our liaison came in and informed him that he was being promoted to Specialist. She said that they were hoping to have a ceremony. That will be exciting for him - especially as he didn't even know about the last promotion.

Other than that, nothing new to report. Jodi, you asked about the cookbooks and I am not really sure. I know that Kim S. posted a comment that they can be ordered online at the benefit blog. I don't know too much about these, but I am told that there were over 350 recipes (I hope I remembered this correct - Kim, do you know?) submitted honoring many military personnel. I can't wait to see one! This was such a great idea to have a cookbook honoring families and friends that have served!

Jessica, you mentioned art or music therapy and I have never heard of either of those being done here. I will try to remember to mention them and see if they are available.

Miss Em - great idea to go buy Nerf baseball bats. I just bet we could all have a blast with those, lol!

Holee, the therapists haven't wanted to get Kevin a powerchair because they were afraid it would make him not be willing to push himself to get better. Before his cranioplasty, I agreed. Now I'm not sure, but they still don't want to get us one because they feel eventually he will be walking. I did beg for one for a while and I had been told months ago that they did decide to order us one (because I made the therapist push him up the hill from the house to the hospital and she couldn't believe how hard it was to push him), but it never showed up and no one seems to remember anything about this. That therapist has since left the VA hospital so I can't see anything happening. It would sure be nice though. He weighs more than I do and he's six feet tall. It's hard pushing dead weight up a hill!

And obviously we won't be going to the RenFest this weekend. It is going on for a few more weekends so maybe in the future. I have to find out if it's even possible to push his chair in the grass anyway. I sure hope so...


Holee said...

The small front wheels on the chair will stop you in the grass if it is not really cut close to the ground. Any kind of indent in the ground will stop you from pushing it. You can drag it backwards when this happens.

I'd push for a power chair. Here is my reason and maybe you can get one of the doc's to see it this way. There is nothing more enpowering then being able to make a choice. When that is taken away from you, mentally you regress.When you go to a Mall, as long as you are pushing Kevin he doesn't need to make a decision. If he was "powered", and saw a window he was interested in looking at, he would make that choice to go to that store and look in the window.

This might not sound like much but it's a big one. The reason people become attached to living in a hospital is because all the decisions are made for them. It's the same with having you push the chair. Getting Kevin recovered to the best possible condition will have to include getting him to make decisions without thinking about it. With stong legs we do that all the time, without, we tend to give up and let someone else do it for us.

Kevin may walk, but even then, with the shunt problem, there will be times when you need to get him to the car. There will always be times when the outing is just too much for him to do without a chair.

It really doesn't matter if you can walk most of the time. I walk sometimes but would not want to be without a power chair for the times when I can't walk. I think you would see a big change in Kevin if he could make these simple choices with the power chair being his legs. He would know he could get places without you deciding where and when.He would naturally become independant just by knowing he could drive down a hall, go from the kitchen to the patio, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey honey eat your wheaties if you are pushing in the grass. That is a very big job for two little girls like you and Breezy.I also can't wait for the cookbooks I have told Moe I will need some for the shop and also a work at the hospital.Take care and I love ya. Pam

Anonymous said...

You have added an insight into a world most of us don't know anything about. Thank you for being here.

Vicki C said...

Still reading .. and thinking of you all everyday Les.. just wanted you to know! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

The cookbook has 350 recipes many of which were placed in honor or memory of loved ones. While working on the cookbook;myself and Tracy had a chance to look through the recipes and they sound delicious.We are so excited to hear that people are waiting to purchase them.Leslie,we will be sure to send Kevin the first copy
(I can just see you going through it picking out menus for when you are in the new house)
You three are always in our prayers.
Kim S

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Anonymous said...

Is the zip code for Chicora correct on the address for donations going to Nextier bank?
I thought for certain the zip code for Chicora is 16025.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and reading every day. You mentioned a benefit blog and I'd love to know where to go to see that and help out. Can you link us?

Long-time RN said...

Hope this infection or whatever is going on resolves quickly and without additional surgery. Thinking of you guys and hope you have time to enjoy being with your sister this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Leslie.....I just wanted to make a comment about the music therapy someone else had talked about. I am also a "long time RN" and remember a stroke patient who could not talk because of the damage done to that side of his brain. This man could sing clear as anything - really shocked me the first time I heard him. Just something to think about.

Jessica said...

Glad to hear Kevin is doing a little better and hope they figured out what is going on today. That's great that he was promoted! He deserves it. What he is going through is just as tough as any military operation or battle.

It would be cool if Kevin could have access to music therapy since he has the ability to sing. Maybe the therapist would be able to help him find a way to express his feelings through the words of a song, or at least as a stress release. What guy doesn't like to bang on drum, right? ;)

Praying that Kevin fights off this infection quickly and gets back to his normal self and that God will sustain him with hope and strength. Take care and God bless you!