Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 261 - Feb 16, 2009

Kevin has been very tired today. Breezy is feeling better so she spent the day with him while I ran some errands and she told me he basically slept all day. We did get him up for dinner and then he went right back to bed and has been sleeping all evening. I am sure it's still him just recuperating from his surgeries for the week, but I do worry a bit that it could be something more.

As for the MRSA, I know he was given antibiotics after his surgery, but I am unsure about a full treatment. I will be looking into this tomorrow.

There was also a HUGE blowup this weekend about the same resident showing up to perform a tap on Kevin's head on Friday. It escalated quite a bit and I believe we are having a meeting tomorrow sometime to decide what we need to do - either leave this hospital or have a dedicated neurosurgeon that we feel comfortable with. Once again - and I have to stress it - that man is not allowed to come anywhere near my son. And I find it really sad that this battle has had to continue to this extent.

And to the anonymous poster that wants to call their congressman about any of our issues - go for it. I feel that the doctor dilemma will be taken care of - but if it will help us get a mortgage I would greatly appreciate it. As I hope everyone realizes - we don't expect a free home, we are more than willing to pay for it - we just can't even seem to be able to do that. Crazy, huh?

Now I will say this - we do have a broker that is still working on finding us funding. I can only hope that it works out. And I realize that an apartment is a possibility in desperate measures, but believe me - it won't be tailored to Kevin's needs. It would take a lot of money to make it work for him and I am just not willing to spend money on something that Kevin doesn't own.

In the interim, I am just going to stop busting my butt on this. I am nearly killing myself over it and I just can't continue at this rate. I am not saying I will not still work at getting this house, but I can't continue to put the hours in that I have been - on top of taking care of Kevin (and Breezy too). My heart has been hurting and if I don't stop I won't be around much longer.

So, maybe things will just work out. Maybe Kevin's shunt will work from this day forward for the rest of his life and maybe we will have a home to go home to in a month or so and maybe some sort of home based job that has VERY flexible hours will land in my lap and maybe all of my family and friends will move to Florida.

Wouldn't life be great if all of those maybes would occur?


Holee said...

This is not a lecture. I'm just telling you this because I know you are killing yourself to find housing.

There are a lot of homes sitting in Fl. and no money to buy them. Did the broker try to find you one that the owner would rent to buy. I see you are trying for a new home, but one that is owned privately might rent to buy or even hold the mortage for 5 yrs or until you can get one. A lot of old people die and their kids live in other states and would like to get rid of the parents home but can't right now. I know there are other options. Maybe the broker is not looking at these homes because they wouldn't get paid? Maybe run an ad in the local paper.

The same with an apartment if you have to end up with one. Run an ad in the paper and let them come to you instead of you wearing yourself out. That's how I found my house to rent even here in western pa. where housing is older and 2 story. Advertise for handicapped living with wheelchair capable shower. Old people do die and their homes are already set up. In Fl. their are many more older people who had homes made handicapped. I am not staying here and only wanted to rent for a year or so. This old house is totally remodled handicapped. The son couldn't sell it so he rented it to me.

Run an ad with what you are looking for. Or run 2 to buy with the owner holding the mortage and one to rent handicapped. Start it with War injured soldier looking to buy or rent... Brokers want to get a pay check with a sale..they won't get one with a private deal.

Anonymous said...

Keep making crazy lists of what you want even if you can't imagine them happening.

After all, when people don't think they can have what they want and need, they sometimes don't notice when it materializes right in front of them.

Please don't make yourself sick trying to make everything work out.

It WILL all work out. It will. Just keep noticing what works for you and for Breezy and for Kevin. And try to get the rest and relaxation you need.

And don't feel you have to follow everyone's advice (including mine)! We just want the best for you but none of us really know what's best. Only you and Kevin and Breezy do.

Sending you buckets of love with boatloads of admiration.

i. said...

Just a note on the MRSA treatment. My DS#2 has a scare at the start of wrestling season. They thought he had an abcess with MRSA in his nose (thankfully it ended up being a simple case of staph-related cellulitis. Regardless, they treated it as MRSA while waiting for the culture results). He was given two oral anitibiotics plus an antibacterial cream (Bactroban) to use in his nose.

Hopefully, they are doing something similar for Kevin.

Hang in there, Leslie! :hugs:

Jess said...

Hey Mamma Leslie!

Keep your head we are all praying and keeping you in our thoughts. Tell Brianna I said hi and give my future husband a kiss for me haha! Love ya so much!!


dianna switzer,east brady pa said...

Leslie keep your head up everyone in pa is worried about kevin,you and breezy as much as you are believe me. I wished i owned my home n didnt rent i'd move ya all in and let you all live with me...i would give my shirt off my back for your boy. If it wasnt for him our freedom wouldnt be free!! tell kevin keep his head up and you too..i love n miss ya all i wished i could move to flordia my mom even said if we had the money we'd move right now..we all would..sonny misses kevin..we all wished he was back "HOME". Well if you need nething heres my email email me ne time i love n miss u

Anonymous said...

How ironic that I was just reading an article about MRSA before visiting here.

Continued prayers coming your way.

Jessica said...

I pray that Kevin's body uses that rest for healing and fighting off infection.

You're in my thoughts and prayers! I don't blame you for taking a break from trying to get a house. You have so much to deal with already, especially with that incompetent resident situation. I'm in awe of how much you can handle and stay sane! Please take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie-
I am the anoymous poster who asked your permission to contact my legislators. Be assured I will write the first of my letters this evening to them via email. I will follow it up with phone calls to their offices.
Hopefully, they will be able to help. As stated earlier they are good people who support our military members and their families.
Thanks for letting me give this a try. You are not only Kevin's mom you are an advocate for EVERY wounded servicemember in our country.
If it doesn't do any good hopefully we can mobilize ALL of Kevin's supporters to bring his needs and concerns to the attention to every legislator across our nation.
Army Mom

Anonymous said...

Army Mom, you just let me know through here what you want or need myself and others to do to help out and I will spread the word.

Leslie,I sure hope this day gave all three of you some much needed R&R.

scsoldiersangel said...

Here is a link to a MSN article about a few real work at home jobs. I hope this works for you!